Connect to the Iron Realms Games with MUSHClient

See video

Directions for how to download, install, and then connect to the Iron Realms text games using MUSHClient.

You can download the MUSHClient client for free from ttp:// MUSHClient client can connect to any of the free Iron Realms text games.


I love me my MUSH!

I love MUSH too! Thank the gods that I was convinced to switch from Nexus!


This might've helped me when I first started out. Big fan of MUSH!

Mudlet scares me.


That being said, all hail MUSH!

Scary mudlets!



I used to use Mushclient for other games before Aetolia. They didn't require any coding, so I find myself curious as to what it'd be like to use it again but explore that new side of things.



client bro!

dat picture

dis pickture.

what he said

Can I pretend I understand the comment?

MUSHclient RIP.

Hell no.

Far from dead!



I might try this

prefer mudlet

Me too

me 3

So many choices...