Text-Based MMOs: Roleplaying a Rajamala in Achaea

text game rajamala

By Seth R. Cooke

In every text game, a choice is presented to you. This choice will determine many things, from your physical appearance to how you are perceived by others and countless things in between - your race. As such, this guide is aimed at instructing text game MMO players in how to play the master race; Rajamala. Playing a Rajamala is a difficult job, as you are tasked with being the snuggliest, most adorable fluffball of all time. This is a title you must constantly defend with both actions and words. Not pouncing someone to greet them could have a disastrous effect on your carefully crafted and earned reputation.

The first thing that you must remember when you are a text MMO Rajamala is your tail. Raja tails are wonderfully expressive, from batting playfully at people's noses to chasing it, your tail is your best friend throughout life. You should make sure to describe it properly - underscoring your tail reminds everyone constantly that you are a Rajamala! Additionally, tails require careful maintenance and care. You must play with your tail and take it on walks occasionally, or it will get restless. You should also avoid trailing it in the dirt, and when anyone walks by remind them repeatedly to not step on your tail. Remember, your tail is more important to your role play in a text-based MMO than anything else.

The second perk of being a Rajamala in a text MMO is your fur. Remember, despite being 'tiger-like', you should try to be as creative as possible. Shiny, glistening, completely impractical fur is always a solid choice (it shows your nobility). I suggest pink or white, though any color may be used. It should be soft, perfect, smooth, shiny, glistening, perfect, and lustrous, never out of place ever (no matter how many things you just killed or how many times you pounced someone to the ground). As a Rajamala, you're only as good as your fur!

Finally, your most useful action is being adorable. Forget warrior-like, forget tough, you're an adorable fuzzball and should act as such! At all times. No matter what. 

To stay in character, you must lick or pounce to greet, and then (in true housecat fashion), rub yourself against anything or anyone that stands still. By doing this, you make sure you're the center of attention as you deserve to be. Other useful tactics for this (that totally won't get annoying, ever) include meowing, cuddling, grooming others, grooming yourself repeatedly, and wagging your tail whenever Rajamalanly possible.

As a Rajamala, it is you job to provide the cute and cuddly quota for the game at all times. This duty should be vigorously and unflinchingly upheld - snuggle, lick and romp anyone you don't know in an attempt to spread that Raja cheer. And finally, remember; If anyone reminds you that Rajamalas are supposed to be fierce hunters, explain that stereotypes are bad. Purring at them also helps, as purring has been scientifically shown to soothe anyone. For the more advanced Rajamalas, I suggest grooming them as well, to show that you're quite harmless and, as always, adorable.

If you promise not to take this article 100% seriously, check out these text-based MMOs for yourself and perhaps give the Rajamala race a try!

 Seth R. Cooke is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from http://www.IronRealms.com.

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I'll provide a serious comment when I'm done giggling.

This is seriously everything I hate about Aetolia.

This article might just have caused me to reevaluate how I've been roleplaying. I've been doing it wrong all these years. :(

On a more serious note, anyone that actually does that should be shunned.

I almost took this article seriously, almost. Like tekla I started to giggle, and will probably post something better when I get over it.

Don't forget chasing  ball of yarn or a butterfly!

Good article. Hopefully it inspires people to write articles about the other races.


It is also a good article because it makes light of some of the things that we see from the people that play Raj that way. It is out there I have seen it and I am sure most of the rest of you have as well.

Its funny all the hate 'cuters' are recieving here.

I've tried to make Zenny a rough and tough kind of beast, but I always found it more fun playing the softer side of fuzz. That's not to say Zenny's never had any serious moments, where all the 'fun' stuff would off-put or completely ruin what happens to be going on or what conversation is being held at the time.

I think there's a balance there that has to be achieved in order to keep such a character tolerable. And I hope I've achieved it for Zenny. If not, well, haters gonna hate.

My char is a Rajamala, though when I was Xoran for a bit, I changed my description to have tiger-stripes on my lizard scales.

I tried this once with Lilah in Sar-Sargoth.

I got funny looks.

It's probably better if you don't write any posts similar to this at all. Ever.




In fact, just stop writing posts. Period.

Dont forget... Milk, a pillow next to a fire, and a clean litterbox.


