Create a Game Macro in the IRE Nexus Client

See video

This tutorial explains how to create a game keybinding (or macro) using the Iron Realms Nexus (Java) Client.

Keybinding (macros) are very useful for players who want to be able to press a button to execute a command in the Iron Realm text games. For example, if you want to be able to press F1 to instantly 'drink health' then you will want to review this game screencast.


:} Awesome! I was wondering if there were an easier way to do things...


yeah, have to agree on that.. mudlet. 

But of course new players start from nexus and then find their way

That's what I did. If you understand nexus, you somewhat understand mudlet.

Mudlet is undoubtedly a terrific tool, but it's interesting to see how usable the Nexus client can be.  I've never used it for serious play, but I'm tempted to explore it's edges a bit.  I've heard tell there are even one or two top-tier fighters who use Nexus.

Lean nexus; drink urn. how I started.


I do miss nexus

I remember trying to use nexus. Those were the days

this is why mudlet ftw

i like the example... f1 to sip health?!

no, F1 is for killing!

Unless you have a gaming keyboard.