Creating a Trigger in the IRE Flash Client

See video

This screencast explains how to create a trigger (automatic action) for players using the Iron Realms Flash client.

This is a great tutorial for anyone playing the IRE text adventure games.


I like that its easy to follow

Yep, this is very important to retain new players. It can be confusing enough already.

i should pay close attention to this... coz i have nothing better to do.

it's a good idea!

I remember having to learn how to do these. They really were a pain. 

helps that he points out the client's specific quirks (eg. command separation by ';', double-clicking to get the scrolly part you can copy from).

I love you Youtube!

Now I have started in Nexus, do I change to Flash?

Well, it's a good video for beginners!

nice video

Screencasts are incredibly helpful. Takes the edge off for beginners.

Wish I had known about this earlier when I was looking Flash over.

Very interesting!

instructional videos... I prefer the wing and prayer method though!