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By Rio Rivera-Young

For those who are trying to get into a text-based game such as Achaea, oftentimes the indecision when it comes to picking a race, picking a class, and picking a name can be overwhelming. So many fun combinations to try out, so many ideas in your head of characters to be – so many pathways to a new character that will open up hours of text-based fun for you. A majorly tough decision, however, is picking which city to start in. When you choose a city, you don’t only get access to the city channel and other similar benefits... you have certain restrictions placed upon your actions, and certain expectations.

If you're interested in the oldest and most esteemed text-based game by Iron Realms, Achaea, this is where I come in. Most players only know information about one city, generally the city they started off playing in when they first started playing text-based games. The most they hear about the other cities are stereotypes, jokes, and drama. I’m here to give you a run-down of the Achaean cities – the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that when you are seeking to start off a new character, you get solid information and can find the playing environment that is the best fit for you in the entire text-based game. We’ll being with Cyrene: Heart of the Vashnars.

Cyrene is a haven for those who are new to Achaea in general. Due to its pacifistic nature, the city seldom finds itself in unavoidable conflict – so the novice can learn the ins and outs of the text-based game without having to be thrown into constant conflict. Cyrene also has the highest amount of characters who are devoted to helping novices in a text-based game, with almost every House in the city being relaxed and understanding about the time it takes for advancement, as well as any help needed to advance. The city has arguably the best shops (catered to novices trying to get into the text-based game), with several established characters ensuring that the shops are stocked with items that wouldn’t cater to the combat crowd, but will help out with novice interviews – such as stacks of five herbs, single-filled vials, and amazingly cheap armor and weaponry.

Another area Cyrene excels in is providing a strong roleplay environment. For those new to legitimate online text-based games such as Achaea, learning to roleplay can feel awkward, or can even lead to several avenues of roleplay that should be avoided. Cyrene has a tendency to produce high-quality roleplayers, and being surrounded by those who are doing well themselves can inspire and provide example to those attempting to learn how to excel at a text-based game. 

Cyrene falls short in several areas, however. If you are looking to lead an established character, you have to either be content with either being a tool of change yourself, or the status quo. The most common complaint among older characters in the city is falling into a period of stagnancy, as the city doesn’t have great avenues of conflict. So players who do not enjoy catering to novices or providing a welcoming atmosphere are not likely to enjoy Cyrene much longer than it takes to bring your character out of novicehood properly. Another annoyance in Cyrene can be the overly affectionate nature of some of the citizenry – it’s not something that the entire citizenry engages in, but if your character doesn’t have thick skin or high tolerance for hugs, it can become troublesome fairly quickly.

All in all, Cyrene is an excellent starter environment with a copious amount of resources for that target audience. So if that sounds like what you’re looking for in a text-based game, come on home to Cyrene: Heart of the Vashnars!


Find your perfect text-based home in an online text game like Achaea today! 

Rio Rivera-Young is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from Iron Realms Entertainment.



Cyrene does have a lot of RP-oriented/heavy Houses (i.e Ty'Beirdd, a performing Bard org; Wardens, a Knight org steeped in history and traditions, etc) but I've generally found it hard to initiate RP with much people in Cyrene. They ignore my emotes :(


That said, don't be discouraged!

If Ephram was still Cyrenian, he wouldn't ignore you!


It's hard, but there are players who are RP-centric. Then there are a lot of people who stand around Centre Crossing doing little, because of the reasons listed in the article. It is newbie friendly, and that means you get a lot of people who haven't grown into their characters yet.


And sometimes they never do. :-/

We already have too much emoting in Cyrene.  That and those bloody cookie jars.

You can never have too many cookie jars.

i thought cyrenians eat emotes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, pushed down by a pitcher of snuggles?

You don't push down a pitcher of snuggles, a pitcher of snuggles pushes you down!


  Heh, it is truly so..a text based usually stimulates your imagination to far reaches. I for one find it very difficult to decide on the race,class,city at first..this is the reason why I usually have maaaany alts, I test out up to a point where I'm satisfied and then pick the combo I enjoy best.


