It is a interesting game to play. No matter when I leave, I always came back to play more. It is an enjoyable game to play!

The Iron Realms boast four hugely original, role playing MUDs, and a licensed text adventure game which that's just as amazing. All of them completely free to play.

These text adventure games do not feature any sort of graphics, since the card required to run it won't fit into a computer. That card is the imagination. The MUD is a genre which thrives on the imagination.

This means that these games are very accessible, and very customisable for both players and administrators. There are so many possibilities in MUDs for what to wield, wear, use or be, and the worlds are expanding with constant updates to keep it fresh, and provide more and more possibilities to be what you want, whether it's a sneaky thief, a politician, a merchant, a knight or even a holy leader.

With all this in mind, why not join? There's worlds out there waiting for you and your imagination, and it's free to play.

I have spent the majority of my life as an actor. I have always worn a mask to hide my feelings, my thoughts, and my desires.

Now imagine a world, a text adventure game, where everything is created in a person's mind. Imagine a game world where you get can live that life you've always wanted to live. Imagine being able to take off that mask and not worry about what life is throwing at you right now. IRE text games and Imperian has given me this chance.

Seeing as I am already an actor in real life, you can imagine the attractive nature of this text game. I can create a new character, set up his life, and live it for him. I have used the techniques I have learned in my college career as an actor to create a profile for my character. I sat down and wrote out a complete psychological profile. I decided everything from his religious viewpoints to his love interests. This game, this amazing, free, text based game has helped me in so many ways.

I have improved my acting, my social life, and also fulfilled the gamer's appetite inside me. Iron Realms Entertainment has blessed us with a truly magnificent game world. How can you not love a game where you can fish, catch butterflies, tame animals, fight in group battles, live in houses and apartments, be adopted into bloodlines, create clans, and everything else this MUD game throws at you? I have always been a huge fan of reading and books, and the world created here is gorgeous, beautiful, and daunting at the same time. No other game or group could create the level of atmosphere you have provided us.

A friend of mine told me that, "If there truly is a Heaven, I want it to be something like Imperian." I interpreted this to mean something like this: Life is boring, death is boring, and everything in between is boring, but, living in a game world where you can replay every moment of your life, but with more pinache, this would be the way to do it.

Thank you Iron Realms Entertainment for truly blessing me with a life I didn't even know existed.

Achaea is an open-world, text-based MUD game. It is offers complete immersion into a vividly imagined game world, that is free of cookie-cutter graphics and the obstructions (linearity, etc) that exist in graphical games. You can throw any console game at me, and whilst I may enjoy it, I will testify that nothing beats the level of depth, immersion, and freedom that I have found in Achaea. And I have played a lot of console games!

I became seriously ill during the month of October 2009. Up until that point, I’d not have that much time for gaming. Finding myself with more time on my hands, I logged back into the game Achaea, and I can honestly say that the hours I spent on Sapience were immensely helpful in getting me through the changes that were occurring in my life at that moment. I am on the mend now, and still playing Achaea.

It is one of a kind, and I’d fully recommend it.

The first MUD I ever played was Gemstone III. It was fine until I stumbled upon Aetolia at TopMudSites. Ever since then i've never looked back. The immersive game play supercedes all others. I have played Achaea and Lusternia also, but my favorite is Aetolia. It is a dynamic realm of creative superiority. You can take your imagination to hieghts you never thought that little pebble in your head called your brain was even capable of. A must have for all lovers of fantasy RPG MUDs.

Imperian was the first text adventure game I had ever experienced, and I've never played anything like it since! I was looking for free games to play when I stumbled across the Iron Realms website and was first introduced to MUDs. I had never played a text based RPG before, but i figured I'd give it a shot, and I'm glad I did! I've been playing in the Iron Realms for over 7 years now and I cant imagine life without it.

If your in the market for a fast paced intricate fighting system, look no further. If your looking for great RP and amazing people to interact with, look no further. The Iron Realms have assembled some of the greatest personalities I've ever had the opportunity to interact with, and I have made life long friends in the process. I love these games!

No text game ever used to interest me, despite being a free game. What is a MUD? When I was asked to try, I was reluctant, and only did because my partner was into it as well. However, over time, I found myself coming back more often, staying up to bash on double exp events and so on.

There are several reasons why I decide to log on day after day. One very big reason would be that these adventures I take in the game, the people I meet, it's all real to some extent. When I immerse myself in such a MUD game, I experience nearly everything that my character does. Friendships are created and broken, bonds are forged and kept. Arguments, drama, trust, love. It all feels real. It's more than a "Text Game", it's another life. Add the fact that one is able to interact in ways impossible in the mundane world, you have a big Win.

In an Adventure Game, people strive together or against one another, competition and camaraderie that is unparalleled.

Having powers and abilities is a dream that many have, and in this world of MUDs, it is almost prerequisite. Sometimes, what better way to convey a message than to have a fist in the face or a ring that is priceless?

These MUDs are also free to experience, and I believe that more people should share this experience.

Aetolia is one of the best MUDs I've ever played. Granted I haven't played that many MUDs, but from my experience, Aetolia seems to offer the best compromise between strictly PK-ruled and strictly RP-ruled gameplay.

The game community is generally very accepting and tolerant, and it's open to anyone who wants to join. There are no exclusive groups, and you can always immerse your character in multiple aspects without being rejected too quickly.

If you put in effort the game it is fairly easy to learn and play, and the playerbase as well as the Gods and coders are very receptive to your complaints or questions, and are there to help.

Those players who do pride themselves on being exceptional in game combat, do not usually go around hunting other players for no reason. The roleplay aspect of the game protects those players who maybe don't want to fight each other, and allows them to enjoy other things.

Most everyone in the text game stays in character, and when there is an out of character outburst that has the potential to ruin immersion, it is usually dealt with in a fast and effective manner.

The variety between the routes your character can take is part of what makes the text game enjoyable. The different characters that players come up with provide an interesting backboard for you to play off of while developing your own. The diverse and friendly playerbase make the game so much fun, and I appreciate that the coders and Gods do their best to encourage everyone to have fun. The game is set up in such a way that even if you don't have a lot of money to spend, you can still enjoy yourself.

It's just fantastic :)

In this day and age it takes a lot to capture the imagination of people, and mostly this is done by graphical games that mostly rival each other with bigger, better and brighter things. Not so with the text game Achaea. It is big, it is better and it is a wonderfully deep MUD game that needs no graphics to let the imagination run wild.

Logging into the game really does open a whole new world to you through the hundreds of people around you or the hundreds of things you can do. Your very actions create a reaction in the text game. You control your character, who they associate with and who they will meet. You become your characters conscience (or lack of), you let your character live their life through guiding them through it.

From hunting, politics, adventure and roleplay, the only limit in the game is what you can create. The areas will astound you in their detail, the game denizens will puzzle you with their riddles, the raiders will keep you on your toes and the monsters will probably try and eat you whole, but then you can just go back and seek revenge!

Give it a go, let yourself become part of this game world and you won't regret it, I assure you!

My fascination with text games started at a young age, when my friend and I started to play a game called SlackMUD when we were 11. After some time the game got shut down and we found other video games to satisfy our imaginations. But no matter which new and cool video game we played, I never got the unique experiences of descriptive reality and creativity as I did in good old SlackMUD.

Fast forward 12 years. I was browsing the internet, thinking of a new video game to play, but being quite poor I didn't have much money to spend on a new game or system. I, out of the blue, thought "Whatever happened to SlackMUD?" and thus started on a quest to find the MUD game that fit me the best.

Lucky for me, I found Achaea on the second try. I'd started playing on a game called Mozart MUD, but it felt like too much of the same--a simple program where I would simply 'kill' everything I ran into and somehow grow and have fun. It didn't help that there were ever only 4 people, including myself, in that realm at one time. I had to look elsewhere, and when I found Achaea I knew I had found something special.

Immediately upon creating my game character and choosing to be a Sentinel, I was greeted by a LIVE character and introduced to the ways of the house, and given instructions on what to study. I loved this! It took gaming to a whole new level, making my in-game interactions important and ethical, rather than just doing crazy things to get crazy results. I've since made many friends and learned a lot about the game realm, house and class that I've chosen.

To this day, I love logging in, reading the news, going fishing, studying for the next level of my initiation, bashing, and talking with my fellow Achaeans. Without Achaea, I wouldn't have been re-introduced to the text game genre that I had loved, and now love even more. Thank you, Iron Realms, for having the vision and fortitude to create, sustain, and improve on your text games that entertain hundreds of gamers like myself. I can only wish that the experience has at least been as rewarding to you as it has been to me.

I started playing the text game Achaea some 11 years ago, soon after discovering internet as a teenager. I was into role playing and fantasy, so I wanted to bring that interest to the next level.

I was amazed! Not only could I roleplay with plenty of other people, there was also a new universe to explore, lore to learn, monsters to kill and friends to be made. I have played the text game Achaea now on and off since I stumbled upon it.

I have tried other text game alternatives, graphical alternatives like WoW and Everquest, I have an iPhone with games to play - yet I always end up coming back to Achaea. Why? Well, I think the most important reason is the fact that this free game makes use of the worlds most powerful processor. Namely, your brain.

Much like reading a book, you use your own imagination to visualize things, to memorize and to accumulate knowledge. No other type of game has even come close to what Achaea has been able to offer me, and no other MUD has compared. There is always some new goal to reach for, be it leveling, wealth, fame, politics, exploring or arranging fun events. The Divinities in the game are also interactive, and you can strive to become a member of one of the Gods Orders. The game is continually being added to, and it is newer a dull month in this game.

To Iron Realms Entertainment, thank you so much for this and all you other incredible games. To anyone looking for a fantastic text game, or simply a new type of adventure game to discover, I wholeheartedly recommend Achaea from Iron Realms Entertainment.

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm an addict. Yes, I am addicted to Achaea, an Iron Realms MUD game world. I find the game frustrating and wonderful and mentally stimulating. There's a certain freedom you get in playing a text game that you can't find with a graphic game, all you need to do is look at the player art to see that! I have tried my hand at it a little and, though I'm a better writer than artist (in my opinion), I enjoy both, especially the freedom the game of Achaea provides my mind to challenge itself in stretching my language skills.

I have played all of the IRE text games at some point or another but I always find myself coming back to one, Lusternia.

I have an extensive background in text-based gaming and yet to this day I've never found another MUD I like more. Lusternia boasts diversity in its characters through guilds, races and cities/communes. While the achetypes hold strong and give you a sense of what you will be playing in the game, an elfen Spiritsinger can be as different from a merian Cantor as a Warrior is from a Mage. It's the delightful mix of skill game specializations, racial advantages, and city/commune flavor that allows for this diversity.

However, everything is held together by certain fundamental balances which prevent it from feeling too scattered, be it city vs. commune or tainted vs. untainted you know where you stand in relation to the text game world.

The characters aren't the only thing that make Lusternia exceptional, however, as the game world itself is beautifully fleshed out. It's always worth it to keep verbose room descriptions on, as each room is perfectly described helping immerse you in the game world. Furthermore there is a comprehensive game history to everything, leaving nothing without a reason for the way it is. While this may seem daunting to a new text game player it is all so wonderfully thought out and written that it becomes a pleasure to research and learn about this world. Crafted from a delicious mixture of pure creative fantasy and ancient mythologies the game world's story bears enough familiarity to be comfortable with enough originality to keep you captivated for years.

And if all that weren't enough, the world of Lusternia is constantly evolving. You can look back over your time playing and feel that something has actually happened. You're not merely playing the same game over and over but you become part of a dynamic and life-like world in which your character can actually have an effect on the flow of game events.

The best way I can describe Lusternia is this: It's like living in a novel in which each character writes their own part. While you may feel in control of your own chapters there is always that little bit of suspense that someone else's chapter may overlap into yours bringing you new and wonderful ideas and events.

And frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've been through some rough times recently. I started playing the game Imperian when I was in college, when my best friend showed it to me. I had never played a MUD before, but I had played a graphics based game with text input. It was interesting.

Being a poor college student, I asked the price, and he said it was a free game. The thought of a text game enthused me. I was ready to go on my text-based adventure! Best thing was, it is free to play.

I started playing, and I enjoyed it. It was an escape from the stresses of school. I played my character, and I got immersed into a game world that has nearly no limits. Where social interaction was commonplace and fun was a password away. I was taking a C programming class at the time, and it actually gave me a reason to remember my programming skills. I now code in C, C++, Zscript, and Lua, because of all of the different clients I've used. I can actually use that on a resume when applying for jobs when it asks if I have any other special skills.

I've made strong friendships. One of which, when he was worried about me, he made an international phone call to find out if I'm okay. I've been an influential part in several game guilds as well as wars. I know my presence in Imperian has had an effect on it's game history.

Imperian has been my escape though. When my best friend committed suicide, Imperian was able to give me an escape. When I drove 1600 miles to meet a girl, and I got stood up, Imperian was my escape. Imperian is my favorite past time, and my daily stress relief. It keeps me away from things that could be harmful to me.

I support Imperian and all Iron Realms Entertainment games fully.

Flowers over a room so bright
Humour burning, emotions light
A lapse in time when someone enters
A happy hello is front and centre

Silence approaches, sleepy eyes close
Lurkers drifting between rooms they chose
A singing breeze in one room drifts by
No one to hear the quietest sigh

Not a word spoken, lips never moved
Yet a heart can be given, tears can be soothed
The word of a hug can be so dear
A yelling insult can hurt the ear

Travelling the world sitting in one chair
Looking around to see nobody here
Friends and loved ones held close to the heart
Not a handshake felt, miles apart

Wondering who'll come in next to see
Hoping someone nice it'll be
A smile a hug, flowers colored on a screen
You'll never know when you'll meet a future dream

I have been playing text-based games ever since I discovered computers over a decade ago, and I've played them all. From tiny, ten players average online to the massive four hundred average mob, I've navigated these waters thoroughly and can honestly say that no other MUD equates the challenge and complexity that IRE presents to us.

My first time playing an IRE MUD game, I was immediately intrigued and confused. I'll begin with the confusion - the depth of player-run organization is immense. Almost every aspect of the game is run by the players with very minimal Divine interaction. Following a God isn't mandatory, so very probably the only time you would have to deal with the game administration is during events (situations that could completely change the game world, from the massive flooding of a city to the death of a God or the a threat to reality itself) or if you've been acting naughty and need to be corrected. This makes the text game very political - if you are ambitious, you'll be vying with strangers or your dearest friends to rule cities and peoples. And the people chose; if they chose wrongly they have to live with that choice. This isn't true of only Aetolia - ALL of the IRE MUDs possess this feature.

Another aspect that is quite unique is the game skills that you learn. In most MUDs it is percentage based, and a skill is just one you join guilds and can learn up to three skills, and the skills follow a theme that's very specific to the guild in the game. Each skill is divided into a score of abilities which will be revealed as you learn more into them. There are also common game skills that everyone can learn, as well as trade skills that can be bought with a certificate in some MUDs or picked up in others.

