Book Culture in IRE Games

MMO Thief

The MUD, as a digital-text-based form of entertainment, might seem at first glance to be one among many factors in the decline of the analog world of books ..

IRE Asks: What video game should have IRE themed downloadable content?

Sarapis Achaea

With the Skyrim Creation Kit right around the corner, we wonder who's going to recreate Azdun in 3D.

Would Advanced AI Work in MUDs?

Lizard man
As the AI in video games becomes more complex, especially with Skyrim's most recent radiant AI system, this article explores the concept of AI in MUDs.

Skyrim: A Text Gamer's Point of View


Two years before  AchaeaThe Elder Scrolls: Arena was first made available in 1994 for DOS systems. Throughout its history, the game relied heavily on the idea of allowing players to develop a unique character that makes its own choices -- and then deals with the consequences of them.

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