Text-Based MMOs: The Four Best Places to Text Game on the Go

Text Gaming To Go

By Tony Celentano

I had Linux installed on a PS3 way before Sony and Anonymous went to war. I remember the first thing I did was plug a keyboard into my PS3 and immediately hop onto my favorite text game. It was an exciting feeling, actually, like that naughty feeling you get when you're doing something you shouldn't. Playing an online text game on a console, on my TV? I remember my friend walking into the room and saying something like, "What the hell is this? Did Sony stop using graphics?". Sadly, he didn't appreciate the fact that I could remap keyboard buttons to my gamepad and play Achaea with the PS3 controller, so we picked out another game and blasted a few zombies instead.

Fast forward to present day, and my cellphone runs a telnet applet for connecting to online text games. So naturally, I have to present to you a list of the unique places I've text-gamed - and with some of the more revolutionary text game companies coming up with ways to access their text games from your phones, now you can too!

1: Church 
I got dragged to Church and Bible Youth Group as a kid and for most of my teenage years. Bible Youth Group is exactly what it sounds like; they lock a bunch of kids in a room and make them read entire chapters of the Good Book. Needless to say, this isn't a good way to engage a kid in anything.

I somehow always "forgot" to bring my bible, so I ended up twiddling my thumbs most of the time. Looking back, if I had a smart phone in 1999, I could've gotten two hours of solid text game grinding done every Sunday morning. I don't know who is to blame for me not being level 99 yet, Jesus or Steve Jobs.

2: The Airport 
This one is a no-brainer. If I'm waiting for a flight, I'll whip out my phone, log onto a text game and get caught up on game news, messages, maybe do some chatting on one of my clans. It's the perfect solution to those potentially hours-long airport waits.

The only thing I'd recommend against is actually playing a text game on the airplane. For one, they make you shut off your cellphone during takeoff and landing, and you don't have internet access while flying. Secondly, if you're like me and you do a lot of fighting/raiding, it's really not a good idea to suddenly shout "STUPID HOLOCAUST BOMBS!" on a flight. Those are just two words that really shouldn't be shouted in public, anywhere. Even if you lose massive texts.

3: Fancy Restrooms
It has to be afancyrestroom, like at an upscale restaurant with the shoe-shining machines. Nobody will bother you, there's usually some nice elevator music playing, the seats might even have some kind of cushioning.

Avoid public restrooms. One time, while visiting someone in the hospital, I had to go to the bathroom. I ended up logging into a text game on my phone and lost track of time, and I jerked back to reality when I heard a knock on the stall door. I logged off and opened the door to see a security guard standing there. When he saw my visitor wristband, he apologized and explained that he thought I was a homeless dude. Yeah, true story.

4: When Your Date is in the Bathroom 
Let's face it, she's in there talking to all of her friends anyway. She's got a cellphone too, y'know. If you think your date is going horribly awry, pull out your phone and hop on a text game. Charming, intelligent guys like me who have plenty of successful experiences with women would be happy to give you some help on a text game OOC clan and help get you back on track.

If you wish you could spend more of your down time logged onto a text alter ego, check out some text MMOs playable on your phone!

Tony Celentano is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from http://www.IronRealms.com.

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I guess I'll be speaking for alot of people here, when I say that it is a guilty pleasure to log on in during class. Particularly long winded boring lectures in large lecture halls (granted you are not sitting in front). I simply prop a book or my notes open (oldest trick out there) to conceal my phone, and I'd be up to speed with the latest in the Basin. Finally, I find myself more cheerful in class than I usually am!

Cheerful, yes, but only until you get your test scores back ;).

When I first started in Achaea, it was at work of all places. Of course, I daresay EVERYONE plays at work at one time or another..but it's when you notice that it's the first thing you do in the morning (before opening Outlook to see the schedule for the day) that guidelines have to be drawn.. So I had to force myself to not play until I got into the lab and had started the two-hour test in which I didn't have anything to do except wait.

Everyone seems to play with iStuff...but nobody's explicitly developed a MUD client for Blackberry, at least not as far as I know.  My next project is to see if I can download that one free Telnet/SSL client for Blackberry and make it work. Now we know what the next step up is from texting-while-driving. 

MUDding while driving... Terrifying.

I hope to see a bill one day forbidding MUDding and driving.

"Officer, I wasn't texting, I was playing FreezeTag in the arena."


oh yeah 

I still play quite a bit in class and between classes, its just too tempting with my laptop there with me day in and day out. It definitely makes time fly by a lot faster, and I get to hear my lectures at the same time.