Trade is probably the most enjoyable part of IRE for me - the ability to create and design everything that you touch in the game is very satisfying, and being able to produce these goods to vend to other players is something of a prideful vanity. How could you not feel a niggling of pride when someone asks for you specifically to design their wedding ring, or see that the current fashionable robes bear your mark?

Lastly is the game combat - here many people earn their credits simply by creating coded systems that allows the unsavvy, neophyte hackers to stand against their nerdy brethren. There are so many conditions that can affect your player and kill you near instantly that to step into combat unprepared is surefire way to endless grief. And even with these game systems, you need to be constantly practicing so that your reflexes and ability to read the situation and make split-second decisions is effortless. Combat has rarely been my path; I'm starting to go a little blind, and the many pages of blazing text is simply too much for me to be able to keep up with.

My first taste of these MUDs had been with Aetolia, a dark and sinister game world where even the expected good is rife with corruption, the underbelly of their leadership tangled with lies and dismay.

The prospect of vampirism at the time was a serious step into a more forbidden aspect of the game, the consequences then permanent, yet enticing with the intimacy of sire and childe. This is the part that I was mostly played, though more as a bitter mortal ally than as an actual childe. Conflict was intense with Landmarks, the competition fierce between the - not necessarily 'good and evil', but perhaps 'darkness and light' - forces that stirred the world. I remember being very proud of victories and disheartened at years of loss in a row.

I was suffering from such a low when rumors of the text game Lusternia came about.

I heard of this new place, a realm that sounded very whimsical. Compared to the extreme darkness of Aetolia, the glimmering promise of Lusternia beckoned to me. Just from rumors, it sounded like a fantastical realm where the strange and benign were commonplace. It was a far more fantasy based realm then the other IRE games at the time, and thusly I had to at least give it a try.

From the moment I began playing, I fell in love with Lusternia. I don't think I even ever looked back to another place.

Lusternia is world rich in game history, so assured of its place and that it belongs there that it isn't afraid to keep expanding and presenting new possibilities. It is a spiritual place where people are intrinsically bound to their homes, with a fierce loyalty bound to the spirits or elements that resides in the Basin. The loner is a rare creature here, possessing some freedom but little benefits and missing out on the very personal experience of the game community that Lusternia boasts.

What you can do is only restricted by what you think you can't do. If you've a mind to open a chain of restaurants, of creating a home as large as all the cities and communes combined, of dominating the game world with your city, of becoming so feared a combatant that entire mobs fear to face you - then it is possible. If you wish to defy the Soulless themselves, then await the Ascension and prove yourself and you might seal away a God.

Let me warn you though, before you enter into an IRE text game - it'll very likely kill your appetite for any other MUD. You'll become so used to all of the complexities that you'll see only lack and extreme simplicity wherever your wandering mind chooses to go. And best of all, it's free to play.

Nothing else can I say but WOW! I've been playing most of the Iron Realm Adventure Games (Achaea, Lusternia, Aetolia, Imperian, and now Midkemia) for nearly seven years and I'm not even close to slowing down my game time. There's always something new, something exciting, and something to draw my attention. I'm always finding myself lost in character, and it's always free to play. When all other text games fail me, I know that Iron Realm will have my back.

I remember long ago, back in October of 2008, I was looking into playing a free MUD game, hearing something about them from a book. I tried a few, but none held my interest, until the I found the text game Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.

Right away, it captured my attention. A dynamic game introduction, a colorful interface, and help straight away from other players. With a few mistakes, and a lot of learning, I quickly grew to love it more and more. I have since found quality friends, and I cherish them; and with all of the help that I received, I now try to give others the same feelings I had when first starting the game: excitement, curiosity, and fun.

While exploring and probing into the game, I found that hunting and questing wasn't all I could do, unlike other text games: play chess, role-play with others using pre-made and customizable actions and emotions, participate in politics of cities and other player run organization, and even direct communication with the game administration who could be the very gods themselves! The more I learned, the more I grew to love it, and the more I played it, having hours of entertainment. I have also tried the other IRE text games, and found them each unique, but not so different that it became a struggle to adapt to the differences. When ever I grow bored of one of them, I just hop onto another one, and finding hours of fun, learning and enjoying my interactions with others.

I have since then, from that eventful day, tried other text based MUD game, but none have compared to any IRE, and I have quickly gone back to Achaea and the others. I suggest to all, jump into one of these text games, and try out something that I have never regretted doing. It really is an adventure game waiting to happen, and I hope that many others join in, creating an experience that they will not soon forget.

Achaea was something totally different when I first joined. I had played text adventure games before, and - despite the graphics ever improving - they always seemed to fall flat. The ‘fantasy’ and ‘adventure’ were submerged by game graphics and other irrelevancies.

Then I found the text game Achaea. Sooner or later, all the other games I played fell by the wayside. The sheer complexity, complicity and variety of the game were as enticing then as they are now. I could – and can - do whatever I want. I could hunt imps, speak to divine beings, help with the city’s rat problem or just sit around and watch the game world go by.

Soon after arriving on Sapience I joined the Warlocks, and found that the ‘friendly community’ that was so often alluded to needn’t just be whomever happened to be in the same room as you. Hours and hours I spent, hunting and talking with my game house mates, whether it was bashing cultists and discussing hunting techniques, or killing pirates and taking the Michael out of Shallam.

The one most important thing that the game of Achaea provides is involvement, and the sense that your contribution can make a difference to the game. A quick trawl through the ever-useful news system will show you that the opinions and actions of players can change and change again the direction of houses, cities, orders and the game world at large.

Whatever you’re looking for in a text-based MUD game, Achaea most likely has it. Old friends, new enemies, powerful and ever present gods and vast lands in which adventure may be found. And perhaps best of all, if it isn’t there now then telling the game admins your ideas means that it might be, soon!

Between the rich game histories, the twists of politics, the debates of religion, the epic storytelling, and the widespread roleplay interaction between players, Achaea delivers an experience that I have never seen matched in any other online MUD game. Where most MMORPGs are content to charge a monthly fee for the grind of leveling and basic combat between players, Achaea offers a free game with a massive, immersive world where anything is possible, and you can play for years and still not see all it has to offer.

At first I thought, man this game is gonna be hard. But the versatility blew me away! I stuck to my guns and was well awarded. The depth in combat, politics and game play is unmatched,  ANYWHERE! It's addictive and I like it! Keep up the good work Iron Realms!

Contrary to common beliefs text games are not dull and boring. In fact Iron Realms Entertainment's text adventure games are quite the opposite. Free to play and provide an in-depth gaming experience, the producers of these thrilling MUDs have thought of everything. From the smallest facial twitch to the ability to project your voice across whole game continents and  more. If you feel something has been left out, the friendly IRE bosses are always open for new ideas.

This is what convinced me of IRE's awesomeness; the power brokers actually read and reply to your questions or comments, unlike other games where you are completely ignored due to "time constraints". Who knows? Your idea might actually be implemented into daily life on one of these unique text game worlds!

Among other things which makes IRE text games so enjoyable is the sheer amount of things you can actually do in the game. Feel like being a politician, but never got the chance to in real life? Hone your diplomacy skills in the text game. Or maybe a merchant, scholar or a soldier! The sky really is the limit here, as they say. You can pick game abilities from a huge list which differs from world to world. Be it using your trade skills to make over 100 different types of delicious pastries, doing quests, making money or killing those infidels from that other city, the choices are endless.

Take Lusternia for example, you can engage in a non-lethal way of fighting - debating. Or in Achaea you can own a ship and engage in battles on the seas! Want to install pink chandeliers in every single room in your house? Or maybe you want to set your manse (bubble of reality, acting as a house) so that creepy guy can't follow you in again? There are arenas in Lusternia where you can participate in combat or mini games without having to suffer the normal penalties of death!

Whatever it is, you can do it on an IRE MUD game. The amazing thing which I have never seen in any other game is the incredible ability to roleplay. You can talk, hug, sniff and punch your fellow citizens of the world. In Lusternia alone there are hundreds of different emotions for you to display. Most games even allow you to join families, marry and even adopt kids, giving you even more opportunities to roleplay.

Many IRE game friendships turn into real life ones, I've heard of people getting married as a result of IRE games hooking them up! You would think that such a diverse text game would be incredibly complex and difficult to learn, right? Wrong! In fact with the help of a few very dedicated guides, a series of very informative tutorials as well as a world of helpful and most importantly patient players, you will be on your way to the top in no time!

I, like most people, had once believed text games were lame. But these intense features proved that I was wrong. I realized that 3D graphics is all great and everything, but you can only see. You can't hear and smell, can you? But words from these game appeal to all your senses. If you really want pictures, most IRE text games offer artisanal contests, giving you the chance to submit your artwork in return for credit prizes! Or if you are like me and like words better, then the monthly bardic competition is for you and you can win game credits to advance your character that way! Most importantly, IRE is always on the move to become bigger and better, so there is never a dull moment!

Did I mention that you can get all of the above, absolutely free? IRE's MUD games are completely free to play. Unlike other games where you have to pay a monthly fee and get lost in a complex world because of substandard or non-existent guides. In IRE text games you come out after each game satisfied, mainly because IRE has your enjoyment in mind, not their pockets. So make IRE your homepage, bookmark it and make the IRE logo your background and get cracking. Trust me, you won't regret it!

MUDs give you a very real story, continuing and unfolding day by day, where your actions become a thread in that game story, even after you stop playing. IRE keeps the game world going, so your will be remembered years later and chapters further along. I keep coming back for the story, my own and others.

It may be counterintuitive to think that a text game can be very immersive or challenging - after all, there are no graphics! How can you understand what a character is doing if there is no visual, and how can you fight without seeing the layout of your battlefield? Achaea, however, excels at providing an excellent atmosphere for both detailed roleplay and an intricate game combat system. I have experienced it first hand as this text adventure game has captivated devoted roleplayers and steadfast strategists alike, 'converting' them from countless mainstream games to embrace the fresh, ever-changing and ever-challenging MUD game that is Achaea. Whatever you look for in a game, whether it's a compelling, interactive story or a PvP system that never seems to get old, Achaea

I played MUDs a lot when I was younger. I'm just returning to them now but I feel right at home. Once you get into the swing of it the interactivity of these text games are unmatched. It is the best parts of a good book and a good game all together. This is made more incredible as these adventure games can be played on just about any computer. Any internet connected computer with telnet or a web browser will work. I even log into my game character from time to time via my iPhone. No other MMORPG game can provide me with that ease of access. Its a great way to flex your creativity and writing chops as well. I love 'em.

As a lifelong gamer, I can honestly say that nothing else I've ever played can begin to compare to Achaea in terms of the ability to cultivate roleplay that is smart, interesting and completely addictive - in a good way! Achaea is a free-to-play text adventure game (also called a multi-user dungeon or MUD) that manages to create a vivid and unique fantasy game world unlike anything else, boasting a rich, thorough history and a diverse set of social and philosophical nuances. It is completely viable in Achaea to become a famous and successful combatant, scholar, preacher, merchant, politician, or whatever role you might choose to try and fulfill. You can pick from numerous cities, Houses, Divine Orders and clans, all with their own mission statements, values and cultures, and even grow to hold leadership positions in any of these organizations if you so desire. If you're looking for an engaging, detailed game that can accommodate characters more lifelike than most novels, then there is no better game out there. With the ability to completely customize your character's actions, appearance, clothing, jewelry, weapons, voice, accent, home, pets and just about anything else you can imagine,the text game of Achaea provides the unparalleled opportunity for you to play your own character in exactly the way you want to.

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of online computer games available, as well as numerous installable games. As such, it takes something special to really be noticed, especially in a field as large as that of multiplayer online role playing games (known as MUDs when text-based and MMORPGs when graphic). Nevertheless, Achaea (the only IRE game I have played, although apparently the other games are similar) manages to do so.

In order to analyze how Achaea stands out, it is necessary to examine the less spectacular games of the same genre. There are numerous MUDs and MMORPGs, ranging from the large and well-known ones like World of Warcraft and Runescape to so many smaller ones it's impossible to keep track of them all. Nevertheless, most if not nearly all of them have the same flaw: It is impossible to really do anything. There may be long and involved quests in these games for players to undertake, and clans to take part in and accomplishments for their character to undertake (whether accomplishments of attaining maximum level or of acquiring perfect equipment or of anything else), but ultimately nothing they do will at all affect the fictional game world in which they play.

The major factions are led by non-player characters, and permanent or significant changes can take place only at the games administration's initiative if at all; as far as player activity is concerned, the game world is effectively unchangeable. Not so in the text game of Achaea.

Whether attacking the Kashari encampment to free the Lion, or opening a portal to the Inferno in Cyrene, players can take actions that have a real effect. Furthermore, players control the major cities, with all that implies; if the players with Ashtani characters decided to break off the war with Shallam and Eleusis and become neutral, that is what would happen. By giving players control over how events develop, player actions become more than simply "grinding" to gain more levels. They thereby regain the relevance that characterizes and gives impetus to the role-playing game and is all too often missing from the multiplayer variant of the genre. Strictly enforced rules about role play further lend to the sense of a real world, thereby increasing the effect.

Of course, making such a system work does require many other differences from other games of the same genre. For instance, since players can affect the world, having multiple servers for a single world will quickly lead to contradictions as player actions play out differently on different servers, and so each server must be a different world. Perhaps less obviously, but no less importantly, ensuring that player actions will affect the world in a logical manner requires a large team of administrator-level individuals who focus on the role play, rather than business or technical, side of the game (much as a game master does in a pen-and-paper game, an analogy explicitly made by an in-game help file in Achaea). In Achaea, this role is played by a volunteer force of Immortals.

An effective way to introduce players to the game, not only as a game but as a world, is also necessary if they are to affect it as a world; this role in Achaea is played by the Houses.

Making the game free to play and setting it in a fantasy world are not necessary for the system to work, but do help attract individuals with experience in pen-and-paper role playing games, which (with a good game master) have many of the same advantages; as such, the game is most likely to have players who will appreciate it and will help make it work. A text game like Achaea is extremely difficult to create, and will never attract many of the people who play superficially similar games. To those who appreciate it, however, it can provide satisfaction of a type that no other game can.

Never mind games that are graphic heavy such as World of Warcraft, what you want to be delving into is the wonderful realm that is Aetolia. A text game world so rich and diverse, steeped deep in history and mythology. A world with a medieval and fantastical theme combined with the dragons, vampires and many other dark and wonderful creatures of the deeps.

I have played the text game, Aetolia consistently for five years without fail and it still feels as fresh and as invigorating as the first day I logged in. A living game world with an ever-changing story line that in itself is completely dynamic and driven from both the staff and the players to create a compelling and immersive atmosphere.

