A free to play text game? How fun can that be?

Playing a Text game? I've never imagined myself doing it anytime soon.

Yet it didn't take long till I was addicted. And that while being free to play! It was quite hard getting used to typing English, being Dutch myself. I really found it quite addicting though, for numerous reasons.

First off, the role play in Achaea is just awesome. I've never seen so many people playing one text adventure game and still being able to pretend like there is actually a world there. Everyone knows Achaea is a world on itself. You can be yourself or act completely different. The freedom of choice and the possibilities in the game are endless. The fighting has so many different classes, game skillsets and different combinations of skills that there is always a different strategy one can use. The political system is huge and there is plenty of different ways to get involved. The world itself is huge and I doubt I will ever get done exploring.

Apart from the game itself, I've also met some really great people in Achaea. Some of which I speak to often by out of game measures. The best example of this is my girlfriend. I've met her in Achaea and later started to talk to her outside of the game. We've been dating for five months and a day now and I plan to immigrate to America soon. I also thank you for that.

To sum it up, Achaea gave me a lot to do and made me meet a lot of great people and all of that while the game is free to play. I thank you for this. Diath