Most powerful processor in the world!

I started playing the text game Achaea some 11 years ago, soon after discovering internet as a teenager. I was into role playing and fantasy, so I wanted to bring that interest to the next level.

I was amazed! Not only could I roleplay with plenty of other people, there was also a new universe to explore, lore to learn, monsters to kill and friends to be made. I have played the text game Achaea now on and off since I stumbled upon it.

I have tried other text game alternatives, graphical alternatives like WoW and Everquest, I have an iPhone with games to play - yet I always end up coming back to Achaea. Why? Well, I think the most important reason is the fact that this free game makes use of the worlds most powerful processor. Namely, your brain.

Much like reading a book, you use your own imagination to visualize things, to memorize and to accumulate knowledge. No other type of game has even come close to what Achaea has been able to offer me, and no other MUD has compared. There is always some new goal to reach for, be it leveling, wealth, fame, politics, exploring or arranging fun events. The Divinities in the game are also interactive, and you can strive to become a member of one of the Gods Orders. The game is continually being added to, and it is newer a dull month in this game.

To Iron Realms Entertainment, thank you so much for this and all you other incredible games. To anyone looking for a fantastic text game, or simply a new type of adventure game to discover, I wholeheartedly recommend Achaea from Iron Realms Entertainment.