You can step into the shoes of an avatar of your own creation, instilling your own views, reactions and attitudes on the perfect game hero or heroine. I was always in love with the idea of playing a vampire and Aetolia gave me the opportunity to create a character from your best loved vampire series, filled with dark motives, blood and ritualism that is all enhanced by the extended emotion system to convey your characters very own emotions to the rest of the players in the game world.

The best part of Aetolia is what you can achieve through a text-based MUD interface that simply cannot be done in any other graphical MMORPG. In addition, you get the added bonus of playing in a game world that is completely free from monthly subscriptions! While there are options for you to enhance your text game character slightly by the way of purchasing an in-game currency known as credits using real life money, this by no means dictates how your good your character can become.

Aetolia for me is a game world where you can achieve whatever you want with only your imagination being the limit. With a near perfect game staff and players that share my own sense of enthusiasm for the Midnight Age, you simply cannot be disappointed. Combined with the constant improvements and addition of in-game content, Aetolia is a game for you, me, your friends and family. All I want to say is come get your taste of the Midnight Age!

I consider myself a MUD veteran. I've been playing various MUDs off and on since 1998. I've even worked on several MUDs as an Administrator for many years. I am a recent addition to Achaea and can honestly look back and wonder why I ever played the previous MUD's. The depth of this game is astounding to say the least. I am also an avid MMO player and still make time to play this MUD, specifically for its combat systems. A text game allows for much more depth and details to be applied the skills themselves. The details and balance of the system are amazing, each skill has a counter, usually various counters, so you can always attempt to thwart your opponents moves while trying to land yours. At first it was quite complex to figure out, but that is what hooked me. The details of each skill, each affliction, each cure, and each defense have a way of immersing you in just the combat alone. Not to mention the various other aspects of the game, from its strict and player enforced role playing, the global economy and commerce you can enjoy to the hunting or bashing aspects of the game. The fact that it is free to play is another plus, you can honestly spend no real money and still gain anything you want in the game, it will take you time of course, but it is definitely possible.

Are you looking for the best, free to play text adventure game? Lusternia MUD is it.

I've been a text game enthusiast, looking for that perfect free to play text adventure game for so many years it's embarrassing. I've also spent quite a bit of time roaming over many of these free to play worlds, and finally - FINALLY! - I've found my home in Lusternia, one of the prime text adventure game offerings from Iron Realms Entertainment.

I've found amazingly deep, lore-based plot-lines for each organization that immerse me and keep me logging in to this MUD daily. For those who don't enjoy the rush of MUD fighting, in the world of the text game Lusternia, combat is not the only way to gain coveted experience, might or even respect for your character. The unique political structure of this free to play world revolves around 'influence' skills, with which you can beg for gold, entice npcs to see your point by compliments or paranoia, and even engage in active debates with other players, sometimes eking out that promotion in your guild or city or commune! In my opinion, questing within Lusternia is also stellar, especially when compared with the slim pickings I've quickly grown bored with in other free games of this nature, and the Honors and Epic questing system make sure your characters get the fame or notoriety he or she deserves, through special score additions and titles earned only through rigorous and intellectually challenging quest clusters. Finally, for those who are unfamiliar with text-based adventure games in general or just the unusual style of the Lusternia world, there's a fun and informative novice/newbie school. Useful rewards, such as lessons or experience bonuses, are granted through their 'Achievements' system and give new players a good head-start on the history and mechanics of the game, without babysitting the player, or boring him out of the game.

I enjoy Lusternia very, very much. The players and administration show open and obvious fondness and care for the game world. I have recommended this game to all of my gaming friends, and will continue to do so, for a long, long time.

I used to read Goosebumps-Choose your own scare, played QUEST! Fantasy Role-Playing Adventures, Dungeon and Dragons, and even invented my own text game (which my peers never bothered looking at all, anyway) because my mom had reminded and will always remind me to play less and read more. I soon discovered a browser-type text adventure game (I forget the name) and I thought it was the best I would ever play... In 2004, a high school classmate invited me to try a certain Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) out, although I was a bit skeptical—wondering if it was even possible to create and maintain an online text game comparable to the popular and visually-appealing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs). Out of curiosity, I decided to play it, but got lost with all the message lines appearing before me. Moreover, I was in the senior level that time and barely had the chance to visit the game more. When I got to college, I figured it would be the perfect time to return to the good old MUD. I was contented with the game till a fellow gamer informed me that a more detailed MUD that goes by the name of Lusternia is available for open beta testing. I immediately made a Moondancer character and I was like, whoa—this is cool! Since then, I have been playing Lusternia with no regrets at all. In fact, it had helped me improve my vocabulary. The word "discombobulated", which left me confused (literally!) before, is usually seen at the end of a debate—a unique feature of the game. I am also proud that most of my in-game acquaintances are enjoying the dragon turtle backpack , which I designed for a contest. Speaking of players' works, one of my poems was actually published in the game library. Hence, Lusternia for me is not just a virtual world where people can play freely but also an avenue of one's own growth, excellence and creativity.

A gamer at heart, I scrounged over the different games that would give me the depth I wanted that I found find in Lusternia.

It wasn't that the game became my life, but with the time I placed in it, things would rub on to me. It would be a place I would go when I was a teenager when I would be bored with the world, interested in more things than re-learning calculus after switching schools. It gave me a place to connect with friends, where I can do more than chat with friends - but go off and fight, quest, sit on the side of the ocean and imagine the game world that we are creating at our fingertips.

Imagine the world that we would bring outside with us into our game world. The beauty of Lusternia, with it being a text game, is that the game world we live in can be more than what meets the eye. World of Warcraft, for instance, is what is given to you. The text game, Lusternia is what is given to you, but a little more. Scratch that, much more. Add to the fact that it is a free to play game, and the amount of time I would involve actively trying to bring in more people to enter this world - if only to enjoy its' splendor.

But to get back to my original point, what I found most appealing is that you can do so much more with what you are given here, with so little. I remember looking up to a man named Richter, for building a city named Deepnight. I remember holding a grudge against a god at one point, dreaming of the things I could possibly do in this MUD game. You can become the strongest in the land, or rule a city if you want. Or you can try to control the trade of the basin, and become a richest man or woman in the MUD game. You can live a life in the priory if you even want - spend your time designing fantastic dishes or jewelry. The possibilities are endless.

But the last thing I want to say is, thank you. Five, six years after starting off with the text game, Achaea, and moving on to here, I do not regret a moment of it. Even now, it allows me to be with my girlfriend when we are miles and miles apart, where we are hunting together, or proctoring examinations. Thank you.

I have been playing Imperian for several years and have found it to be one of the best examples of a MUD game. As is the case with most MUDs it allows the imagination to roam freely, creating a visual image of the world you are inhabiting. I have found the people who work behind the scenes either as IRE employees or volunteers to be quite remarkable. Customer satisfaction is quite important to these folks. While there are the usual group of annoying people playing this game in order to get ego gratification at the expense of others' enjoyment the vast majority of people are quite good companions in making the game a superb entertainment vehicle. The fact that this is a free game is totally amazing and wonderful. By the time you get to the point of making decisions about purchasing specialized combat equipment (not required but needed if you want to compete effectively in combat with others who enhance their characters) you can expect to have a good enough understanding of the text game and its wonderful combat design to make very intelligent decisions with your entertainment dollars. Should you enjoy role playing, as I do, rather than combat this adventure game allows a great environment.

You read it right! I love Lusternia, and other IRE text games for granting me superb training for my fingers (and brain). Nothing teaches you better to key in eight words per second than a slit-throat lock! Physical fitness aside, I adore how it stimulates the people into contributing creative juices to help make their respective game realms better! In a changing society where writing and reading are slowly being corrupted with other "technological advancements", it's definitely great to see something like the IRE MUD games which reconciles us with books, in a manner of speaking. Hopefully the IRE text games will keep it up, and keep our fingers, and brains happy!

I perceive Iron Realms Entertainment as one gargantuan bookshelf, filled to the brim with the most amazing stories. One not only enjoys reading this game library, but taking a personal hand in shaping it... talk about immersion. I have never encountered anything as riveting and engaging as the text game worlds of Lusternia and Imperian. Midkemia Online, is one concrete example of how it brings to life these books as text games. Worlds were once limited to following the pace of the book and author, but now we are charged with ability to help shape them! Most importantly, unlike other modern day "graphic" MMOs and MMORPGs games, IRE text games provide us a more "detailed" and "in-depth" account of our in game characters. Warriors are no longer limited to endless hacking and slashing (the occasional stunning-lifestealing-poisoning) routine... but can aim to "wound" opponents body parts in the text game. Mages and Druids can influence their very surroundings, becoming hostile to enemies, instead of stereotypical blasts of energy with minor variations... It's truly a different game world beyond your monitor! I invite you to step in and enjoy it with us!

I find Aetolia to be a good place for me to relax and unwind from a hard days work. At times the text game can be a little slow, but in general it's a great atmosphere with a variety of things to occupy yourself with. I love the complexity and depth of the text adventure game and a very big thank you to all those that have helped in some way with the building, fixing, running and expanding of the game both past and present. 

I've played a decade of MMO games now, and a bit more than a decade of MUDs. As MMOs got better and better, I thought that surely my interest in these amazing text-based game worlds would diminish. Obviously though, with more than a thousand hours played, it has not. MUDs, and especially the detailed game worlds that Iron Realms builds, have a distinct gaming niche that will not be usurped, (possibly ever) by any graphical game. In Aetolia, I am who I want to be, and I am not limited to the art that a game's design team build to define me. I have had multiple characters, but my main character has such a distinct look, personality, and history that she is absolutely irreplaceable. Here I really get to role play, and people actually make what I choose my role play to be a part of the world and its history. Iron Realms games are incredibly rich, and I do not regret a moment of the hundreds of hours. I cannot say the same for the MMOs I have played.

Personally I love Aetolia. It has great role play. Just enough characters so you can know everyone. I came from a different MUD game named Akanbar the role play there was non-existent, no one emoted, the gods never gave the players anything to do or strive for it was just there. I love Aetolia's game combat system. It is very in-dept and always getting better and changing. There is a lot to this game where you cannot possibly learn it all that is. What I like it's not to small and to easy to figure everything out. It is also a free game where you don't need to buy credits to get nice things. Sure, it makes it easier though Arodyn has only probably bought 50% of the credits he has ever had the other 50% is bought off of the gold he gets from questing. Another great thing is there is always something to do in the game, whether role playing, hunting your character's levels higher, player vs player combat, just make gold, it's all there for whatever you like to do.

Having been introduced to the free to play game Imperian a number of years ago, it's proven to be a fantastic habit that I can't kick. For as long as MMO games have been popular, I've been looking for one that is focused on role playing and adventure as allows for a broad range of customization and something totally dynamic. I found that and more in the game of Imperian. At first, the thought of playing a text game or MUD seemed like a strange one to me, when compared to other "3D" games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. After less than two hours with Imperian, though, I was totally captivated in the immersive and expansive game world of Aetherius, with its political and religious system, enthralling geography and vast array of characters. And the best part? It's player-run, allowing for free story-telling on a grand, epic scale.

The diversity of player classes and game choices available to everyone who logs in is always a treat, and one can choose to be a religious and blade-whirling zealot living in the desert, a lone ranger trekking through northern tundras, mages and wizards invoking the power of fire and ice, warriors calling upon forest creatures or plants, demon-worshippers invoking bloody rituals, knights, paladins, bards, healers, monks, spies, assassins, thieves, smiths, elected ministers and priests and even shop-keepers! The list goes on. And it never ends. Being a free to play text game, Imperian is definitely one of the best games I've ever tried on any platform, and is something that allows anyone and everyone a chance to enter a world of lore and legend, war and wisdom, honor and hostility, a fictional fantasy maintained and expanded everyday by every one of the hundreds of players who call it home.

After searching through endless claims from other games, I have realized that they're nothing compared to what this site has to offer. With a large number of game opportunities to choose from, my mind always stays fresh. Graphics in a game are okay, but they limit to what the mind can do. Instead of looks, one can focus on the more important things, like game play. These creators have worked hard on making a fantasy text game into reality, and it shows. I guarantee it, that for a low price of say... completely free, you won't find anything better than this. IRE text games are where it's at. You'll find that adventure you're looking for, just as I have. You'll come back day after day, no doubt about it. This is the only site that I will recommend, asked or not. It's exciting to experience! But words can only say so much, you just have to try it for yourself to see what I'm talking about.

Achaea is for everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, there's always somewhere to belong in this massive, fantasy, text game world. And of course, it's completely free to play!

Even thinking, 'A text game? It can't be!' But it is!

You're immediately thrown into a wonderful world of magic and individuality, personally creating your own special game character from tons of options like classes and races. Intentionally leaving out graphics allows for the imagination to take over, something other games lack. With the help of amazing room descriptions, you'll figure out it's actually better than having graphics. They couldn't give you the depth that this game has to offer.

Be any race you want! There's many to choose from. Your loyalty too! Join a city, with each having their own distinct history that still grows with an interesting difference. There are always events going on, so the story line is constantly moving and role-play stays interesting. Combat is unrivaled in Achaea, with so many skills and classes, there's always something exciting going on. And even if fighting isn't your forte, there's always other options. Spend your gold at an owner-based shop, or just retire to a normal job, like tailoring. Artistic? Compete in the monthly bardic and artisianals. Whatever you want to do, you can find it in the Achaea text game!

Community wise, meeting and playing with others is hands down the most fun part. One can join a house, and meet others specifically like you. There's an air of respect for anyone, and everyone's so helpful, they'll never turn down a request for help. You can make allies, and even rivals. Even if you've never played a MUD game before, a tutorial makes sure you're never left in the dark! I've played for years, and I'm still here. I only wish I found it sooner. And there's no need to worry about mistakes, because even if you don't like your character, you can start over, or just make a completely new one! There's no limit. A great thing if you're wanting to try different paths. I've played Achaea for years, and I'll still be playing years from now. I'd highly recommend this to anyone, and everyone. Truly. It's completely free. What more could you ask for?

Two unrelated, but equally strong reasons why Achaea is by far my favorite MUD game to play:

  1. I just spent the last 2 days taking the bar exam. It was miserable. But (and I am not even remotely kidding about this part) I can recall at least four times when I thought how nice it would be to get back to the hotel and play the Achaea text game. This thought alone literally got me through the exam with my sanity in tact.
  2. I've been playing Achaea, the free text adventure game, for about 2 weeks now, and I've met a lot of different characters there. Perhaps what I love most about the game of Achaea is that if a newcomer like me were to win 100 credits, the vast majority of the people that I have met wouldn't be angry or jealous or resentful. Instead, they would view it as a sign that the game that they have devoted so much time and energy to is thriving, and that what they have been working on for so long continues to entice new people like myself who appreciate the game as much as they do. If a newbie were to win, it would just affirm to them that what they're doing in the game world is working.

Extremely well organized game world with more in depth role play than I've seen on any other Iron Realms text game. One of the most mature player bases I have been a part of, Aetolia has a lot of old souls who value the sense of community -- while also accepting new players to the game and helping them grow in their own mudding ability. There's a reason they stay ranked high on TopMudSites with a smaller population than most of the other competitors.

