Why I love Lusternia

I was once an ignoramus.

I know this may not seem obvious upon gazing at my chiseled good looks, dashing personality, and prodigious skill in everything I attempt, both in real life and in the game, but I was indeed a fat, pasty nerd who cared about inanities like "graphics" and "sound".

However, this all changed the day I started playing a MUD called Lusternia.

There, my mind was literally blown away, as if I had chewed that gum that changed flavor partway through AND used copious amounts of Old Spice Body Wash (tm) at the same time! The depth of this text adventure game still astounds me to this day, 4 years from the day I started. Its lack of graphics and sound was not a hindrance, in fact, I believe it may have even made the game even better. How so? Because the limits of the game is directly proportional to the limits of your imagination. This in particular is what made me fall in love with the game. Also, the fact that if you think of it this way, it's like the the Matrix (the movie), but in the Lusternia text game, EVERYONE can be Neo! Win-win!

Here is a humble list of the actual benefits anyone can gain by playing the Lusternia MUD game, using myself as an example:

1. The coordination required to compete in Lusternia's PvP improved my actual reflexes to near unbelievable speed. Nowadays, you could not even say I had cat-like reflexes, if anything, I have bobcatcougarlioncheetah-like reflexes now.

2. The roleplay and politics involved in being a leader within the Lusternia MUD game improved my own real life skills at "negotiation" and "mediation" to the point that I am supremely confident that I can instantly win the game "Survivor" through near-constant drama and backstabbing. On Day 1.

3. Lusternia's expansive emotion and say system improved my prowess as a text lover while ALSO expanding my available vocabulary and speling skillz.

4. Most of the characters that I have met in the MUD game are all always beautiful, brilliant, and interesting. The players behind them are even more so. In fact, to this day, I have only gotten THREE restraining orders placed upon myself through interaction with them. How wonderfully patient and understanding!

5. The sheer number of interesting skills, abilities, items, and areas within the game is really quite astounding. Only in this text game can I juggle 700 vials, smoke 3 pipes in my mouth (usually at the same time with an added benefit of not getting RL cancer), carry a mountain of corpses, constantly chew herbs, imbibe random liquids, wear clothing that is a cross between the kind you find at a death metal concert and a japanese RPG, AND punch a fierce green weevil to death!

And last, but certainly not least, the Lusternia text game has given this facetious lout a home away from home. It was there to congratulate me during times of success, and it was there to comfort me during times of failure. This text adventure game has given me precious memories, and I don't intend to stop making more for the years to come.

Well, maybe if rabid carpal tunnel syndrome claims both my hands and feet. But even then, I'm sure I could roll my face across the keyboard towards victory anyway.