Connect to Iron Realms Games with MUSHClient

See video

This screencast details how to connect to the Iron Realms text adventure games using MUSHClient.

You can download MUSHClient from MUSHClient can be used to connect to any of the Iron Realm text adventure games.



someone should make a screen cast for installing/connecting with tinyfugue.  i've tried walking people through it in the past, and it is just a b*tch.

This is my brothers prefered client, but I'll stick to Mudlet. At least for now.

Thank you!

While I'm a Mudlet user these days, I've used MUSHclient in the past. A bit daunting for someone new to MUDs as it has so many options, but once you got the hang of it then it is a really solid client.

How does it compare to Mudlet overall?

MUSH is right next to Mudlet, I would say.