One of the best things about these free to play MUD games is that they are incredibly addictive and fun. However, they serve another purpose - Education. Being that these all of these games are text based by simply immersing yourself in the adventure you are learning. Be it in the form of coding from their intricate combat systems, the art of word smithing from the in depth role play, or simply the ability to type more proficiently. These games offer an outlet from reality, while at the same time preparing you for it!

My enjoyment of Achaea comes from two places. The first is an evolution of previous experience with MUD games -- I no longer submitted a command and sat back healing. I now have immersion in all aspects of my game character, whether at play or at war. My involvement has substantial meaning to others and I vest emotion and thought in my virtual self. The second path of appreciation for this text game is the possibilities for my imagination. I love to read and visualize stories that unfold; this text-based game caters to me seeing my version of the world. The framework from the writing allows for a rich, pleasant involvement. It can be at battle with others, seeing a city for the first or thousandth time, or performing a ritual to a divine being that still "wows" me.

Only in a text adventure game like Lusternia can one be ascended to near-godlike heights of power and still enjoy the richness of the role playing as a mortal. From the fast-paced game combat to the intricate quests to the player-driven economy, there is always something fun and interesting to do!

After playing various browser adventure games for years, I got bored with them all. Searching for new challenges, I came across text adventure games. I dismissed them at first. As a 2 fingers typist, I could not imagine how would typing and reading be challenging or even remotely interesting or entertaining. However, after searching a bit more, I took a chance and created a new character in the text game world of Achaea; after all I had nothing to lose, Achaea is a free to play game after all.

After struggling for a day or two to get my bearings and to understand the basics of this new to me MUD text game environment, suddenly and unexpectedly the entire new world of magic and mystery opened up around my character. After another while, he himself became alive, eager to explore and grow in his new game world. Now I come to Achaea every day, excited to follow his adventures, to laugh at him and with him or worry when he gets in trouble, gets lost, confused, often scared. (Yes, I was laughing hard when he was gagging recently because of the horrific stench coming from his hunting companion and he was embarrassed, not sure whether he should tell his companion to go and wash himself or not.) I feel proud when he bravely faces his enemies or when he dies defending his city. With trepidation I follow his efforts to understand the expectations of the leaders of his house and his city and the demands and truths of his gods. I celebrate with him his achievements, gaining new skills and levels in the game, becoming more proficient handling his swords and I'm happy to see him learning from his mistakes and failures.

Yes, this text adventure game has been so far the most rewarding and fun experience in my gaming history and meeting some of the game elders it looks like this is only the beginning of some very intense and rewarding life for my hero. He has indeed a very long and challenging road yet to travel to unlock the full potential within himself and fulfill his destiny in the world of never ending magic, world of courage, of political corruption and powerful gods, of heroism, of intrigue and betrayal, of unwavering honour and of blood and gory, in his new found world of questionable good and triumphant evil. Free to play MUD world of fantasy at its very best.

The large number of players, the diverse cities, and the many, many areas in the game world make Achaea one of the richest text games I have ever played. The variety of races and classes to choose from are unlike any other; each one has a story behind it. The quests are sure to make one busy for quite some time. The histories behind each area and the game as a whole had me hooked on the game. All these elements make the text game Achaea a place that can cater to almost anyone. In Achaea, the possibilities are endless.

All in all 5/5 stars some of the best experiences I've had have been with people from this game. Imperian is one of the best free games out there because you can get all you need from working hard with your character and in so many ways, its one of the best adventure games I've played because you have the option of working with other real people and making your own quests or NPCs. The MUD admins are friendly and helpful and quick to fix things in the game, its easy to progress with its achievement system and I've had many nights turn into days lost in the trance this game provides. Some people are put off by text based games but its like a book for me after a few minutes I don't even see the words my imagination just takes over and I can visualize everything the way I think it should look.

I have been an active player of Iron Realms games, specifically Achaea, for a very long time, and the experience has never become dull. The reason for this is simple: in a text game, you make your own adventure. Within reason, you can be whoever you'd like to be, giving infinitely more freedom of choice in your character customization than is available in many other games.. In a more practical aspect, they are unlike many other massively multiplayer games on the market today. They are free to play, and members can pay for perks, perks that can be earned completely within the game itself. I have convinced many friends to try these games, and quite a few have been greatly impressed by them, and just as drawn to the many aspects within the game as I. From the complex political systems, almost entirely run by other players, to the advanced system of player vs. player (PvP) combat, I give these games my highest recommendation.

Simply spectacular. There is truly nothing like it. What is it? It's Achaea, the best MUD you will ever see.

I almost scorned the idea of a text adventure game, and was thinking what a disaster it would be until I was proven utterly wrong the moment I stepped into Achaea, a free to play game in Iron Realms. The game of Achaea has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever gone through and will, without a doubt, be sketched in my mind for the rest of my lifetime. I was awed and stunned by the splendor of the game the moment I entered it, with every minute detail and excellent game play absolutely impressing me.

Achaea contains the best range of activities that you would ever find in a game, with role playing enhancing the effect. The Achaea text game brings forth a life like effects from its many scenarios such as tailoring all the way to buying licenses to operate your own store to sell your handmade jewelery. Concoctions can be made for self preservation or for profit, with game events coming up every now and again involving different cities or otherwise, but always engaging everyone in fun, with Tharos our lively entertainer. You could even be a thief if you wish, stealing from the rich to suffice your own needs instead of hunting down wild beasts for gold. You could help villages prosper, or set the entire village on fire. Take on a path of your choice, be it good or evil. Get involved in game politics and join a city and explore the entire Sapience with your house mates and declare war on other opposing cities. Watch as Sapience changes around you before you know it and various different player-made situations come up randomly, adding suspense to the thrill of this amazing text adventure game. What more could you possibly ask for in a game that constantly listens to its players, brings forth excellent game masters through Divines that oversee the land and always change the game according to the necessary, adding new elements whenever possible to this amazing piece of art.

What do I think of Achaea? All I can say is that it is simply spectacular.

Iron Realms Entertainment has created a combat system that is without a doubt the most complex and competitive on the market, bar none. Graphical games cannot compare to these text games, and they're free to play!

I discovered Achaea one day when I grew bored of various games that didn't engage my imagination. From the moment the introductory tour started, I knew I had stumbled onto something different. The depth and opportunities in the games produced by Iron Realms are unlike those in any other game. The fact that Achaea was free to play was an added draw. Five years later, I'm still playing, because the game is constantly evolving, with new events and political intrigues, and endless choices of how to develop my character. Playing Achaea allows for complete immersion into an entirely different world, and I plan to keep on playing for quite some time.

Iron Realms' MUDs are the clear winner when it comes to quality on-line entertainment. The depth of their free to play games are amazing; it truly offers anything for anyone. Want to be the greatest fighter in the realms? The choice is yours. Or perhaps you prefer to step into the political arena, deftly weaving words while turning away backstabbing blows! Yours might be the path of a merchant, travelling from city to city, plying your wares. Whatever you want, the choice is yours and only limited by your imagination and Iron Realms' games offer the experience to you.

I've been playing IRE MUDs for the last five years, and for good reason. With the Free Game system they use, there's no reason not to log on and play around, which means its as much an online community as it is a game. I've come to know the players, many of whom I stay in touch with, and the chance to catch up with old friends, and meet new ones, is what keeps us coming back.

Having come from the land of first-person shooters and real-time strategy games, I wasn't convinced that I could enjoy playing a text-only game. There's no sound! No images! I don't use my mouse! I was skeptical at first... How do I DO anything in a world I can't SEE? How can I fight with text?!

These thoughts persisted for... about ten minutes. Playing MUDs is like diving into a choose-your-own-adventure story. Free of the distractions of images, you can immerse yourself into a world of your own imagining -- a far richer experience than any graphical game I've played. You can see things how you want to see them, play how you want to play. It's an experience of your own making, which is one of the reasons why it is so appealing.

My first MUD experience was with Midkemia Online, when it was released in beta only a few months ago. It was fun to be a part of a new game and to see it grow steadily. But... after playing that for a while, I was soon introduced to the drug that is Lusternia. This game really showcases what MUDs can offer... and I think I spent the first month or so 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing at every new thing I discovered. After then, I just came to expect great things of Lusternia, and have enjoyed the ride since.

Lusternia is a text game that caters for everyone. Merchants, combatants, questers, politicians, artists, writers, explorers... the game world offers so much, and I'm still finding new things to do. The trouble with most other games is that you fork out however much to buy the game, you play it for ten hours, redo it to find all the secret areas, then it's over and you can't play it again.

Lusternia is free to play, and you'll never run out of new things to try and experience. Ever. I dare you to try. The administration works hard to keep us entertained with game events, new artifacts, new skills, expansions on the world and competitions. If you like, you can pay to gain some nifty items or credits to spend in-game, but there are free ways to gain said credits, so if you have some self control and dedication, you'll never spend a cent! I've had one character in one of the current 26 different game guilds and I have played for more hours than I care to think about. If I ever did get bored playing this character, or wanted a change, I could just make another character in another guild to experience a new side of the game. I could list every feature I love about Lusternia, but you can read that on the website or experience it in-game. My favourites:

  • A complex and sophisticated combat and affliction system that makes PvP SO MUCH FUN! Yes. You can fight with text.
  • The ability to design my own jewelry, clothing, furniture, weapons and culinary creations. I can run a shop or sell my wares on the market.
  • Role play with your family, clans, guild and commune/city. These circles of association make the game so special. Each adventurer brings their own flavor to the game and I love interacting with my character's family and guild mates.
  • So many skills... and the fact that I'm still creating aliases for them all.
  • The quests and puzzles range from the simple to the painfully difficult. They might take five minutes or five weeks! Far from the standard "Fetch me this" and "Bring me that" RPGers are used to, these quests are unique and well-thought-out.

If you've never played a MUD game before, try Lusternia. There's a bit of a learning curve, but between the help files, the forums, and the newbie channel in-game, you'll always find friendly help.

Achaea, since it's start and release, has become one of the greatest text MUD games I've ever played! I've discovered so much, learnt so much, and I've truly grown to enjoy this text game over the years. Thank you so much for giving me something to do, despite my disadvantage of being hard of hearing. Achaea has become an inspiration it was mean't to be!

I have played the Imperian text game for years through many characters and it keeps pulling me back. The reason I love text games is they give you so many ways to express yourself and so much freedom over a graphical MMO, and instead of it being nothing but the "daily grind", you have the opportunity to blossom into whomever your heart desires and be who you truly wish to be, as well as make many new friends, some perhaps even lifelong.

I am a paying customer now, though for several years I played without spending anything, using my hard earned gold for game credits. The game of Imperian allows full enjoyment even as a free to play game, and the experience improves constantly. Even when I have to leave, I can never give it up completely.

I've played Iron Realms games for over seven years now and there is no other MUD producer that comes close. Iron Realms has the best customer support, the largest uniquely developed worlds, the most advanced combat system, and one of the largest player bases around, often into several hundred, at any given time. If you're looking for immersive fantasy role playing, a chance to rule a city-state, become a feared Dragon, or fight epic battles determining the fate of the cosmos then IRE has a game for you. What's the catch? There is none, IRE games are free to play always. Costs nothing but time, something you clearly have too much of if you're reading testimonials, so come check us out. Like me you may find a free game you love that offers endless challenge in a dynamic world.

Of course, it'd be neat to give a praise of, 'You've saved my life. I'll never be the same again. I can't believe how much your games have changed me!'. But of course, this is a silly thing to say, because most of the time I hear, "Get off that thing!" and "Let's go somewhere so you can take a break."

Of course, this only means one thing. These MUDs are addictive. For a desire to keep myself humble, I won't go and say how long I've been playing these text games, but I can say this. I've played long enough that my standards for game quality have risen dramatically. Or maybe I've just ruined myself for awesome text games.

Example: After playing the Achaea text game for a few years, and watching it get passed up on by the wolfish arch-nemesis, I tried it, just because I wanted to see what could outdo the game of Achaea. I honestly cannot figure out what it is! They're over-colored, over-wordy, and really have hardly any basis for layered game playing, such as politics or wars or what-not. I'm sure they have game systems for those ideas, but their main game focus was "bash as this class until you reach level 100 or whatever and then loop to the beginning as another class and do it again. And then try a third class and do it again!" Crazy, I tell you. But in Achaea, and pretty much all the Iron Realms text games I've tried out, the challenge is in getting a high rank in... anything! And the fact that there's so many categories to choose from in the games is just amazing. Besides that, everything is super-simple to read. I tried playing another older MUSH games and descriptions of rooms and players were so overloaded that it over-ran my client window and I actually had to page up numerous times just to get to the top. Of course, how much paging are you having to do with my post here ;)?

So in short, the Iron Realms MUD games are the highest quality because (and not in order of importance (and so I will use a bulleted list)):

  • The layering of different game systems is exquisite. There is no boredom if you can get used to finding your way around. There are plenty of routes to take and plenty of amazing systems to get lost in.
  • Even though bashing and PK is highly valued, social interaction is not at all degraded or inferior, also adding to the multi-layered concept of playing.
  • Descriptions and explanations in the game are short and concise. And everything still makes sense and can be visualized amazingly well!
  • The coloring is extremely standardized. Of course, you can't use funky color-schemes on one particular thing, which some might like, but I personally get a headache if I see too much custom coloring.

Of course, that list is just those things I could think up on the spur of the moment. I'm sure there are more things I haven't thought of. And THAT should fill up enough of a browser window to drive some crazy.

I started playing MUDs in the late 1990s, but by 2005, I'd drifted away from the genre. Recently my interest in MUDs was rekindled, however, so I began searching for a new one to call home. I tried many different games, and eventually settled on Iron Realms text game; Lusternia: Age of Ascension, which I've been playing happily for several months now. I plan to stay for years to come!

Here's why:

Unique, Interesting Character Classes
Lusternia's character classes (called guilds) are divided among seven archetypes: warrior, monk, bard, mage, druid, guardian, and wiccan. All guilds are tied to one of these seven archetypes, yet even guilds which share the same archetype are profoundly different from one another, both in terms of abilities and background lore. There are more than two dozen guilds to choose from, and each is a truly unique experience.

Diverse, Compelling Character Races
In Lusternia, there are many fascinating game races to choose from. Each race fills a niche in terms of game mechanics, and while you'll certainly see dwarves, elves and humans, there are also plenty of exotic choices, such as the insectoid kephera and the dark, sinister illithoid. Racial role-play is also alive and well in the Lusternia text game. Each race has a unique and meaningful back story, and your choice of race will have a profound effect on how you interact with the game world.

