Deliciously Addictive

Like a plate of your favorite treat, all of Iron Realms text games are addictive and indulgent. Immerse yourself in various different game worlds, each offering rich gameplay in everything from combat to roleplaying. Grow your character from a measly little peon to king of the arena or leader of a guild, city, or order. Beef them up with artifacts, transcend skills, master trades, or even buy a house or run a shop, the possibilities are endless!

Best of all, the games are ever evolving, ever improving. There will never be a dull moment and you have many opportunities to become involved in a greater capacity. Apply to be a guide, mortal builder, docent, or even leave behind the mortal realm and become a god in training!

No matter what your personal style is, IRE has a text game for you and that is why they're the only MUDs for me!