Creating an Alias in the Mudlet Client

See video

This video details how to create an alias (keybinding) for players using the Mudlet client.

You can download the mudlet client from


Very useful to have this avalible on the website


technically the pattern is incorrect

Still works though?


Just referred a novice here, good stuff!

Very useful, just learned that ^s & $s are not required.

oh? for any and all instance?

Hmm, I am used to using the big white box, not the substitution field. Is that the same for performance?

One thing I'd like to figure out is how to insert a wait command in an alias or trigger. In nexus it was easy, #Wait 0000. Haven't figured it out in Mudlet.  I'd like to see more How-to Mudlet videos/articles

are always great. To go along with new players, having an easier learning curve with clients keeps people around too!


Are there any videos or anyone that can post an attack alias?

You can find one at