Outstanding Customizable Player Housing
Every player has the opportunity to acquire player housing in the text game. In Lusternia, these "houses" are called aethermanses. There's nothing you can't do with these; the sky's the limit. The room layout, the title and description of each game room, the doors connecting each room, the furniture (itself fully customizable) used for decor, secret passages, pets and game NPCs who live in your manse — it's all up to you. You can even run your own shop from your manse, and some players have created entire aethermanse cities! Also, aethermanses can eventually be transformed into aetherships. These are sort of like Lusternia's equivalent of spacecraft, and you can pilot them through aetherspace to locations in the MUD game both strange and wonderful.

Outstanding Customizable Item Crafting
There are countless different types of player-crafted items in Lusternia. These don't come with standardized descriptions — instead, players design their own gowns, tomes, jewelry, food dishes, weapons, armor, vials, instruments, furniture, and more. Players choose the materials they'll use in these customized items and write the descriptions themselves (although designs are reviewed to keep poor-quality writing out of the game). This allows for tremendous diversity and creativity.

Theaters, Libraries, and Much More
And then there are features you might not even consider right away, like theaters and libraries. Each organization (player-run city or commune) in the game has its own stage and extensive library! You can write, produce, direct and act in full-featured plays with special effects, music (described in text, of course), set designs, costumes, multiple acts, and much more. Players can write your own literary and scholarly books, and browse and check out books from Lusternia's many in game libraries. There are hundreds of existing books written by eloquent players, a treasure trove of culture and game lore.

Immersive Atmosphere, Something for Everyone
Role-playing in Lusternia is semi-mandatory, in that you cannot talk about the real world (Coke, Miley Cyrus, television, etc.) in-game. Everyone must stay in-role while playing the game, even if they aren't enthusiastic role-players. However, enthusiastic, high-quality role-playing can and often does happen in Lusternia! Aided by the game's rich lore, characters adventure together, fight one another, marry and adopt children, engage in cutthroat political battles, solve game quests or even just kick back in a manse for a drink and a chat. It's almost impossible not to find your niche somewhere in Lusternia.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

What I've written above might look and sound like an advertising blurb, but it's not. There's no exaggeration or spin-doctoring involved here — these are genuine personal observations I've made while actually playing the test game Lusternia, and they are the primary reasons I've decided to make Lusternia my MUD game home away from home. If anything, there's much more I could say in praise of Lusternia, but in the interests of brevity I've tried to keep this testimonial relatively short. Thank you for reading, and please, if you're on the fence, give Lusternia a try. I'm incredibly picky myself, almost obsessively so, and I love it!

Lusternia is a free text adventure game that offers options and immersion galore! This MUD is so well written that your imagination can't help but exceed any graphics in any video game! With so many organizations to join and options for advancement in the game, on top of several planes to explore, trades to master and political positions enough to send just about anyone on a power trip, boredom is never an issue! Help is just a request away with our newbie friendly colleges and ever-so-willing professors to teach you the ropes! Round up your adventuresome friends and begin life anew in this fascinating realm of role play!

People ask me, why do I play the Imperian text game, and I simply tell them, because its fun.

But then I think to myself, isn't it more, after all riding my bike was fun till I got a car. Did my bike become less fun, no but I still choose my car over my bike. I thought about what else makes Imperian so great that I come back day after day to log in, and this is what I found.

People are friendly, no matter what you do in the game aside from trying your hardest to anger everyone around you (because this will just get you killed) someone will always be willing to help you, be it a guide whose job it is to help or a random stranger, they will give you advice, even sit down and explain it bit by bit.

The game guilds and cities are full of things to do, from killing rats to grab some gold to the whole city or guild or in some cases both, going out for a hunt or maybe even to raid the other cities or councils. There is always something to do in the game, no matter what time it is, something is always going on in the game of Imperian. And another thing about Imperian, it makes you think. Before if someone asked me to write a fantasy story for an English paper, I would stare at a paper for days before something happened, now that I play Imperian, idea's come to me one after another, not copyrighted idea's mind you, but ones you think of while playing the game. After a while your imagination expands and you tap into idea's that can make anyone a writer with enough dedication.

I want to point out that Iron Realms has done a great job with its text games, they all offer different variations from wielding dark magic to riding into battle as a holy warrior, without Iron Realms the games we have would be severely limited, 1000's of people play these MUD games with more joining each day to add to the list. Each day is a new adventure with an Iron Realm text game.

Plus they are all free to play, and that always a huge plus.

And maybe the biggest thing that I saved for last is the fact that I love to read, I have read tons of books, from long novels to short stories and all of them in between. When I found out games like this existed I jumped at the chance to get in on it. Its like living in a book where I make the choices, and each choice has a reaction so unlike a video game that I can reset. I have to live with my choice making sure its the right one. Text games are the best thing I have ever found on the Internet. That is why I love Imperian, that is why I love Iron Realms and that is why I love text games.

What originally drew me to Achaea was its uniqueness. What kept me addicted was the combat system.

The dynamics of Achaean game combat is indescribable, except to say it is adrenaline pumping. It is like you are actually fighting, thinking, moving with and against others. There are no balance issues between races and classes because updates, bug fixes, and additions to the text game are done in real time! In most cases the average person would not even be aware of them if it were not for the posting of changes to the game news boards.

Every detail is accounted for in Achaea's expansive game world which spans multiple continents, oceans, and various islands. Everything from the gold embossed inscription intricately engraved on your broad sword, to the in-depth player interactions and politics of ever growing cities there is something for everyone!

IRE [Iron Realm Entertainment] MUDs are like no other. Imagine being inside a book where you and your friends act out the story. Where your every action and decision can impact the unfolding game story line in a multitude of ways. Where your friends can become your enemies, and your enemies, your most trusted allies. You just imagined a day in one of IRE's text adventure games. The draw for me is the game combat system. It is by far one of the most complex and intricate fighting systems I've seen for a game. Hundreds of skills to combine in thousands of ways will keep you on edge as you wage war against your enemies and defend your city and Gods. In depth healing and afflicting take strategy to a whole new level from what you might be used to, but that's one of the things that make these text games so entertaining to play. Fighting not for you? Then feel free to run for any of the numerous city, council, or guild ruling positions that are available and help to make your organizations better than all the rest. And if you simply wish to spend your time quietly role-playing? Then do it! That is what I love about IRE. The fact that there is something for everyone and new content is always being added by the dedicated programmers and "Gods" of the realms. Add to all this that the MUDs are free to play and there's no reason not to give one of IRE's games a try.

Playing a Text game? I've never imagined myself doing it anytime soon.

Yet it didn't take long till I was addicted. And that while being free to play! It was quite hard getting used to typing English, being Dutch myself. I really found it quite addicting though, for numerous reasons.

First off, the role play in Achaea is just awesome. I've never seen so many people playing one text adventure game and still being able to pretend like there is actually a world there. Everyone knows Achaea is a world on itself. You can be yourself or act completely different. The freedom of choice and the possibilities in the game are endless. The fighting has so many different classes, game skillsets and different combinations of skills that there is always a different strategy one can use. The political system is huge and there is plenty of different ways to get involved. The world itself is huge and I doubt I will ever get done exploring.

Apart from the game itself, I've also met some really great people in Achaea. Some of which I speak to often by out of game measures. The best example of this is my girlfriend. I've met her in Achaea and later started to talk to her outside of the game. We've been dating for five months and a day now and I plan to immigrate to America soon. I also thank you for that.

To sum it up, Achaea gave me a lot to do and made me meet a lot of great people and all of that while the game is free to play. I thank you for this. Diath

Well, honestly it all started when a buddy of mine said he was playing this Diku MUD, a text game unlike anything I had ever seen. After playing the turn based adventure of spamming lightning breath, things got way dull, way fast. Then Achaea came along, and my life was changed forever. The game of Achaea broke my character free of the turn based system, and allowed an utterly dynamic game environment get created by and for the players. I'll never forget the first time I got robbed in the game. I stood there in awe as a priest stole all of my ill-gotten wares. As I alerted my buddy for some assistance, one of his guild mates suddenly landed from the skies and stepped of his flaming chariot. He than began to throw tarot cards at the Priest as his entities and pets tore her to shreds. It's funny sometimes when I mention I still play a text based game to some of the graphical game players I know. Then they sit in awe as I tell them how battles can sometimes incorporate 4 levels of combat planes (skies, trees, ground, sewers), how I can earn enough gold to buy permanent & better weapons, and how to play, I simply have to be a mature adult because it's FREE! The hilarity starts when they try and justify their $20 a month game bill to run or fly for hours just to travel to a laggy town where you can't buy anything without a major credit card.

I had never played a MUD before playing Midkemia Online. I have always enjoyed reading Raymond E. Feist's novels on the fiction world and when I realized there was a text game based on it, I was immediately in love. I was gripped by the idea of being able to play my part of the story in the fantasy world driven by magic, politics and war. Five months on and I have never looked back, I have become addicted to the enticing role play that is unique to MKO. To be part of a luscious world that is constantly developing around you, with ample opportunity to make your own imprint, playing Midkemia Online is a truly a breathtaking experience.

I've played a myriad of MUDs throughout the years and none offer the complexity and innovation found within IRE text games. The company, and its many games, are ran by previous players who acknowledge and listen to their player base. Whether you're looking for role play or player vs player, IRE is the cream of the crop for text games, and after a taste you won't be satisfied anywhere else.

I have played many text games and Aetolia is the first to actually have people completely stop what they are doing and help out the newbies. From getting them started to telling them were to look if they have questions about the game, instead of treating them like scum that do not deserve a moment of their time. 

Aetolia is also a player versus player text game that actually has role playing behind the killing of each other. Aetolia is also one of the first adventure text games that are not difficult to start finding and figuring out quests, even in the newbie areas. All you have to do is talk to the NPC's and they will tell you all you need to do to start gaining game experience and gold.

From the first day it opened, I began playing Aetolia.

Since day one, Aetolia has by far been the most interesting and in depth text based game I have ever played. Aetolia has a extremely dedicated team of producers, coders and builders that provide a game playing atmosphere that is both creative and fun. Just to give you a example of the dedication to detail of our coders, they have diligently been working on changing the dynamics of certain skills sets for different classes. Now mind you, with anything new, there is always going to be a hiccup or two that needs to be fixed. But thanks to the dedication of our coders, fixes were made within moments of any notification of an issue. Now that is what I call customer service!

Aetolia is constantly rolling out new and exciting updates that keep this the best text adventure game around. Oh, did I mention its FREE to play?! How can you beat FREE! So stop on by and join those of us who already enjoy the best MUD game on the planet!


I have been a part of the IRE community for 9 years, while my game characters have phased in and out over the years I always find my self coming back for more, and there has never been a MUD that didn't belong to IRE that could hold my attention. The depth and scale that they have created in their text game worlds is incomparable to any other. The admins are always quick to fix problems, the players are devoted to helping the newbies and the multifaceted game worlds always have something to offer a player. It's free to play but once you fall in love with the worlds of Iron Realms you'll find any investment you make is worthwhile.

I have been playing Aetolia off and on for the better part of eight years. Everytime I try to leave I get drawn back by the combat system. No other MUDs outside of the IRE Realm compare to Aetolia. No other adventure games of any sort, graphical or not, can give the same adrenaline rush you feel when you are surrounded by vampires and need to fight for your life. No other game has such a complex war system, such devoted administrators, and such an intense playerbase that fosters fun and a serious roleplaying environment at the same time. I also have always cherished Aetolia because you can become involved and become the best with little to no financial investment. I suspect the owners aren't inordinately excited to hear that but Aetolia has always been most true to a Free to Play game as I have ever seen; time and skill can always make up for actual investment. In short: it is an exciting free game that transcends other MUDs and favorably competes with the newest adventure games on the market.

What do I like about the text adventure game Aetolia?

It is different than many other games I've played. I didn't quite understand what it was before a friend of mine told me about it after seeing how I liked reading. I quickly looked up Aetolia and started to read about it on its main page. It seemed interesting so I created a character and dove in.

Among entering the world of Aetolia, I was confronted with scrolling text and other things I've never seen in a game before. The descriptions of everything were just like reading a book, except I got to control the main character of the story and decide where I wanted the story to go... somewhat. The MUD tutorial starting off was a huge help to get me started. It explained the way the game worked perfectly to me so I could understand it. Not only was the tutorial an explanation of the game, it was still pretty exciting to go through and kept me interested through the learning process.

After the tutorial was complete, I was given many many options to do as for joining organizations and cities that would get me interacting with the other players of the game. As far as I can tell, most of the people in the game are willing to help, and there are usually admins or others willing to give their time to help if confused. Also, generally when I played so called free to play games there were various things that only users that bought things with real money could get to boost themselves far greater than any other player.

In Aetolia there is a system where one can improve themselves over time to eventually get as high as someone that pays. It just won't be as instant as the paying person. It's understandable. A free user will never just be stuck at a certain level of play however unlike some other games I've played. That is something that made me really happy when I started to play Aetolia. Plus, there are generally in-game and out-game contests that people can win to earn credits(which are used for many good things in game).

I used to be a normal person. I went to work, I cooked, I cleaned, I scooped out the litterbox. I longed for something more. Something fun! Something... violent. Now, thanks to the text adventure game of Imperian, I'm a psychotic blade-wielding survivalist that rides wolves and defeats ogre hordes on a daily basis. I still have to do all the things normal people do, unfortunately, but maybe they'll do something about that in the next game update.

What I love most about Achaea is the complex and nuanced mythology. Many role playing games have a back story, but it's just that... a story. The difference with Achaea (and all IRE games) is that the Mythos forms a living backbone of the text game. What happened in the past really matters today. It impacts the decisions made by cities, houses, and individual characters. Not only that, the game Mythos is an evolving story for everyone. The game world is truly dynamic as the player characters actually change the course of history with the MUD itself. Some characters from 10 years ago have become immortalized in the annals of Achaea history.

Achaea is a fantastic and unparalleled role-playing world.

It's not just a MUD - it's an extremely content-wide text game. It has it all. War, religion, politics, hate, intrigues, love, sex and friendship. It doesn't matter if you want to be a warrior or a loving mother, a politician or a house teacher, or a mixture of them all. Iron Realms has made it possible for unique and extraordinary people to fill positions within the realms of Achaea that is incomparable to ANY other MMOs around today. Anyone can join and spend time with these people, and it's free to play. Many other MUDs can be comparable to Achaea in some specific aspect, but none comes even close when broadening the picture.

I first stumbled upon Aetolia when I was in my early teens, looking for a fun escape. I had no idea how amazing the experience would be. Never before, or again, have I encountered such an exciting text adventure game as this one. Over the past years I've made amazing friends, learned a surprising number of things, and made memories that not only will I hold forever, but memories I never thought I'd make. I've had games I needed to pay to play that aren't nearly as rewarding as this game, and Aetolia is free to play. This is probably the sole game that got me into MUDs. There is little doubt in my mind that I'll be playing Aetolia for quite a time to come.

To me, Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands is more than just a text game. It is an entirely new world where I can be whoever I want to be.