I've thought about it.....but I don't want to start that. It would be too hard to stop.

Alright, my story isn't really about where I was gaming on the go, but how I was gaming on the go.  I had rented a netbook from the campus library and began turning a lot of heads by using it while riding my longboard, turning quite a few heads in the process.  From what I overheard, it would seem like most people thought I was working on some very important project, but truth be told, I was bashing with my mentor.

I had bought a netbook last year before I had my second kid. I brought it to the hospital in hopes that 1- I'd get to log onto FB to post pictures, and 2- to log onto Achaea to give everyone an update. I was sad when I saw there was no wifi in the area, so I ended up using my cell phone to take pictures and load them up on facebook... and texting a couple of Achaeans to let them know what was going on.


Now I take my netbook almost everywhere... especially my sister's since she and I can surf the web together and I try to get her into Achaea.

I've been guilty of logging in to play Aetolia on holidays and family gatherings. If I can find a wifi connection then it is more than a good bet that I'm going to at some point have to log-in to play. But then who doesn't do this. Right?

You can only eat so much and talk so much before your mind starts drifting off to that lovely house you've been working really hard to get. Or maybe that artifact? Then duty calls and your back in, slaving away happily as sluggish turkey-stuffed relatives sit around you half asleep.

I was once caught up in an event, and it was a friend's birthday - in lieu of picking between the two (we weren't THAT close), I convinced everyone we should go to Blake's On The Park for his birthday lunch, and I enjoyed the wifi. While everyone gabbed and drank, I drank and MUDed, claiming I had homework.

I also have a friend who takes an extraordinarily long time to "do his business" - and regularly, with a hint of excitement, informs me that he is, once again, MUDding from "the john" - disturbing!

Perhaps my favourite, however, was Piedmont Park in Atlanta - I was able to pick up a wifi signal, and so laid out in the sun and enjoyed some time on Lusternia, before my battery caught up. Tanning and MUDding - if only I could get that in a tanning bed...

My fiance and I once had to meet with our wedding organizer in a cafe, and taking too long to arrive, I turned her laptop on and started MUDing! It was at that time I learned that I won the top prize in an Iron Lottery, and even got 4% into level 84. Unfortunately, the organizers arrived, but I didn't stop there! I just alt-tabbed in between talks, bashing Moghedu, Aalen, Genji, and even Annwyn.


All I have to say is, when you gotta, you gotta!

I am a singer, and 2 weeks ago I was on tour with my group in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia, performing as backup for Bobby McFerrin on his tour. I was traveling around for a week, and, of course, I brought my laptop. During my off time, which wasn't much between rehearsals and concerts, I would whip out my macbook and log on to Achaea. Luckily for me, there was free wifi at the hotels and at the concert halls, so it wasn't too difficult for me.

Of "borrowing" a friend's computer and signing in at a fourth of July drinking party at three in the morning.

At the last (or was it the one before that?) danish meet. I was walking down the big public street (strøget) in Copenhagen with my laptop on my arm, using my wireless modem to kill Yudhishthira while following the rest from the group (much to their amusement? Amazement? anyhow they were quite speechless).

Else I've played Achaea at

the train
my cousins confirmation
my grandma's big birthday
in the bus
in the car while I was driving (Laptop at the other seat)
Class / Work
While doing a presentation for work (showing something with kinect and windows with 3d-ish monitors) 

about every single Achaean meet I've been at I've always taken the opportunity to get online when I could

I'm practically always having some connection open to Achaea if I can wherever I go

I had a particularly long stint of night shifts but my laptop was completely ruined. I had destroyed the HDD with tea, the keyboard was broken and it had no modem. I installed Ubuntu onto an old sumo external drive, plugged in an old usb keyboard and connected my laptop to the internet using an infrared modem through my phone. It lagged like crazy, but I was in.

Haha, Crafty :)

Amusement parks tend to have horribly long lines. Last year, I caught up with the times and bought a phone capable of browsing the web. As an avid MUD player, I immediately searched for an app to let me log in.


That 45 minute wait at Six Flags for the roller coaster? Not a big deal at all! While waiting to hop on some of the rides, I'd sign on really quick, using the excuse that I was texting people. Naturally that wait for the ride wasn't nearly as long for me as it was for my friends who came along.

I play on my cell phone during work sometimes, just hide in the cooler (I work in a bakery) and pull it out while I am "looking" for things to put out.  It is really easy, as I can just leave it on in my pocket when I got put things out, then come back to "look" for more.  Never got caught either, so it worked out perfectly.


