Text-Based RPGs: New Content In Text Adventure Games

New content? No contest! Read on to find out why text games are so easy to keep new and exciting, and what this means for you!

By Ryan Kalmoe

Have you ever been enamored with a particular game and enjoyed playing it for three or four months, but suddenly find yourself getting bored by the repetition and lack of new content? Maybe you've grown bored by the lack of creativity and flexibility when it comes to your class skills and combat.

Or you're playing a text-based role playing game and are engaged in an ever-changing and always-expanding world in which you can immerse yourself regularly.

Let's face it - when it comes to updateability, oftentimes games lag behind the attention span of their players. If you've quit and re-joined a game when an expansion pack came out just to find out you're bored again, you'll want to consider giving text-based role playing games a try. The ease with which new ideas are implemented and changes are coded allows for a very rapid response in text-based games. You'll discover that games can be updated on a weekly and even daily basis. Major changes certainly take time, but you won't be waiting a year or more for some major expansion that really doesn't add much to the game. Instead, you'll be rewarded with both small, medium, and large additions and alterations, and most importantly the ability to offer feedback on those changes - and the coders listen. If you've ever thought, "Hey, this would be really cool...", text-based adventures can change that 'would be' into an 'is'.

The types of updates range from additions of new areas, skills, classes, races, quests, events, games, items, denizens, and even systems. When was the last time your favorite game implemented a whole new system based off of player suggestions? Probably never, unless you've been playing a text-based adventure game! You can make these exciting new updates a regular part of your gaming experience. The thrill of reading about a new update that was released and then experiencing it and incorporating it into your game play is one gaming high I enjoy, and thanks to text-based games I get to experience it on a frequently and regular basis.

What's worse than not having the high of enjoying updates to my favorite games? Those updates costing money. On top of paying for the game itself, the monthly subscription fee and any extras, the last thing I want to do is shell out another fifty dollars for a major expansion or another ten dollars for an extra map pack. The good news is that most text-based games offer their expansions and new content for free. On top of that, the best ones are also completely free to play. Not only is new content good for your gaming experience, but it's good for your wallet, too.

The bottom line is this - when it comes to new content, there is no contest: text-based role playing games will always win. So why not try one today? If you're disappointed, there are ways to change it more to your liking, and the chances of those changes being evaluated for implementation are higher than any other type of game.

If you'd like to try out some of the most responsive online text games out there, give these a try today!

Ryan Kalmoe is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from http://www.IronRealms.com.

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Thanks for writing this article.



The article is ok.  It just states obvious things though.

Free stuff is good.


It's new that is good. Free stuff usually happens to be veiled ways to make you want to buy something.

Hopefully the article brings in some new players.

It's nice that there's very little down time, and no need for silly things like server maintenance. Although really what it means is that you can be playing these games all the time and never escape!

Good article.

I am Bill Nighy, and Aetolia is going, or has gone, through some amazing new content over the last year, and it's been really fun.



so very true

Look at warcraft >.> the biggest problem is the endgame content, you get there now what is there to do? Every person has differing objectives in their own interests and concerns.  WoW tried to invent archeology was their latest step in making such a leap in 'new' objective that utterly failed to keep people sticking around.

What drives you're desires?

Power one's self up 'just' enough to stay competitive in pvp?

Go on an exploratory trip around the world?

Dive into deep story and lore and devote yourself to you're gods?

Jack squattery and general "Help insanity" fun with friends?

Crafting mastery?

Parties, events, family?


All due considerations aside it is important we look at expanding not just depth but also content involved.  I think that is the goal of any developer into making players think with their head and their blades, but also considers WHAT motivates others to try everything involved and give players tools to find their own niche.