If I want to express my real life feelings of compassion to nature, I can become a member of Eleusis or one of the forestal houses and fight with my dying breath to keep her safe. Someday, if I want to join the darker side of the Achaean game world, I could become a member of Mhaldor and follow the Seven Truths of Evil. Maybe years from now, I will have the desire to become a Jester, putting on shows on the various stages of Sapience to entertain the masses! All of these things, I can do because of all the opportunities available for character development in Achaea.

However, my choices do not stop at just who I want my character to be. I also get to decide which of the numerous avenues of the Achaea game world I want to follow, or maybe decide to traverse them all! For example, I could devote myself to hunting the denizens of Sapience, gaining as much game experience as I could, and gaining level after level. Eventually, with enough hard work, I would be accepted into the elite few known as the Dragons, with powers far beyond mortals with their abilities in Dragoncraft.

If I decided that I was tired of imposing my will against the denizens of the game world, I might try to test my mettle against the other adventurers of Achaea, with its deep game combat system. No two fights would ever be exactly the same, with all of the game abilities and items involved in fighting.

For a MUD that is Free to Play, this text game has amazing avenues for people in venture in the ways of Combat, as well as giving the opportunities for people to purchase credits if they wish to develop their abilities even further, although it is by no means necessary.

Then again, maybe I wish to be the more peaceful type. I could fish the various waterways of Sapience and put my wit against the hundreds of in game quests ingrained seamlessly around the world. Get involved in the politics of the cities, and I could rise to power, possibly one day becoming a leader of the city, while entertaining my guests and friends in my own personal house.

By joining an order, I could devote myself to a god, serving them fully and eventually gaining power to call upon some of the powers of the divine. All of these fun options are given to you as soon as you decide to play this free game, and require no real life investment, which I personally love, as someone with limited financial capabilities.

Along all of these routes, I would meet other adventurers in the text game world of Achaea. In no other MUD game that I've played have I met people like the ones I have met in Achaea. By immersing myself in the role-playing of the game world, I have met best friends, bitter enemies. My friends in the game are one of the biggest reasons that I come to Achaea, because as a fantastic text game, it draws the best crowd. I would trust my life to some of these people in a second. Even my enemies, whom I despise as my character, Dryeck, as a person I'm thankful they are there. I respect them as people, and thank them for giving an extra level of immersion to my experience in the Achaea text game.

Overall, I love Achaea for giving me a second world to escape to and live in. This MUD game will never get old to me, as it has limitless possibilities. If I one day, Divine forbid, decide I no longer want to protect nature in Sapience, well, there are hundreds if not thousands of other paths I can follow. The fact that I don't have to spend any money on this game is another one of the reasons why the game of Achaea will always draw me in over the big-time MMOs like World of Warcraft, which require a monthly fee to play the game. I will always come back to text game world of Achaea for all of the possibilities it gives me, the fact that I can do everything with absolutely no monetary investment, and all the people I've met in this game who help to make this a home for me.

I love to play Aetolia because its free to play, has great talents and crafts to let you create things within the game to your hearts content! What game out there lets you put a little bit of something of yourself into it for the whole realm to see!! It's not just about killing the next player but also about being what you want to be. Want to rule a city, guild, or clan? Do it here! Want to be the best PKer in the text game? Do it here!! There is always something to do!

Are you looking for a text MUD that you can call home?

Are you looking for a text MUD that you can call home? Maybe something that is offering that defining factor that you have been seeking for? How about a MUD game that is constantly improving and has active divine and builders alike?

At thirty three years of age, I would consider myself a seasoned veteran, so to speak, when it comes to text based role playing games. For years, I went from game to game, never being truly satisfied until I happened across a game world from Iron Realms Entertainment, Aetolia, The Midnight Age.

If I may be allowed to digress a moment. My experiences with Iron Realms go back maybe ten years. I came across Achaea, their flagship release. I played this game for a few months, although found myself rather dissatisfied for a number of reason. That caused a slight problem for me. I absolutely fell in love with the code base. A couple of minutes later and I had what I was looking for.

To begin with, I thought it would be the kind of game that would help pass the time for a few days until I moved on to something different. That simply was not the case. Aetolia was now rescinded as the unknown and I found immediately what I have been looking for in a game such as this for a long time. The text adventure game drew me in and has never let me go. Here, it had the syntactical methodologies I had grown used to with Achaea, but without the traits that put me off that game. The world was only a year or so old when I first played, although it was obvious from the outset that big things were planned for it.

Key points I would seek to voice at this point are:

The world:

  • Complete originality
  • Realism
  • Ability to interact with almost anything
  • Addictive!

The staff:

  • Active
  • Actually work to:
  • Interact with players on a regular basis.
  • Design and host game events. 

I have been playing the game for nearly six years now, and have not once considered going back to anything but what is available here. A constantly evolving game world with ceaseless fun and activity has that effect on a person.

In summary, for me, the main things that have kept me playing are: the uniqueness of the guild and skills system, dedication of the game staff and the outright fun times I have had over the years with the different players that have come and gone. I would recommend this text game to absolutely ANYBODY. New player and veteran alike. With the amount of new things being released to the game, especially recently, I always have something to keep me occupied.

A nine and a half out of ten, for me.

I discovered MUDs about two years ago, but I had never found one, so full of life until the text game, Imperian and Iron Realms Entertainment.

Because I am a young college student, it is hard to have money to spend on activities, but because Imperian is free to play I can enjoy the game without paying a monthly fee or subscription. However, anytime I have the opportunity to enhance my character's life and game skills by having the option to pay a low price. I enjoy the game because I enjoy PVP combat and PK. Imperian has an extensive combat system and many professions to choose from. In addition to the rich game combat, there is a heavy amount of roleplay, politics, trade skills, quests, and hunting to participate in. There are so many different things one can spend their time doing in this text adventure game. My character's dreams of being an Aspect, having all of his game skills complete, and ruling a city and guild keeps me coming back and addicted!

Oh, and did I mention that it's free?

The one thing I love about Imperian MUD and all of the IRE text adventure games is that you can really do and be whoever or whatever you want. I've been a shop owner, a scribe, a murderer, a worshiper of peace and many more things. The sky is the limit in a text game like Imperian because the only limit is your imagination.

I started this text game years ago, while still in the early years of High School. Already played a number of MUDs before it, but the IRE text games, Achaea included, was far more than I had ever seen in terms of the mechanics put behind it's game play.

Combat especially proved to be an incredibly dynamic endeavor, and while a certain level of programming ability is almost required depending on your game client (since a lot of fighting goes much too fast to possibly keep up with all the afflictions, moves, lunges, cures, etc) it's proven to become one of the most defining aspects of life within this game world. Recently I've gotten more and more involved in this aspect and have to say, despite it's complicated nature it can be quite a lot of fun.

Combat aside, what really has drawn me to the text game of Achaea so often over the years has been the character and divine involvement in various RP story lines, philosophies, ideas, etc that have demonstrated a level of ingenuity and creativity that goes beyond almost any other game I've yet seen. When one can log into the game world, and in that very room is a heated debate about the validity of elemental Chaos in a working universe to allow for functionality, or whether it's merely a string of lies meant to spread the seeds of destruction... and that being just ONE example, the possibilities truly are awe inspiring in what can be done. Other mainstream games, they're great certainly, just simply lack the creative KICK the text game Achaea represents.

Even if you don't like interacting with others whatsoever, just being able to watch the amazing stories that are produced on all sides of the game that the various cities, orders, houses and other organizations represent speaks, to me at least, of almost a level of genius the combined effort of all the players, admins and gods have put into this text game to make it truly amazing. I hope Achaea will continue to remain as bountiful in imagination as it has been so much over the years, and would definitely recommend it to anyone else that'd want to pick up a game and start playing.

The text game of Aetolia has a smaller population than I'm used to, tis true, but it's resulted in the community approaching almost all aspects of game play with a far greater level of maturity than you see in most MMORPGs, and gives a far more enjoyable game play experience when it comes to interactions. The opposing views of the Living Vs the Undead also provide an interesting twist to the arch typical Good/Evil, Light/Dark, etc conflicts most games and worlds revolve around, and as part of that the classes on either side have far greater diversity and potential both in and out of game combat than I've seen on the other IRE Games. From the blood thirsty yet Noble Consanguine, to the Holier than thou Luminaries wielding Spiritual Might of the Light itself to Smite their enemies, the diverse game world has given me much enjoyment over the last year or so I've played regularly.

You just got home from work, you had to deal with angry customers all day looking down their noses at you. Your boss was on the brink of firing you, and your sanity was long gone.

What's the first thing you do?

Grab a beer? Reach for the remote? NOO! You reach over, grab your mouse, drag it across the mouse pad and click 'Connect now!'

Bang! Within seconds you are running around Azdun slaying goblins, participating in multi-city wars, or gathering essence for the divine of your choice. No matter how bad your day was, you can always count on a good time in Aetolia!

If someone is bugging you, IGNORED! You say someone is killing you? CT HALP ME! I'M BEING MURDERED! *person is ganked by 20 different people that have your back!*

Basically what I'm trying to say here is.... Aetolia rocks my socks! No other game compares to it. I've tried video games, I've tried online games such as World of Warcraft, but Aetolia is the only one that can keep my attention for several hours at a time and make me want to come back and spend more money. Not thinking it's a waste of money either! I highly recommend it to my friends and try to get them to play, showing them what they can do long before they even log in.

Good job Iron Realms! I bow down to you! *offers corpses in hopes of erecting a shrine to Iron Realms*

A text game? What? Yeah really... When you log on to the text game Aetolia just to make sure nothing happened to affect the outcome of life as you know it, you can say that you are addicted to the Aetolia test game. Or if you discover a new land and wake only to find you dreamed it. Or worse, you're more disappointed about it being a dream than worried that you just had a dream in text! But these are the reasons I love the game of Aetolia. The people that you love to hate, the long time friends, and the scary powerful gods. The new stuff that they keep coming up with and the constant thrill of finding new things keeps me coming back, day after day.

I love Lusternia's power and village systems in their text game. They keep PvP fresh, and add a little more rationale and motivation to roleplay between organizations.

I've always been a bit of a "casual gamer", in that I play through adventure games I borrow from friends for their stories and characters, but I never found anything that fit what I was really looking for. By the time I was 14 I wanted to play a game like the fantasy books I was reading, a world to explore whenever I needed to escape from the day-to-day grind, a portal into a land where I could experience things from the shoes of a warrior, a priest, or a wizard. I wanted to find a place where others would react to my character as if he was one personality in an epic work of literature.

Then, I found Achaea.

It was love at first sight. The text game of Achaea was my first MUD, and at that time the very idea of a text game was foreign to my mind, but I knew that I had found exactly what I had been looking for. A book where I could take over one of the characters' roles and influence the direction of the plot as it unfolded before my eyes. A game where the richness of the lore behind the world was as alive as any book I'd read, where my character could strike down a demon, grow in political influence to become one of the cornerstones of a city-state, or just take a stroll down to the marketplace and speak with a few drinking buddies.

Iron Realms Entertainment, you've brought a beautiful, unique world to life in the game world of Achaea. I've been a part of your creation for over three years now, and you can look forward to seeing me as a customer for many, many more to come.

Achaea is easily one of the most in depth text adventure games I have ever had the pleasure to log into! Bonus is, its completely free to play!

Wander the valley of Lodi as a novice or battle on the highsea's with your ship. Fish, hunt, harvest, plunder, whatever the style you can find a niche to fill in one of the many player classes and cities. I have played many MUDs over the years but after three years with Achaea I have still never been more captivated, either from the unique battle system, or the governing of a city, there is never an end to what you can do. Players beware, boredom is not an option!

So why is Achaea the best? Free to Play, Action Adventure Game, always exciting, sounds good to me!

Before I discovered this deliciously creative and brilliant MUD called Achaea, I spent my days searching through text games, adventure games, MUDs, MMOs, and the likes, with one catch: They had to be free, and they had to be text based.

This wasn't due to financial issues, I had just tried everything out there that could be paid for and they could no longer satisfy my gaming desires. Then one day, a friend of mine mentioned Achaea. Of course, I had no idea what this was at the time, but I replied to the text message and to Google I went, searching for the game of Achaea.

The first result to come up was: Main Page of Achaea - Dreams of Divine Lands. Yet I noticed the line of text below it - The website for the award-winning game Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands. This made me a little disappointed, because I feared that it would be another pay to play game. However, I was so... so... wrong. As soon as I clicked on the game link, "free to play" popped up on my screen, and I breathed an inward sigh of relief.

After reading the history, classes, cities, and everything else there was to be found under the robust game tab, I found clicking the beautiful golden "Play Now" button that brought me to the character creation game page. I figured, with all the good reviews and great media it had been getting, I may as well try and get my fix of the MUD for the day. And so Ranadon, the Paladin was born.

The first thing I noticed was a very intrinsic quest that taught me the basics of the text game and what I needed to know to survive in Achaea. The quest perhaps took me five minutes, after which I found myself falling right amidst the game action. My first day: I earned level thirty-five, found myself a tutor, got killed by the slug monster, had all of my (very meager) possessions stolen, and killed my first adventurer. After that breathtaking first day, I found myself coming back to the text game more and more, up to the point where I was spending hours of my life every single day on the game, and playing it to the exclusion of the other fifty sitting on my desktop, just a double click away. Over the course of the last few months, I've literally spent days in the entertaining, robust, and ever changing game world of Achaea, and I plan to spend many more days there. Thank you, Iron Realms Entertainment, for providing me with my daily fix of a great MUD.

The reason I love Achaea, and in extention, all IRE games, is because they are ever-changing. When I first started out, I was sceptical to the concept of a text game, partially because I wasn't really fluent in english (at least not fluent enough to be playing an entirely text based game).

However, the game really grew on me, and it really helped me improve my grammar and vocabulary, as well as my typing speed. Because the game is really immersive, it's a really rewarding game to put time into, because I really feel attached to my characters, and I, as the player, share the ups and downs my characters experiences.

Now, at one point, I left, and played World of Warcraft a bit. I did some roleplaying there, and because the roleplaying there is mainly driven by emotes, I realized that I really missed roleplay in Achaea from time to time. Eventually, I stopped playing, and came back, and after having some really enjoyable roleplaying experiences, I realized that MUDs are by far the best way to play a roleplaying game, and IRE's games are free to play as well, making them really easy to jump back into.

What keeps me here, is the community, and the endless options available to me as a player. When I quit for a while, I still log in and check messages and recent news, and suddenly, I find myself really interested in current events, and suddenly, I'm playing again.

To sum things up, I've been playing the text game of Achaea for nearly half my life now, and it's been a great journey so far, and I'm really looking forward to see what experiences and challenges my characters will encounter in the future.

This text game will keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether it's completing the many quest available, hunting the vast array of creatures in the world, influencing villages or denizens, sparring against your fellow players, or the in-game politics, you will never be bored playing this game.

