Adrenaline Inducing Combat

I have been playing Aetolia off and on for the better part of eight years. Everytime I try to leave I get drawn back by the combat system. No other MUDs outside of the IRE Realm compare to Aetolia. No other adventure games of any sort, graphical or not, can give the same adrenaline rush you feel when you are surrounded by vampires and need to fight for your life. No other game has such a complex war system, such devoted administrators, and such an intense playerbase that fosters fun and a serious roleplaying environment at the same time. I also have always cherished Aetolia because you can become involved and become the best with little to no financial investment. I suspect the owners aren't inordinately excited to hear that but Aetolia has always been most true to a Free to Play game as I have ever seen; time and skill can always make up for actual investment. In short: it is an exciting free game that transcends other MUDs and favorably competes with the newest adventure games on the market.