Just no.

Vrah is a big cuddly at heart, you know it to be true!

I'm sure a cute little pink ribbon collar with little jingly bells wouldn't hurt, either!

Is really the looks all that matter when you are a Rajamala? What happened with the edginess part? Cat reflexes?

Right now, I really wish Achaea would have statpacks as well as races. Too many people pick Rajamala for +2 balance, without considering the race's characteristics when/if roleplaying, and the 'roleplayers' tend to exaggerate their feline attributes to the point of being silly/goofy/snuggly instead of a fierce warrior-race with unmatched speed and grace.

Don't get me wrong. Racial stereotypes can be interesting in themselves as a part of a character's roleplay, but not as the whole package. Don't be a stupid troll that only talk about yourself in third person, unless you can add something else that creates depth and an interesting personality as well.

Wishes do come true


Aren't Rajamala supposed to be an oppressed race? I remember 8 or 9 years ago the road to Ashtan was lined with Rajamala on crucifixes.

Why not be a pretty kitty? I usually do this unique race. Should wear a sign that says: I may look nice and fluffy, but I'll behead you just the same :)

Taleila's attitude says "I may look nice and fluffy, but I'll rough you up if you don't keep your hands to yourself".. except when it comes to people she actually knows... then she gets all affectionate.. But she doesn't need a sign.. 

Affectionate... where?


*Chuckle chuckle*

Seriously though, is there ever a real and honest justification for "snuggle" RP? Aside from the lolpkers needing a somewhat decent excuse their lolpk.

I do really like well writen satire, this is awesome!

cute article :p

A lot of people seem to hate the furries. I probably wouldn't be raja if it weren't for the uber speed though. But it's actually kind of fun walking around as a ball of fluff.

My favourite race if it wasn't for the lack of tank.

I've never encountered someone who RP'ed like this, but if I did I'd be quite happy to have a new rug.


Now if I only had a house to put it in....


Probably a big reason why I never stuck with Achaea or Aetolia. That stuff was pretty annoying, even for a newbie who had little idea of what was going on.


Aslaran's in Lusternia are way better and less snuggly!

When I'm all alone, I tend to cough up hairballs.

This is vey informative. I now wish I was a Raja with a tail to take care of and go on walks with!

I bet I was like this when I played almost 8 years ago!

I've roleplayed a raja before, had a cool ritual to bring out the beast in me when I was sentinel. I changed class shortly after that..didn't last long

This article outlines why I quit Achaea. There are so many fewer snugglies that I've noticed

in Aetolia, at least in recent years. Really, a Raja is just a person like any other race. RP around the differentiating characteristics, but don't lose sight of the fact that it is a sentient, intelligent humanoid, NOT a housepet.

Can't you have cuteness and blood-thirsty visciousness all together? I mean, my cat is the snuggliest, cutest animal in the world (he chirps instead of meowing). He also left a full-grown squirrel lying on my doorstep the other day with its head completely devoured. I'm just saying.

I agree.

I think anyone who RPs like this is going to lose some serious reputation points.


THis is truely RP

What about horkvals? :(


rajamalas should cough up furballs.

lots of thought seems to need to be considered when playing a rajamala...the tail and what not...and overcoming the whole cuteness thing? They have it pretty tough! heheh, great article, it was a fun read.


but I have not played achea in a long while

hehe, now I kinda wanna play a raja

A noted scholar once sang.

"Little ball of furrrrr

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, Purr , Purr , Purr."


This was a very entertaining read!

This is exactly how I play Yure. Bestest most cuddliest Raja ever!

While I don't play a Raja on this alt I have a couple that are.  one is bouncy and cuddly the other is reserved and truly "cat-like"

If I read this article -before- I started to play and before I discovered the awesomenes of Achaea, I would never even bother to read anything else and would definitely be turned off IRE games forever. 

...and then please go away. All together.


Let's not go here... *runs and hides*

heheh. My sisters cat hates me.

I love my raja-ness!

yes you do!

I once played a magical housecat that turned into a human and did magical things (no srsly). He was kind of sarcastic, aloof, and pragmatic, and his primary means of killing people was to hold them still via magic, and blow their brains out via handgun. :<