I have been playing IRE text-based MUDs since 2002, but started with Lusternia fairly recently. The one thing that attracted me to this particular text game is the fact that repeated 'ganking' and thievery carry stiff punishments, no matter if the victim is circle 1 or circle 101. Having played all four original IRE MUD games, this was the one thing that appealed to me the most.

Another thing that makes the game ofLusternia so great is the amount of player resources there are available for those who need them, from free curing systems to information on how to build your own. The player base itself is yet a third reason I keep returning. In the short time that I have played the Lusternia text game, I have made friends IC and OOC with people from all walks of life; friendships that keep me wanting more of Lusternia.

In-game wise, the skillsets are extremely unique. The ability to change between specializations of a main game skillsets is something that I've never experienced anywhere else. Also, the new skillflex option saves one from losing a insurmountable amount of lessons in forgetting a skill/specialization, yet allows them to choose another to work on, provided they have the lessons in the game to do so.

Another unique feature in the game is the fact that each guild has three guild leaders, preventing any one guild from tyrannical reigns and despotic power mongers. The fact that each guild leader is awarded a specific artifact to assist with their work upon being elected is a big plus as well. Being the current GA of the Paladins, I can admit that guild leadership can tend to anger me OOC, but I wouldn't trade the experience of this game for anything else in the world.

All in all, the Lusternia MUD is as addicting today as it was when I began playing a year or two ago. I now serve in guild leadership, something that I couldn't say for any of the other IRE games. The reason is because none of the others had grabbed me in such a profound way. Thank you IRE staff for bringing this game about... it's the one reason I continue to play text-based MUDs!

Lusternia is a very well crafted text game, I play it quite often and it is the only MUD I consistently return to. It is easy to see that quite some thought has been put into the game, as both mechanics and lore are of top quality and seem to mesh perfectly in any and all ways. Any organization or guild you join really feels like part of your character, because of the awesome way all of the in-game text is written, you always want to know more about every aspect of Lusternia.

I am not a big fan of MUDs in general, but text game of Lusternia is just something else. Perhaps it is the great community, the friendly admins, awesome combat system, beautiful descriptions, brilliant design or all of the above merged together in some perfect balance of niceness. Quite a bit of what makes Lusternia great you have to experience for yourself, so I invite you to try it out, the game is a bit tricky, but because of newbie guides, collegium quests and a friendly playerbase, you will seldom feel lost.

Lusternia is a truly well constructed and all around awesome MUD game experience. The well detailed background story is altogether epic and really sets the mood, the lore blends together with the mechanic side of the game in a way unlike anything I have seen before, meshing perfectly and without cheapening any of the two.

The in-game text descriptions are beautiful and really makes the world come alive, but the text game does not stop there, as a player you are able to contribute to the gameworld and really make a mark upon it, creating custom content that is actually used by the wider community is not only a possibility but an everyday occurance for many players.

The playerbase and atmosphere of the Lusternia MUD game is great, all in all. If you like roleplaying Lusternia is the place for you. There is something for every taste. With many different and exciting races as well as six (so far) unique and very indepth player controlled organizations, all of them very well detailed and beautifully executed, and best of all, completely player-driven.

The admins are very close to the community, very responsive and skilled at handling player problems and game bugs too. Many take the role of "Elder Gods" and head a Divine Order in-game, running roleplaying events and acting as a sort of sponsor for those players joining their Divine Orders. Even the meanest and gruffest God in-game is controlled by a friendly and empathic admin.

Getting into a text game has never been easier, collegium quests, newbie guides and a playerbase of all around nice people who are always willing to help. You might stop and scratch your head for a moment at all the commands and systems, especially if you have never played a text game before, but in Lusternia, getting help is easy and fast more often than not.

There is so much more, and I would really recommend anyone to give it a try. It is definitely the best MUD game I have ever played and the one I always return to.

I've been playing MUDs for over fourteen years, and I've tried many text adventure games during that time. Achaea is the one adventure game that I've found to be worth playing. My wife was the one who suggested we play Achaea together. While our characters ended up not being involved in a relationship, Achaea has been a great bonding experience for the both of us. The richness and depth is unparalleled, the player base is great, and you can't beat a game that is free to play! During these tough economic times, it's been a great asset for us! I look forward to many years of MUDing with my wife on Achaea.

Many moons ago, I stumbled upon Imperian - so long ago now I can't remember how. All of a sudden I was in an adventure game that reminded me of the 'choose your adventure' books I loved so much when I was a kid. Totally green in the MUD game world, I found it really easy to get into. I'm still hooked and I can't quite believe that its free to play. A whole online community of escapists just being something in a world that only exists in three dimensions in the minds of the players. Unreal. Everyone should try it before they knock it. Throw your expensive console in the bin and use your imagination. Where is the harm in that?

Filled with a rich, colourful history and imaginative mythology, Achaea is the oldest free to play MUDs that Iron Realms has created. Full of friends, family, teachers, students, artists, politicians, this text adventure game captures both the mind and heart of whomever enters it's depths. Oh, and the roleplaying aspect is rather good as well!

I think my favorite parts of all Iron Realms text games are the fact that you really get to choose your own adventure. Having played two of the game titles, I have noticed immense amounts of diversity and unique immersable storylines and roleplay to dive right into. You can choose to be a scholar and educator, a craftsman or woman, or even a ruthless bloodthirsty killer or assassin. It is up to you where the next game day takes you. All you need is an avid imagination and a love for adventure.

I honestly have a sick addiction to the games made by Iron Realms, I would prefer to play them over any graphical game because the experience is more than running around and shooting things or pointless hunting of boars. They have an active group of gods and volunteers who make every game day a different adventure with constantly changing environments and conflicts.

I highly would recommend these text games anyone to give it a try and honestly say they dont love it.

The world's best graphics engine is your own imagination. And it doesn't require expensive computer upgrades to keep up with technology. This is why, despite owning a high-end machine, I love to play MUDs.

The experience can be compared to reading a good book, only each chapter is written as you go and influenced by your actions. This especially is reflected in that guilds and cities are governed by players in my chosen game, Lusternia.

From the moment I created my game character I've been very well received and was impressed by the kindness and willingness to help of the other players. Have no illusions though, once you dive deeper into the game you will meet real enemies amongst them. Griefing however is out of the question with the protection of the Avenger system.

Immersion comes easily in this fascinating game world, offering a great roleplaying experience. And with events taking place regularly the story keeps on advancing. Players have an impact on these, their actions often affecting the outcome in the game.

Interesting to watch is the struggle between the Gods of Lusternia, who's divine orders are open to join. Be rewarded for your faithfulness, or invoke the wrath of an opposed deity by defiling their shrines.

As you can tell, the choice is very much yours and the freedom is there to be who you want to be, with reaction to your actions.

And best of all? It's totally free with no obligations. And for those with less time on their hands spending a little cash on credits will get you where you want to be. Various contests and events in the game, both player and officially hosted, also form an option to advancing yourself.

I was once an ignoramus.

I know this may not seem obvious upon gazing at my chiseled good looks, dashing personality, and prodigious skill in everything I attempt, both in real life and in the game, but I was indeed a fat, pasty nerd who cared about inanities like "graphics" and "sound".

However, this all changed the day I started playing a MUD called Lusternia.

There, my mind was literally blown away, as if I had chewed that gum that changed flavor partway through AND used copious amounts of Old Spice Body Wash (tm) at the same time! The depth of this text adventure game still astounds me to this day, 4 years from the day I started. Its lack of graphics and sound was not a hindrance, in fact, I believe it may have even made the game even better. How so? Because the limits of the game is directly proportional to the limits of your imagination. This in particular is what made me fall in love with the game. Also, the fact that if you think of it this way, it's like the the Matrix (the movie), but in the Lusternia text game, EVERYONE can be Neo! Win-win!

Here is a humble list of the actual benefits anyone can gain by playing the Lusternia MUD game, using myself as an example:

1. The coordination required to compete in Lusternia's PvP improved my actual reflexes to near unbelievable speed. Nowadays, you could not even say I had cat-like reflexes, if anything, I have bobcatcougarlioncheetah-like reflexes now.

2. The roleplay and politics involved in being a leader within the Lusternia MUD game improved my own real life skills at "negotiation" and "mediation" to the point that I am supremely confident that I can instantly win the game "Survivor" through near-constant drama and backstabbing. On Day 1.

3. Lusternia's expansive emotion and say system improved my prowess as a text lover while ALSO expanding my available vocabulary and speling skillz.

4. Most of the characters that I have met in the MUD game are all always beautiful, brilliant, and interesting. The players behind them are even more so. In fact, to this day, I have only gotten THREE restraining orders placed upon myself through interaction with them. How wonderfully patient and understanding!

5. The sheer number of interesting skills, abilities, items, and areas within the game is really quite astounding. Only in this text game can I juggle 700 vials, smoke 3 pipes in my mouth (usually at the same time with an added benefit of not getting RL cancer), carry a mountain of corpses, constantly chew herbs, imbibe random liquids, wear clothing that is a cross between the kind you find at a death metal concert and a japanese RPG, AND punch a fierce green weevil to death!

And last, but certainly not least, the Lusternia text game has given this facetious lout a home away from home. It was there to congratulate me during times of success, and it was there to comfort me during times of failure. This text adventure game has given me precious memories, and I don't intend to stop making more for the years to come.

Well, maybe if rabid carpal tunnel syndrome claims both my hands and feet. But even then, I'm sure I could roll my face across the keyboard towards victory anyway.

Iron Realms Entertainment have created a number of free to play text games, each with its own unique world. The sheer scale and detail of these game worlds is breathtaking, and no other text based MUDs can even dream of coming close to what IRE has produced. The abundance of roleplay allows you to immerse yourself completely into an ever-changing, fluid game world where you will find opportunities to engage in politics, combat, designing unique items... the list goes on and on. There really is something enjoyable for everyone and it simply never gets boring. As someone who has been playing these text games for five years, I can testify to just how true this statement is.

They kept me coming back for more, and I expect I'll still be playing in another five years too!

I remember my first time playing the Lusternia text game like it was yesterday. I had been introduced to IRE MUD games by a friend from another free game, and instantly fell in love with the freedom, the ability to grow my character from the ground up, and the ability to be anyone I wanted to be, with a little hard work and imagination. I had been playing RPG-style games all of my life, including Dungeons and Dragons, but this was new, with hundreds of people to deal with in my journey through the lands. I started with Achaea, and after a while, I tried out the other IRE games, Imperian first and then Aetolia. Each text game was fantastic and full of opportunity, but none of them really clicked with me on a personal level. After a while, I tried out Lusternia and was instantly hooked! Though I had played other text games before, there was a depth to Lusternia which I found nowhere else.

The characters and histories in the text game of Lusternia are rich beyond belief, with improvements and additions all the time! Each game race is fully fleshed out with a background including racial specializations based on skills and abilities like being able to breathe underwater, spew out poisonous gas clouds, fly, and even roll under walls. The guilds are all different in the MUD game, not merely carbon copies with slight tweaking. The cities and forestal communes are well built with plenty to see and do. Each player brings their own game style and substance to the Basin of Life, where Lusternia is set. The ability to be elected by my peers to lead within the game, or to elect someone else based on their ability to lead, really shows the flexability of Lusternia to mold your own destiny.

From designing clothing and furniture to forging your own weapons and armour in the MUD, there is never a lack of things to do and try in the text game. There is nothing as wonderful as designing and submitting a creation, and seeing it worn by another individual in the game. Except perhaps designing a piece of furniture that others use on a daily basis, or even seeing someone slice the head from another fighter with a sword I designed.

I've been a high priest of an elder god. I've been the trade master of a city artisan cartel. I've been the leader of my guild. I've seen everything from a Soulless God attacking the game world, seeking to devour it whole, to the return of an elder god from the Void, and officiated over the marriage of my character's son. You'll never find a text game that is as open and exciting as the Lusternia MUD, no matter how hard you look.

I found Lusternia in one of my endless treks across the internet to find free online games. The Iron Realms website came up in general, at which point, I had a choice. Which game to choose? I...tried Aetolia first, I believe, and was....very confused. So, I choose Lusternia. Not only were the guides very helpful, but my guild at the time, the Moondancers, were nice and kind. Gradually, I came to roam the basin of life free, and do what I did best, designing new books for the game. I have tried other Iron Realm text games, and while they are interesting (and fishing is most excellent in Achaea), the designs in Lusternia are some of the most interesting and unique.

It's one of the best games I've played, let alone a text game, and I do buy new games, this computer has games like Left 4 Dead (1 + 2), Starcraft 2, Transformers, etc...but I always come back to Lusternia, eventually. It's just too shiny!

This is why I like Lusternia, and continue to play.

Also. Lord Lyreth is awesome.

You can be a Ninja(kari). You can become a demigod in the game through your own might or achieve full blown Ascendance. You can crew on board an Aethership and blow someone else to dust (Not just a pirate, but an AetherSpace pirate!). The text game Lusternia even has Soulless Gods of cosmic horror like Ketheru that occasionally threaten creation.

I may not be a kid anymore, but no matter how old a boy gets... the game has have Ninjakari and freaking Aetherships. EPIC! Forget this testimonial. I'm logging in to play some more.

I've played a lot of free games and MUDs, but none of them come close to the enjoyment I get from Achaea. As a formerly avid player of World of Warcraft, and a 6 year player of Achaea, I've found myself canceling my WoW account and coming back to Achaea full time. I've found that as far as MUDs go, Achaea is the best game out there. Not only is it nice that it's free to play unless I choose to purchase credits, but the credits are very multi-dimensional, allowing me to decide how I want to use them, be it for profit or personal gain. The complexity of the game adds a whole new dimension as well, allowing for you to have a different activity every time you log in. There's so many ways to fight, factions to join, and cities you can be a citizen of, covering every niche known to man. Hands down, the text text adventure game I've every played in 15 years. Keep up the wonderful work!

In short, the text game Lusternia is a breath of fresh air. It simply can't be described all in one paragraph. The lore is rich, the environments vibrant (or sombre, depending on what side of the ethical spectrum you're on!), the politics intriguing, and the societies enhanced by all the unique minds that go into forming and maintaining them. Guild ideologies and national pride are both extremely passionate. The means to express your creativity in the text game are endless -- from designing custom weapons, clothes, furniture, jewellery and more (which anyone can participate in with the extensive cartel/trademaster system), to writing literary and scholarly works for Great Libraries, to creating and designing personal aethermanses in the aetherways (home away from home!), to playwriting for your nation's Great Stage, to freely describing your own character in detail, there is no shortage of media in the MUD game to channel your imagination. And for those who enjoy MUD PVP, you'll certainly be impressed by the combat system. It's sophisticated, but explained well enough that anyone can learn it. And it's always being improved, with player feedback widely taken into account. On top of this, the roleplay of this text adventure game is truly intense. Family feuds, religious rituals, grand ceremonies, elegant weddings, full-scale nation wars, and private gatherings... all of these are included among the many fantastical instances available in which you can test your roleplaying skills, develop your character, and simply lose yourself in this amazing world. For a free to play text game, the pleasures of Lusternia, Age of Ascension are outstandingly intricate and are bound to whet your interest for many years to come.

