The Text is Mightier than the Graphics

In this day and age it takes a lot to capture the imagination of people, and mostly this is done by graphical games that mostly rival each other with bigger, better and brighter things. Not so with the text game Achaea. It is big, it is better and it is a wonderfully deep MUD game that needs no graphics to let the imagination run wild.

Logging into the game really does open a whole new world to you through the hundreds of people around you or the hundreds of things you can do. Your very actions create a reaction in the text game. You control your character, who they associate with and who they will meet. You become your characters conscience (or lack of), you let your character live their life through guiding them through it.

From hunting, politics, adventure and roleplay, the only limit in the game is what you can create. The areas will astound you in their detail, the game denizens will puzzle you with their riddles, the raiders will keep you on your toes and the monsters will probably try and eat you whole, but then you can just go back and seek revenge!

Give it a go, let yourself become part of this game world and you won't regret it, I assure you!