Most recently, I was on during a festival downtown where I live, with my boyfriend there.... had to lie and tell him I was texting my mom, as he doesn't like me playing when he is around.  So, i would be on for a bit, put it in my pocket, then when he went to look at things, get back on.  Unfortunately, I got caught, and he got angry, but hey, I got some things done!

I once almost got caught MUDsexing in my office by my boss when he came in to check up on my workload. This would have been particularly bad as I'm a civilian investigator for the Metropolitan Police, and was assigned at the time to a triple-murder enquiry.

Did the mudsex involve handcuffs?

Always knew you had the mudsex bug Dysse, thats why you can't stop shouting about your self all the time.

Some friends and I get together every Monday night to have dinner, watch one of our favorite television shows (House!) and just hang out.

One week, during a string of shrine defilements, I made the mistake of bringing my laptop with me. Throughout that entire episode I had Ephram running around Sapience, witnessing shrines and trying to organize efforts to get them fully sanctified again. I had an entire group of people standing around watching as the text scrolled by, trying to figure out what in the world I was doing.

I don't remember anything that happened in that episode of House, but I can still tell you who was defiling that day. ;)


Logging during class (like a boss) is becoming something usual for me, yet it surely sucks to witness a raid and not have your system loaded (good luck explaining that to your dying buddies who rage over their experience loss).

I can only play on my macbook, but I bring my laptop along with me EVERYWHERE, so I guess thats no problem. I've played in my own home, in school (before, during class and after. :P), in Starbucks, in several Mcdonalds, in someone else's home, at several void decks, foodcourts, and lastly, at the beach. :) Usually when I play, my classmates tease me saying I'm hacking or doing programing because all they see is a black screen with lots of words flying by. Disclaimer: I don't hack, nor can i program. I'm C++ illiterate. :)

Nothing makes a tough day at work stream right on by like the distraction of Achaea between phone calls.   Call me crazy, but I feel especially productive at the end of the day when I can say I helped 75% of the people I talked to get into college, while also managing to net another 10-25% exp.

You're suggesting to load up a combat intensive role-playing game while your date is in the -bathroom-? That's intense... I think it's wild that people can multi-task something like Achaea with work. Then again, I'm a jerk, so people just like to fight me.

For a while, I went without a computer due to moving between place to place, and I only had my little Sanyo Zio Android phone.


Needless to say, once I figured out I could MUD on the little bugger, I did it all the time. At work, on the couch, in bed before going to sleep...

I don't have the patience to play on my phone. But I applaud people that do.

To go off on a little tangent about MUDding on the phone, it is very difficult, and I stay away from any combat possible situations.  I mainly just do it to go in and read news, speak with people about things.  At any sight of danger, I quickly run to the nearest hiding place.





Those are the best places to text IMO :D

pointless read

Oh, you play in such interesting places!

I only play in "borrowed" computers at friends', relatives' and so. But they use me as a "de facto" technician for solving all the stupids mistakes they make with their computers (begining with that they still use IExplorer) I think we are even.

I often get sidetracked into playing achaea when I can find a place with wifi near me. Class goes much faster when your zoned out in achaea.

Only issue I have with gaming on the go is that I haven't found a program for my blackberry that works that well.  BBSSH doesn't really let you see what you are typing to be able to an efficient option and I am not sure of any others.

Logging in on my ipod touch linked into the free wifi provided at a convention from an MMO (nope, not Blizcon). One person was looking over my shoulder wondering if I was hacking into the network. Black screen white text and lots of scrolling seems to give people that idea.

I log in from my Blackberry fairly frequently just to check in and read news if I have breaks at work or am stuck waiting for someone. I did create aliases to kill rats via cell-phone since it's a relatively menial task with no risk. I wouldn't leave the city or try and do anything too advanced, though. I have both BBSSH and MidpSSH and both seem about the same. Nothing spectacular but you can connect and read what's going on.

i wouldnt try to log from my phone... i just log into www.ironrealms.com to see my msgs or news from it.

During sex...


"Come on dear, just keep doing that 'till we clear this area..."

I log on with my cellphone a large majority of the time, check my messages and news during all of my breaks at work, and see if any novices need help. With AndroMUD, I even have some basic triggers and buttons to do some light bashing. Gotta love it.

I just switched to using Blow Torch from AndroMud and I recommend it because the colors show up better.

I bought a new Android phone a few weeks ago, I'm still learning what works best. But I installed Blowtorch mudclient, and it seems okay, though there's no real scripting support. Still, I can't see myself typing lots of text into it with a touchscreen. Maybe I'll get a bluetooth keyboard.