MUDs have always provided an ability to imagine a game in your own way, and IRE happens to have the best Free to Play MUDs out there.

I have been playing their games for over 7 years and have found myself enjoying them every time I return after trying some of the newer games. No other game has been able to provide the depth and excitement that I've had playing their games.

I'd heard about MUDs when I was 15 years old, but thought they were just a fancy text game that could be played online. After trying a couple of small-time MUDs, I stopped looking for awhile; while they seemed fun, these MUDs were too drab and lifeless to enjoy for very long.

But the game platform was more addictive than I expected. I had seen a glimmer of potential in those lines of text, something missing in other online games. I hunted frantically, trying other free MUDs, until I found Achaea.

Right from the start, I fell in love with the world they presented. I was part of an expansive game universe, one where I didn't just select my appearance and follow a chain of quests to get the next piece of equipment. There, I realized that the people playing the game, not the graphics, were the foundation of the world. Housemates weren't just scripted encounters, but rather real people, trying to make differences in the game world around them. Cities weren't fancy sculpted buildings, but communities of like-minded people prepared to defend their beliefs.

Here, actions had consequences more solid than being kicked or banned from a game. Act the fool, and you were likely to be ostracized, left to wander alone until their memories of you fade. But they also had rewards: deep friendships, bonds of trust that would see you and those you want through the toughest times.

Every other adventure game flaunted by the mainstream market focuses on graphics, but forgoes change. In Achaea, however, the world is never static. I discovered that the game world was constantly in flux. From politics and city-state relationships to personal vendettas; from Divine conquest to family feuds; stories are constantly spun around and by you, the game world being shaped by the actions of all.

I also discovered the incredible depth text games have that graphical adventures can't seem to lay their fingers on. Whenever I found myself in combat, prepared to strike a kill from the shadows, or lay to rest another attacker of my City, adrenaline would flow through me as well. It was as if each blow had been landed on someone real, as if I held the blade. The speed, too, is incredible, forcing even the most elite of fighters to keep on constant guard, lest they be taken by lack of judgment.

In all, my time with Achaea has been incredible. Countless stories have already been woven in my time, and I look forward to countless more in the future.

May the Great Mother Maya preserve your soul.

In all my years with MUD and text based games, none have come close to the experience provided by Iron Realms MUDs. I've tried many of the other free to play MUDs provided by IRE, each have their own hidden gems, but Lusternia has had my heart since the first day I've laid my eyes on it.

Lusternia has a broad field of choices, allows the user to choose from 26 guilds, from 5 classes in 5 cities, each with their own unique skills and backgrounds.

Roleplaying is endless. Players can choose to be the villainous outcast to the noble hero, or even bond with a family or house. With each player having their own background and history, from 20 different game races, worshiping a mass of gods, it's impossible to find two people in the text game with the same role. With hundreds of users playing the game at once, you'll never find yourself out of things to do.

The combat experience IS the most in-depth system I've every dealt with in any MUD game. From PvE to PvP, this game has it all. Afflictions are not cured from just drinking healing potions. One must apply, eat, drink or cast spells to cure themselves. You won't find anyone typing "Kill Bob" in this text game, as each class has so many unique attacks and effects to apply, making group and single combat very exciting. Many users participate in territory raids, arena combat or god held events.

For those who are less combat savvy, Lusternia even has an influencing system, allowing players to take part in debates against other players or even influence game mobs. Another feature coming from this game system is village influencing. Those who hold some form of influence within their city may spread it to mobs in game villages when the people begin to revolt, allowing their city to gain control over said territory.

In all, Lusternia is quite a unique MUD, and free to play so there is no reason not to try it. It's the most fun I've experienced in a long time, I would recommend it to everyone.

I love playing IRE's MUDs because they allow the opportunity to escape reality and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy that you otherwise couldn't experience. Each game world is unique from the next with the ability to become whomever you want. You're given the task of creating a character to fit your imagination with unlimited possibilities. With your typical video game on a console you're restricted to the ideas of the developer. In IRE's games you are able to envision the world as you see fit with your imagination. While it doesn't seem obvious, through playing the games regularly, a person can boost their knowledge as well as reading skills. The games are like reading exquisite novels that have no ending. If one path doesn't suit you there's always the option of changing it up. Most of all, the reason why I love playing IRE's MUDs is because it allows you a vast game world to explore without limitations and a linear path to follow.

As a fourth-year college student working full time, it's pretty difficult to find the time to relax. About three years ago, however, I found a swirling portal in my bedroom, jumped through, and landed in a world more spectacular than I could have ever imagined.

The world was Lusternia. My first stroll through the Basin of Life was met with active, friendly players - all of whom were willing to stop and help the newbie. Because of the extremely helpful player base, and the 24/7 newbie support, there was never a question that went unanswered. As someone who had never even heard of a MUD game before, these were invaluable resources.

It wasn't long at all before I was traversing the lands, slinging spells, and tearing creatures into pieces. For the days I didn't feel like fighting, there was influencing, a more passive way of dealing with NPCs by using words instead of swords. My character not only progressed through the levels, however! Helping whenever I could, I gained recognition among my fellow players via advancing through the ranks of my city and guild, organizations which were not only immersive, but entirely player-run!

With new events, cities, guilds, and Gods popping up all the time, it's always been easy to find ways to help the game progress. There's always something new going on, and most of it is driven by the players. There's no other place where one person can feel like the driving force of an entire world!

It's been three years since I left my bedroom; if I had it my way, I'd never go back. After walking through the door feeling beaten by the world, it only takes two minutes to leave it all behind, pick up my staff, and start hurling lightning. The best part? It's all free. The only requirement is imagination.

Where do I begin!?

I've been playing this MUD for about 5 months and all I can say is that I am in love with. The first thing that captured my eyes was the role playing, the people and how nice they were, and the amazing skills. The release of the new game cities (Gaudiguch and Hallifax) brought in new players and awoken older players, which shows the game administrators are hard at work and doing their best to make the MUD experience we have within Lusternia fun. Lusternia has an amazing combat system which adds flavour to questing and all the amazing things that we can do in the text game. The administrators are quick to balance things, making the game enjoyable and fair for everybody in the Lusternia community

I am glad that a friend showed me this MUD, I don't regret clicking the CREATE CHARATER section, it was a great swictch from Aetolia to Lusternia.

Thank you Estarra and admins for the great game stuff you bring to us, the Lusternian Community

Keep it Up!

If you are looking for a free game to play that includes adventure, intrigue and political manipulation Lusternia tops the charts! The creators of Lusternia have woven an incredibly intricate web that introduces various unique planes, races, guilds and skills as well as the opportunity to truly make your game character your own rather than a carbon copy of the next one. This ensures that there is never a dull moment in this adventure game. The real-time combat system included also makes for heart racing adrenaline rushes like no other when in conflict!

Having been gaming for over a decade now in various MUDs, MMORPGs and other games I find that I keep coming back to the Iron Realms text games. They simply provide the best quality out there and as such, the best player base. I have spent time in games that require a monthly fee which is supposedly going to offer more to the player and yet for something that doesn't cost a penny the quality of Lusternia is unmatched. Iron Realms has truly captured the heart of entertainment by putting the player base first, rather than their pocket books. I would recommend Lusternia to anyone from the most green gamer to the most seasoned.

I've played several MUDs and MMO games like World of Warcraft, and this is where you should be playing. You should be playing this game, it's worth your time and money, no doubt. Simply put, the level of care put into the game by the design team shames everything else out there. The mechanics of combat are easy to pick up, but the intricate levels they reach is great. The appeal goes beyond the gameplay. I've met many good friends on Iron Realms MUDs. These are LIVING worlds, and you WILL lose yourself playing in them.

About five years ago I was surfing the web and came across Achaea. From day one I was hooked with the style of game play and role-playing. Secondly, I fell in love with the people playing the game. The community that surrounds Achaea is a powerful thing. It can pull you in and bring emotion, true emotion, out in people. But alas, I had school and acting, so gaming took a back seat for 3 years. In that time my old character was gone and I had all but forgotten the joy of, what I call the "book" of video games, the MUD. But then I came across an ad for the text game Achaea and fell back into the MUD.

Finally after graduating and getting a job, I had more time to play, fueling my love for the game. Now with my permanent character, I will never again be heartbroken by the loss of time and energy, all the late nights and really early mornings. I have been in love with this game for years and will forever be a servant to the powerful stories the people in game create and the wonderful events and tales the Divine of Achaea throw our way.

I love Aetolia a great deal. I started 4 years ago and I am not sure I will ever stop. It is not the kind of game that drops you in a Skinner Box and forces you to mindlessly grind your way to some obscene glory, but a adventure game of a complexity unrivaled by any game besides its siblings from Iron Realms.

Between frequent updates, recent overhauls to entire classes and skillsets, and the reintroduction of the war system, Aetolia has grown a great deal from its state when I began playing. Admins, builders, volunteer Divine, and coders have built the text game from its infancy to something truly unique and enjoyable.

I have enjoyed 4 years of excellence from Aetolia, and I intend to enjoy many years more.

Text games are boring and linear, and have little going for them beyond the community of friends you play it with - this traditional complaint is invalid for Lusternia.

Lusternia is an experience that is different from most text games of our era, and rivals even the most popular graphical games for immersion and depth.

The free to play and pay for perks business model that Iron Realms uses for the game allows the development team to churn out improvements and updates that other free games would not be able to afford, while allowing players to have a gaming experience unshackled from hefty mandatory costs. You only pay for what you want, if you want it faster - or you can invest the time and effort to earn it from worthwhile in-game experiences.

Despite this, what can a MUD offer that graphical games cannot already do? Lusternia is a world crafted with as much depth as any of the most popular games, like the World of Warcraft, or Dragon Age: Origins. The game mythos is rich and engaging, the environment is described in elaborate detail, and strategic colours give instinctive, creative visual meaning to what would otherwise be plain words. NPCs are coded with reactions that are almost human, and the various customizable organisations within the game serves many different types of gamers with different niches for ambience, atmosphere and interaction.

You can play a righteous matyr struggling to protect innocents from corruption, or an insidious necromancer bent on fulfilling personal ambitions. And you can play such roles with full support from game mechanics - it is no mere imaginative MUSH. The abilities you have access to are defined by the role you choose to play. Whether it be PVE or PVP, the mechanics mesh well together, providing streamlined, exciting combat that is every bit as visually pleasing and gratifying as pulling off a combo-style move in action games.

Lusternia provides text-gamers with an experience that graphical-gamers enjoy, while boasting of a tight-knit and friendly community that is traditional to text games. The best of both worlds, all for free.

Iron Realms Entertainment (specifically Lusternia) provides the most expansive, in-depth gaming experience I've ever had. From cities to forests, across great seas or bleak deserts, the attention to detail and quality of creation are unparalleled. Player-run governments, an exhilarating, fast paced combat system, crafting and design, plays or performance -- the game opportunities are limitless and there is a niche to fulfill anyone's interests. MUDs, like the free to play text adventure games Iron Realms produce, offer vast richness and freedom for customization that other games can't begin to surpass. You'll be able to give life to your creativity, crafting an epic hero or malevolent warlord out of your imagination, take on the dialect of a rich noble or jovial comedian, wear and wield weapons of your own design, and serve an Elder God of your choice, all in an immersive, challenging and fulfilling game environment. Join today and participate in a fantasy you'll wish truly existed!

IRE has always had fun MUDs, awesome admins that plan interesting events, and friendly players. From the starting newbie to a high level player, there is always something to do, with new game events happening just when you are getting bored of things. Player run events always bring a level of excitement to the game. IRE's text games give you choices and the outcome is what will make you enjoy playing your character and keep wanting more.

I first tried to play Achaea - a Text Adventure Game, way back in 1999. My first internet friend (whom lives in Canada, I in California) got me started, but I would get so confused I couldn't keep playing out of frustration, especially being so new to MUDs. I met a guy at work years later and he was HUGELY into Achaea. He sat next to me and explained how to do things. I started Trilliana, my Paladin, and quickly learned about the game world. I was in and out of depression and Achaea became a mini-vacation from my sad life. It, along with my writing, helped me get my emotions under control. I even met my husband via Achaea! He was more into Imperian, and I tried it a few times, but I'm horrible with combat, so I didn't last long. Same for Midkemia, even though I absolutely love how the game combat system on it works and the world. If it weren't for the fact that I have a 4 month old and a 2 1/2 year old, I would be in realms more, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for the people in Achaea that gave me something to do, something to focus on, to help me through my emotions, even sometimes, someone to argue with to get out my life's frustrations in an IC way.

I absolutely love this game and the rest of the games, especially since they are Free to Play and I can go in and say hi whenever I want, when I have internet anyway. Thank you IRE!

Imperian is the first and only MUD I have ever played. I didn't think I would like a text game, but I love it! After a long day, I can come to Imperian to go away to a different world. I have responsibilities and duties here, but these are things I enjoy. Imperian has joys, conflicts, love, hate, war, peace, everything you could want. I could become an avid hunter or just a hermit who fishes all day. I can be anything I want. I don't plan to play any other text games, but if I did, I'd definitely stick with Iron Realms games. Thanks for making such an entertaining world!

Like a plate of your favorite treat, all of Iron Realms text games are addictive and indulgent. Immerse yourself in various different game worlds, each offering rich gameplay in everything from combat to roleplaying. Grow your character from a measly little peon to king of the arena or leader of a guild, city, or order. Beef them up with artifacts, transcend skills, master trades, or even buy a house or run a shop, the possibilities are endless!

Best of all, the games are ever evolving, ever improving. There will never be a dull moment and you have many opportunities to become involved in a greater capacity. Apply to be a guide, mortal builder, docent, or even leave behind the mortal realm and become a god in training!

No matter what your personal style is, IRE has a text game for you and that is why they're the only MUDs for me!

Imperian, or any other IRE game for that matter, is just THE place to find your own niche. As you play, you learn more about yourself and what you want from life, as you figure out what your double personality (your character) wants from the game. Building something from scratch: that's what it means to be human. In any of the MUDs made by IRE, the game world was laid out at first by the gods, but it's the players themselves that hook you into adventure. There's always a place for everyone in Imperian, but it's up to you do discover it.

I am a relatively new player to Achaea, although I have played MUDs before. I am perpetually astonished at the depth and complexity of this particular text game.

For the first time in my life I feel as though I have slipped through a crack in my reality and into a new one, granted the precious ability to be and do whatever I want. It transcends a simple text game and becomes so much more. After a few hours of playing I completely forgot I was looking at words on a screen and became captivated by a world of intense beauty, ferocious war, and delicate social affairs.

I have found myself totally immersed, realizing there is so much more to learn in the game excites me rather than frightens me. And as for the endless realm of interaction and possibilities... let's just say, the Divine willing, no two days in Sapience are ever the same.