  I suppose each to his own, many people state that they could not play more than one char to focus and focus on it. Many dislike the idea of having alts, and others simply don't find it difficult to chose and jump to one particular combo. I'm just having trouble at start because i'm so  "uuuuuu....aaaaaa...the choices"! :P

The whole of Sapience is pretty diverse, and I really hope anyone reading this doesn't come to the conclusion that Cyrene is the only place to begin as a newcomer.  Yes, Cyrene excludes itself from a lot of conflict, but honestly that also means it's excluding itself from a large portion of the atmosphere of Achaea. In that respect, however, it serves very well for any newcomer who's not particularly interested in involving themselves in combat any time soon. For any newcomer who's looking to get involved in the combat scene and really dive into the thick of Achaean conflict, however, it may not be the best of choices. Be sure to read up on the rest of the cities before making your choice!

Cyrene is often the staging grounds for people who want to learn combat in the safety of the arena, then move on to different cities to engage in conflict. ;)

>If you are looking to lead an established character, you have to either
be content with either being a tool of change yourself, or the status


So, are you saying that all the established characters...are tools? :D

If you're in Cyrene, pretty much. :(

Ah, the voices of Aetolia.  Stay in your realm, and leave us tools alone.

Cyrene was an awesome city, I really enjoyed it back in the old days (ie before houses). I will never forget phuggles.

I also enjoyed my time in Cyrene pre-Houses greatly back in the day, particularly since it was really easy to break away from the good/evil dynamic there. I could be neutral, completely 'for the sake of the city'.

I always hoped the deep streak of paranoia survived in the city. Back then it wasn't just a city for people learning combat but also combatants striving to keep troublemakers and stronger cities from screwing with it. Which really helped give it a lone city in the mountains feel.

Cyrene can get so wrapped up in polotics and break out in debate over the smallest thing.

So true.

This is the big reason I couldn't last in Cyrene. There's also tons of drama.

Hashan gets that way at times too, but it helps bring some sembalance of change as the leadership changes.

yeah, Cyrene is the most newbie friendly town in Achaea...well, the most MUD newbie friendly. If you're not a MUD newbie, just an Achaea newbie, go Mhaldor, that's where the real fun is at :D

I had a character there when I was on Achaea. Good experiences all round (though being a total newbie at the time, I got lost very easily regardless of where in Sapience I went!)

Never got into Achaea, but this a good information for those who need it.

I never played Achaea (at least for more than 2h or so), but I guess I'll check it out now :P

You should!

Never played Achaea myself, but... hrm, maybe.

Also, really good food in Cyrene. I want a place near me that serves Arcane Holoburgers!

mmmm holoburgers..


Seriously... Lady Beneficia was a culinary genius in writing these all up. I'm kind of tempted to make one of these in real life. Between that and the iceball floats, the Kindred really have it going for them food-wise.

Funny running into the three of you here. Cyrene has the best food for the price out of any denizen-owned establishment, certainly. Although I prefer the Sushi to the Holoburgers.

Mm, sushi. But mmm, holoburger.

well... I never tried alchaea but I am tempted now

"Most players only know information about one city, generally the city they started off playing in when they first started playing text-based games. The most they hear about the other cities are stereotypes, jokes, and drama."

This is my case. The only city I know is Magnagora, where all the cool people live. The rest of the cities? Just places where the jerks get toghether. ;-)

(I'm being ironic, don't take offence, the people of other cities are cool too --- except New Celest, of course, he he he)


Ok, enough joking, now seriously: many times I considered the possibility of creating an alt belonging to another city, just to play the game with another point of view. If I hadn't done so yet is, basically, because I already spend a lot of time with one active character to have another (specially because you start feeling the real "city experience" after the newbie circles). Also I am afraid that having a non-magnagoran alt would be considered spying, in both cities.

So that's all, folks. 

All six Achaean cities are equally adept at fostering newbies in the style they have developed for themselves. Cyrene may cater to newbies who want to roleplay being a bard, but its a terrible place for newbies to roleplay a servant of evil, or a harbinger of chaos, or any number of other things.


Half of this article could be written replacing Cyrene with Ashtan, Mhaldor, Shallam, Eleusis, or maybe Hashan. The "roleplayers" from Cyrene are no better than those from any other city. Hashan's shops put Cyrene's shops to shame (that is, when Cyrene shops are actually selling to non-Cyrenians!)


This article sucks and needs to be removed. It sounds like an advertisement for Cyrene, and a poorly-written one at that, not to mention the delusions of grandeur this person has about Cyrene. If Cyrene is so hard up for a larger share of the incoming newbies then maybe they should better define themselves ICly instead of relying on a skewed portrayal of their blah-ness in a digg article.