All this talk about logging in over cell phones. I started playing when I was 13, and I was doing it by tying up the phone line with dial-up! I still remember what the dialing-up sounds were. I've tried to play on my smartphone, but I can't get it to work properly, and ironrealms.com makes it so that I can check messages and news without logging into the game proper.

During my study hall in high school I used to always go to the library and sometimes play Achaea, none of the librarians minded it because at least I was being quiet and didn't bother anyone. I think that if it weren't for Achaea, I probably would have died of boredom.

In the middle of a field while camping, because I had to bid on a shop. (Props to AndroMud on Android, by the way. It even has triggers!)

And people thought I was weird for using Andromud when I played Achaea.


(I was even in your House, and people were baffled!)

I use AndroMUD to play on the train mostly. Lusternia's stratagems (autoqueued actions), firstaid (curing) and autosipping make it much more possible. I bought my Desire-Z which has a pop out physical keyboard mostly because of mudding. Combat isn't really doable but I've played in a peaced village revolt whilst walking home. Not terribly effective but not much worse than usual!

I use an Android program called BlowTorch. Seems to work really well--allows for aliases and triggers, displays asci, and the widescreen keyboard doesn't cover the text. Unfortunately, I've discovered that the autocorrect feature is a huuuuge pain in the ass. 50% of the words I have to type in a given session are Aetolian derived. So now I've had to add words like 'Duiran' and 'Kiyotan' and 'dhurive' to my phone's dictionary. Now when I'm sending a text, I have to be careful I don't say:


hey, hon, what are having for dhurive tonight



Well, I work and go to college online, so I am often in places other then home.  I will normally go to my significant others work and play my game.  I also enjoy going to bookstores and libraries as these are quiet and often have coffee and such.  The third place that I am always found on a game would be at a hospital when visiting a friend, or even a grocery store while running errands during the day.  Sometimes it is fun to just plop down anywhere, even a nice park outside, and play though!


evidently i believed the salesperson at ATT when they said that my phone could do anythin' on the Internet.... heh heh anythin' my backside! can't get on Impy on my phone :( maybe in two years i can use my upgrade to get one that actually can log into Impy!


I am easily guilty of logging into any IRE game whenever I get the chance. Ranging from sitting in class with my laptop or a longdrive on my phone just to see whats going on. Though I have found fighting on my phone is extremely hard to do.

Before I read this article I did not realize it was possible to play text games on the go. The idea still seems strange to me, but sounds quite cool. I might have to look into it.

I never realized or thought about playing from my phone!  Genius idea and I can't wait to log in from work.  Hopefully I don't get jumped for being infamous without a curing system though....

I play text based games in my university classes, because it looks like I am taking notes





I aspire to get a job that let's me achaea at work

I can't believe some of the stories you people are throwing around! I am terrible when it comes to multi-tasking. I am either focusing on MkO or doing something else. The sole exception being if the TV is turned on while I play. Though even then I miss out chunks of the Desperate Housewives episodes!

I often log in at work during down time, and logging in during class wasn't rare, either.

The strangest experience was playing Achaea on a shinkansen train with a friend's laptop. Had to explain in broken Japanese & simple English exactly what I was doing to a rather curious older woman sitting next to me while my friends shook their heads in shame.

Shouldn't it be where to NOT play MUDs on the go?

I use my phone, which can be painful (an actual folding keyboard would be superb!), but during those long waits in between classes or standing in line, it beats the alternatives. For one, the Department of Motor Vehicles and their notoriously bad waiting times... what else can you do for 3+ hours without getting horribly antsy?

I'm so busy 90% of the time I'm not at home, that I'm not able to get ANYTHING- forget even casually browsing my phone- other than work in.  Thankfully, I have plenty of time with my fiancee (and Lusternia, kyihihi.)

I've often wondered at some of the stalwarts who seem to be around no matter what time I log on. now their secrets have been explained.


I just got Mudlet set up on my laptop, just in time for a 3 week vacation away from my normal Mudding computer, so hopefully i'll be getting some of that "At the airport" gaming in. Woo.

I am a high school student and have been pretty fortunate to be able to use my detention time to "Study" and by study I mean construct bombs and pester my mentor and friends who were silly enough to let me make puppets of them.  


Makes the boredom of detention go by, I think I may have recruited a few of the others to have some fun, bonus of text games is that you are constantly typing and my stupid lesbian gym teacher watching over us has no idea that I am not doing homework.


Now to convince my mom I am doing homework at home when I am actually off hunting!


^.^ Like right now, in last period...

Totally having more fun now though!

