Non-stopped Thrills and Chills!

What originally drew me to Achaea was its uniqueness. What kept me addicted was the combat system.

The dynamics of Achaean game combat is indescribable, except to say it is adrenaline pumping. It is like you are actually fighting, thinking, moving with and against others. There are no balance issues between races and classes because updates, bug fixes, and additions to the text game are done in real time! In most cases the average person would not even be aware of them if it were not for the posting of changes to the game news boards.

Every detail is accounted for in Achaea's expansive game world which spans multiple continents, oceans, and various islands. Everything from the gold embossed inscription intricately engraved on your broad sword, to the in-depth player interactions and politics of ever growing cities there is something for everyone!