I agree for 2/3 to your comment, but about the removal... Let's see the other articles first, before we complain.


The article most likely sounds like an advertisement because it is designed to be like that. I doubt the article would've been chosen if it only wailed on the negative aspects of the city.

I will agree that the article is misleading to new players regarding roleplay. Though it must be said that every city has limits on what a person can roleplay. Implying that Cyrene as a city stifles roleplay because it limits you playing an evil Apostate is like that saying that Shallam is bad in terms of roleplay because it stops you playing an occultist.

It is a bit soon to cry complete bias by the writer of this article, as she has yet to write the rest of her city articles. Personally I think the article does have a rose-tinted view of Cyrene, but your own bias regarding the city comes across just as strongly.

I hope the next article regarding cities give a bit of lore regarding each city, to help new players get a feeling of what type of Rp environment they are going to be going into. Saying that Cyrene is non-violent is far too vague and says nothing about the culture of the city lore-wise.



First, I'm a boy. :(

Second, and more importantly, the mission behind the articles were to encourage players to see the good and the bad in cities of which they aren't a part. I would _LOVE_ to be allowed to do articles that delved into the lore behind the cities and such, but that was outside the scope of this proposal. I'll look into it, for future ideas!

Looks to me like the 'mission behind' your article was to give as many 'text-game' definitions as humanly possible.

There is a little 'bias': but that's not because "Oh, so-and-so is better!"  I think it's because of the fact that, I don't know, this is only ONE article out of several articles highlighting starting areas in Achaea? I am not personally familiar with Achaea, but it's no excuse to be rude just because you believe you know what you're talking about.


Although, taking your own advice about "replacing" the place in the article is fine by me, for now, until the next article comes up.

Can't say I really enjoyed the article much either, although I don't know about removal. While you mention that it makes it seem like Cyrene is the only place for newbies, I have a problem with just how much focus there is on our "newbie-friendliness". There's nothing here that explains why us old "tools" stick around and don't move to other cities.

We aren't necessarily pacifistic - we're isolationist. We pursue peace because we want to be left alone, not because we're "Eek! War!". The city is designed to be inwardly-focused whereas many other cities are externally focused against their enemies and such, etc. It just so happens that our isolation gives us a generally friendly attitude and newbie friendliness is a part of that. We also have very tense politics as someone already mentioned.

"All six Achaean cities are equally adept at fostering newbies in the style they have developed for themselves."

Yep. Newbies shouldn't join based on "newbie-friendliness"; they should be joining based on what they want to do and where the best place to do it is.

And neither does one have to be a newbie to join Cyrene; just be prepared for a difference in attitude, like you would joining any city.

Ah, the problem of having an upper-word-count-limit! I can hardly absolutely summarize everything a city has to offer in an article such as this, but I did try to include the two best selling features of Cyrene: its welcoming nature and its catalystic effect on rising roleplayers.

I would say that isolationist is pacifistic -- pacifism doesn't mean the complete rejection of violence, but merely the opposition to war/violence. Cyrene, by its nature, is pacifistic in the fact that they traditionally prefer to avoid war. I did not, however, mean to insinuate that Cyrene were cowards, etc, and I apologize if that is the message that came across.

Re: " Newbies shouldn't join based on 'newbie-friendliness'; they should be
joining based on what they want to do and where the best place to do it
is." -- I don't know about you, but when I first played a MUD, I had no idea what was going on, much less that I wanted to be a Hashani Blademaster who worshipped Lady Artemis, or an Ashtani Occultist who found Pandemonium's views attractive. Cyrene has a great amount of resources for novices in that the players are usually much more patient (albiet, that is likely from having to deal with Cyrenian politics, eh? :D), much more accomodating, and much more likely to take time from their game to help a novice than any other city that I've experienced.

I'll address you, first, and then get to issues others had.

I, of course, am doing articles on all Achaean cities, and yes, they will all be wrote with a slight bias in the city's favor: my goal is to find the appropriate city for each person, so I will of course write favorably about each city. Believe me, I definitely mentioned Hashan's positive features, and tried to sell it just as hard as I did Cyrene, Shallam, Mhaldor, Ashtan, and Eleusis. I didn't intend to say that Cyrene was the -only- place for a novice, but based on a qualitative assesment, it is (in my opinion, which this article is obviously an informative article based on the author's (read: my (extra parenthetical)) opinion) the best at those attempting to learn to MUD.

