Sci-fi MMORPG Tears of Polaris development put on hold, but not cancelled.

tears of polaris

 After 4 years in development, highly anticipated sci-fi mmorpg Tears of Polaris has been put on hold. Although it had built a forum following, an open beta stage was never reached. The only part of the game available for public testing was an early introduction tutorial, which was reviewed favourably. 


The announcement came on the official forums. Iron Realms President Jeremy Saunders posted:


At this point we have decided NOT to continue with Tears of Polaris development, and we are putting the project on hold, but not completely cancelling it.

There are a few reasons for this, but let me hit the main ones.


Some of the major code shared across the IRE games has been completely changed beyond repair. These systems have to be the same so that we can universally apply IRE code updates to the game. These updates have not been done on ToP for many, many months.


For the most part, all the of the skills are just Achaea skills. Some not even reskinned. Any new IRE game has to be completely new from the ground up in regards to skills. We would literally have to start classes all over from the beginning.


The space system (one of the main reasons for playing a sci-fi game) is not close to being ready.


Matt and I have talked about this several times. We still want to release a sci-fi game, but ToP is not even close. In fact, it will be faster for us to start completely over.


For now, we are putting the project on hold indefinitely. We are currently working on several other large projects and upon their completion we may begin work on a new version of ToP from the ground up. Most likely we will pull from our existing pool of experienced producers when we do this. Most of them have expressed an interest in working on a project like this.


 Being a sci-fi mmorpg, Tears of Polaris set out to establish itself as a unique experience from traditional IRE games. In one update to the forums, the producing staff described the space system; "In contrast to the traditional rooms of IRE games, space disregards such a concept which would be restrictive and limiting. There are no rooms in space, and as such there will be no commands for players to go north, south, up, down, etcetera. Instead, everything is based around coordinates such as <1, .5, 8>." Coordinates-based navigational systems in sci-fi games have been popularized by titles such as EVE Online and the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic.


 While Tears of Polaris captured the interest of those eager for a sci-fi mmorpg from IRE, there was some concern over whether folks were ready for another IRE game. Some expressed the opinion that a sixth game would thin out the players across the servers. As an interesting note, Iron Realms second game Aetolia was created due to Achaea, IRE's flagship game, being unable to handle more players at the time. Since then the servers have become capable of handling far more players, but Imperian, Lusternia and Midkemia Online have joined the IRE roster over the years. 


Thankfully, no matter what happens with the Tears of Polaris project, I'm sure Iron Realms has great plans for its current games


Editor: Tony Celentano

Are you disappointed by this news?


Still waiting...

and going...

but I'm really looking forward to Tears of Polaris.


Sounds cool, but I don't know how much I think it's a good idea. From what I hear MKO could use more development staff, and in general more numbers of active players on the non-Achaea MUDs would be nice. This might diffuse the numbers we do have in IRE MUDs even further. Then again, it could be really awesome.

Would be interesting to try

However, it would be too much to play several IRE games at once.

And here I was thinking the game was well into the beta testing. Guess I was wrong. D:

Was looking forward to it as soon as I heard about it.

Tobad it takes such time. But they wouldn't release it half decent..

The woodpecker sighed.



Then he pecked?

These articles really need dates.

But it was announced that Polaris was canceled some time in November of 2011, I believe.

I wanna play ToP! I think there is room for another IRE game as long as it is totally different from the others which it is!

That sounds like  a cool game!

Some kind of mixture of magic and futuristic technology would be cool. Anyone ever play a shadowrunner?

But it matters not. IRE has taken away my chance to first charge mah laser, then be firin' mah laser.

Boy howdy I hope this actually gets put out in my life time


I love how old articles like this keep getting comments

There are no dates on them, so how do you know they are old?

Any update on this?

awww.... drat

Old news is old, but still worth a free credit.

And how.



Release TOP please! Also don't all the games draw their skills almost completely from Achaea's skill trees?

Must be quite the hold.

It is put on hold indefinitely. That can be a pretty long time.
I hope it isn't however.

Is the bee's knees. I really wish they would complete this

I feel a twinge of disappointment whenever I see this article on the sidebar. It really is a pity this got put on hold.

Space, the final delayed frontier.

Let's just hope that no other IRE game gets put on hold

Very curious to see what this game would offer now, but I seriously doubt it would consume much of my free time.

I think its over


this has been a while

Unless you can name a really good space MUD then I don't see this as a problem. There are some people who are just fed up with fantasy games and would like a swtich.


Still, IRE games leave a lot to be desired in their naming practices. A name like, "Tears of Polaris" costs you players who won't ready beyond the title. Lusternia sounds like a MUDsex mud.

Looks like Tears of Polaris will never die, we will talk about it forever.

Also possibly eternity

This just shows how very difficult it is to develop an MMO, even one with no graphics.

It's better to put a game on hold, than to release it all buggy. Thumbs up for the decision.

I totally forgot about this game being developed. i cant wait to see until its out

We all were :(

Im newcomer to IRG muds and in last few days was testing every game, from Achaea to Midkemia. And all of them look so similar since they are fantasy type games. If there was sci-fi game I wouldnt seek further, since Im a big sci-fi and Mass Effect series fans. Please no more fantasy in future project, give us something different. Sci-fi, cyberpunk, maybe even asian history with ninjas and samurai. And I really would love to see ToP revived