The amount of times I have almost missed my stop because I have been tapping away. One day I swear I will end up in Scotland!

attempted to play from a touchscreen phone?  Is bashing even possible?  I tried a program once for my HTC Inspire and tbh it was just horrid trying to do anything at all what with the speed of text scrolling by.  But, even harder was not having a physical keyboard so alas that was my first and last attempt.

Try MUDsexing while having sex. That'll be tricky, careful not to say the wrong name!





I've played it in the car, work, airplane,  and at many special occasions for my family.

I didn't believe some peeps when they said you can actually play from your phone. I do it pretty regularly when I am out and about and bored. Helps if I am in class! Yay for unlimited data plan!

I spent most of my nephews christening playing and also the after party. Better than socializing with my hillbilly relatives. heh

Alas, I have not the finances to get a decent phone, and thus am bound to my laptop. Ah well, definitely more fun than TV.

I've never tried to cheat and play the game in a place I wasn't allowed to. Class meant it was class time, work time meant it was work time, bonding time meant it was bonding time.


I feel like I've let down the IRE community.

For a little while I used to play Achaea on my iPhone at work, inscribing tarot cards after I switched to the Jester class. Had it laying beside me inscribing while working on my computer. Became a little bit tiring as I kept switching back and forth from the iPhone. Thank god my work wasn't too demanding, hehe..

The strangest place I've played is whilst I was living on a protest camp earlier this year. Hardly ever got a chance to do so whilst there, but it was nice keeping up to date with news boards on the rare occasions that I got some down time. :)

While on vacation in NYC over spring break. On the ferry, on the subway, while walking through Brooklyn, sitting in a pizza shop, sitting in a bagel shop, sitting in the passenger seat of the car pretending to watch the phone's GPS app. While shopping for groceries, during a wake, sitting in my parked car in a parking lot while I should've been driving home (hey, Senate meetings are THAT important! cough), while waiting to hear if my grandmother (very elderly, losing battle with terminal illness) had died yet or not (Achaeae was actually a great distraction from that level of stress), while in a board meeting, while walking my dog, while lying in bed fighting insomnia (okay Achaea really doesn't help that much for curing insomnia, but Angry Birds does), in restaurants, at my inlaws' house, at my parents' house, and while waiting for my kids (who are home schooled) to get out of special classes (like Spanish, or band). However, I never logged in while at church (although I did skip church to play once...or twice) and never while in a bathroom. And it's all Chryseas' fault for introducing me to the Blowtorch App. :p

I worked for a phone company not to be named for a while, and I use to bring my mini to work with me and play on my lunch and breaks. Use to love it when people would need like 500 piece enchanting orders on my lunch....so much for actually playing the game.

If I get bored at work I usually go the toilet for a bit and log on Aetolia. Mobile mud clients are great for doing minor playing jobs such as using the wheel of fate so that you don't miss out on a reward! 

It's comforting to know that I'm not the only addict out there! :)


This article is hilarious . . . ummm, so when you were in the bathroom stall, were you just looking for a quiet place, or were you.. you know, multitasking?


Airplanes have to be the place where I'd apprecaite this the most. It might actually make a 5 hour flight enjoyable.


Totally guilty on the third one... heh.

oops. :D

Seems like it would be much more pratical to just lug a little netbook around in a bag with internet on the go. Then you can really play, not just log in and barely do anything.

I know I'm definitely guilty of this, especially during class. I remember once we were suppose to be doing a long list of questions over networking and I was busy with an icon raid on one of my characters. Oddly, I never got caught even though the professor was in the room.

*giggles* so i was caught playing in my doctor's office, when they forgot that just acuz they have a login to the FILES, their internet browser DIDN'T! So i was bored, and the doctors were taking super long to show up, and i hopped on briefly. Needless to say my face was red when the doctor walked in and got mads. *gigglefall* Leave it to me, though, to find a way no matter where i go, to pop in for a little chaos and a good laugh! Loves you guys, and i'll find a new doctor soon!

Gaming in the bathroom?

IRE in Church, oh yes please. I agree, would be 100 if all those two hours a day were spent on Influence-grinding.

... that let's me connect to IRE.

Gotta say, these are some pretty awesome locations. The fancy bathroom is kind of funny and a little... odd, though. Airports can be hard to do from a laptop while traveling if you don't have your own source of internet and have to pay, or you don't have a fancy phone for use of mobile apps.


I'd totally take my laptop and go sit in more public places with free wi-fi and play if I could. Sadly, I think I'd need a new laptop to do that.

But doesn't Achaea need like, a ton of scripts and stuff just to stay alive?! What if someone snaps me! D:

ive been guilty of hiding in the bathroom at work to log in. :/