Through the Looking Glass (Or in this case the monitor)

I perceive Iron Realms Entertainment as one gargantuan bookshelf, filled to the brim with the most amazing stories. One not only enjoys reading this game library, but taking a personal hand in shaping it... talk about immersion. I have never encountered anything as riveting and engaging as the text game worlds of Lusternia and Imperian. Midkemia Online, is one concrete example of how it brings to life these books as text games. Worlds were once limited to following the pace of the book and author, but now we are charged with ability to help shape them! Most importantly, unlike other modern day "graphic" MMOs and MMORPGs games, IRE text games provide us a more "detailed" and "in-depth" account of our in game characters. Warriors are no longer limited to endless hacking and slashing (the occasional stunning-lifestealing-poisoning) routine... but can aim to "wound" opponents body parts in the text game. Mages and Druids can influence their very surroundings, becoming hostile to enemies, instead of stereotypical blasts of energy with minor variations... It's truly a different game world beyond your monitor! I invite you to step in and enjoy it with us!