Creating an In-Game Alias

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This screencast details how to create an in-game alias for use in the Iron Realms text adventure games.



I still use in-game aliases for things that I never want to forget!

I have a bunch of in-game aliases too, though the only ones I still use are aliases for ES <city> and OPEN DOOR. >_>

some aliases you can't live without!

This is really useful!

A lot of current, veteran players may see this as ho-hum easycake but folks new to MUDding, this is a great tutorial. The concept of aliasing is confusing at first but new players quickly learn that typing 'PIG' instead of 'put gold in pack' 20,000 times a year can be a time and carpal tunnel saver.


But the help file for doing it is pretty easy to follow.

Would of been a great help when I was first playing.

I had someone show me the in game aliases and once I figured them out I still use many of them which is nice no matter which client I use that some still do the basics that I need at times.

without our aliases

I use gg to get gold and put gold in pack, all at once. I have lo learn sone basic regex stuff, I am suck now. However mudding is not easy!

I use the in-game alias for commands when "syntax <ME>" doesn't seem to apply like "EVOKE BARRIER <blank for self or NAME for someone else>" . I use EV for that. Of course now my list has things like EB, EW, EL, EV, ES...very similar but it's efficient!


Great tutorial for beginners!

this is great and very helpful for new players

particularly for lowering the barrier of entry for new players.

I absolutely love these!!! I have most of my skills aliased, but my problem is trying to remember them all at once!!!

I should clear all mine out and redo

How are they better than "out-game" aliases? Which I am assuming are those that are saved elsewhere.

I wasn't aware of these. I just use ones in my client. What are the tradeoffs for using in game aliases? Do they track across sessions or clients?


These aliases are saved with your character on the IRE server, and will work no matter what client you use to log in.

This was really helpful to me once upon a time. Thank you!

I still do use in game aliases for a few things.

I personally avoid the in-game aliases, but it's a nice walkthrough. It's easier to have them all in one place that can be easily searched and changed (i.e. in the client).

fun fun


I prefer client stuff, that way I can't blame the game when I lose stuff, lol.


I still use a few

wikd man!

a very wikd man indeed!