Connect to the Iron Realms Games with the Mudlet Client

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Directions for how to download, install, and then connect to any of the Iron Realms game using the Mudlet client.

You can download the Mudlet Client from The Mudlet client can be used to connect to any of the Iron Realms text adventure games.


I like it a lot better than zmud.

Except I didn't use zmud...I switched from Nexus.

I'd try mudlet, but the thought of learning a new set of pseduocode syntaxes is too daunting.


It isn't pseudocode, its pure LUA, an actual programming language with real-world applications - so learning it it well is something you could even put on a resume.


It also uses REGEX, or regular expressions, a highly-used syntax in unix systems for string matching. Also resume-able if you learn it well.

I love mudlet. You can do so much with it. Except I am still a novice with lua so yay for friends.

Yay indeed!

Well, it's easier to figure out than Atlantis, at least. I don't know what to tell you.

Mudlet rocks, it is a complete clients. Still i am using savitar on the mac, but mudlet is a very good client. I did not like atlantis that much.


Isn't as hard as I thought it would be to switch over. still know next to nothing, but I'm managing.

I am really not into coding, but Muddlet is very clear and there is a lot of support out there and in game too. My problem is that I do not like the look and feel, but as to all the rest it the most complete client I cheked.

Aaah, this was pretty helpful, thanks!

Would like to see a recent poll on which clients are used nowadays!

I'd love to see a pole done to!

That was a very easy install

Only way to go.

Yay, I like mudlet! Not much in the way of comparative experience, I'll admit, though.

mudlet, but I really don't know Lua so that hurts.

Huzzah for mudlet!

Mudlet ftw. I love it. Used to use MUSHclient, which wasn't bad either, but switched for the system I got.

Fellow Mudlet user checking in. Great client, easy to use and script for.

Switched over to Mudlet when they updated the flash client. It's an improvement.


i took a while to get used to after nexus my I like mudlet


I got introduced to it as I started playing Lusternia, had a look at the webclient once just to see what it was like.

In short no, just no.. would not handle that. 

Mudlet is the best!

certainly isn't bad.

So much more comfortable to use than MUSHClient. I love the way scripting works, takes a way a lot of the confusing fields, and variables don't need to be explicitly declared.

I used Nexus a lot and were afraid of switching to Mudlet. After a few months of use I can say: Switch now!