Hope you enjoy the others more than you did this one!

These recent articles are becoming worse than a desperate plea for attention. IRE is showing just how badly they want to now be the 'e-how.com' of the MUD community. 


Listen to the players, and make the game better; instead of trying to bribe people to continue playing. 

I laughed.

Then I realized it is quite true.

As for overly affectionate people, it seems they are everywhere, except perhaps Mhaldor and Ashtan.

In case you weren't aware, these articles are written by players, published by a player, and promoted by players -- all of us volunteers who make no money off of IRE's advancement or  lose it with their decline.

We write and promote these games because we adore them, and we enjoy them. So no administration time is "wasted" on these "pleas for attention." Just so you know.

For those reasons exactly, you can get a clearer sense of how someone really feels about a game. If there is no reward or penalty for saying one thing or another say what you really mean. I thought it was a good article.

I wasn't aware. Thank you.

I went through a ton of alts before finally settling on Luenn, in almost every single race, guild and city in the game. While that is one way to go to find the city you like, it can easily produce a few RP problems, as you learn a lot of stuff you shouldn't know.


The best examples from lusternia is the city of Hallifax and the plane of continuum. Their layout is quite confusing, even to some players who have spent months there. There's absolutely no reason that Luenn should know his way around, and I'm always worried that if he ever has to go there for some reason he'll have to pretend to get lost, even though I'll know exactly where he's going.


(Thankfully that's a problem that hasn't cropped up yet. It's also not of military advantage as even if Luenn were ready to go on a raid sometime in the near future, it probably wouldn't be against Hallifax. )

I think its the only city I havent't seen or played in.

Doubt I'll be trying Achaea in the near future, but an insightful article. Would like to see them done on all other cities as well though.

good writeup!

I love Cyrene's community -- very helpful, relaxing, and isolated. It can spoil you.

I used to play in Achaea for several years and for some apparent reason I didn't find the city politics to be appeasing. There wasn't enough conflict for me to fully enjoy my time there.

However, it does have a solid playerbase which was the main reason I played.


"If your character doesn’t have thick skin or high tolerance for hugs..." I have thick skin, but I don't like being touched. I just ignore those who hug me.

I'm starting to get used to hugs, but if anyone goes beyond that, I just cough, and give them a friendly pat in return, hoping they'll get the idea without being offended.


Hello, I'm a Rajamalan, and I'm not snuggly.

Well from this article, Id garner that Cyrene is what Hashan would be, If Hashan actually existed. Which, from the forums, One can easily see that Hashan doesnt actually exist, but is actually a lie... Like cake. Point bieng, Id say that this descritpion is rather ambigious... or something...


made me lol :P

...and now I want cake. Hrm...


Cyrene, mehhhhhhhhhh. Bureaucrats make me squirm. Everything in Cyrene is so "official" and serious-business. Of course, that's their roleplay, and doesn't say anything about the great players in Cyrene :)

Cyrene's people are pretty cool, from the way-back-when that I used to reside there. The politics are an absolute nightmare, though... I had been kicked out for OOC reasons, and could never quite cut the red tape to get back in, and every time they changed Ambassadors I had to start all over from scratch... I eventually just quit trying, and found a significantly better home... in Glomdoring. XD

Well, Glomdoring is the best. ;-)

Nothing Matters But Glomdoring....

I actually just started my first text-based game when I created a character in Lusternia. I probably won't move on to another game for awhile, but if/when I do, it will be nice to have an overview of the different cities in Achaea and their Pros and Cons. Thanks!

My very first character in any IRE was Drakken of Achaea (not the same one that exists now). He was Cyrenian, and although I am into more evil/dark RP, it the perfect setting for a newbie to MUDs.

i thought it was promoting cyrene

Pretty good article!


In a sense, Cyrene is the Achaean version of the European Union − a politically correct bureaucratic monster riddled with internal bickering. And while I totally despise being part of that in real life, I ironically somehow enjoy roleplaying all that red tape in a game, in a similar manner some people enjoy roleplaying an evil sucker.


I certainly enjoy it more than the “Lol, anything goes” approach.


I'll actually take that a step further - Cyrene's not only the European Union, but Switzerland in particular.  

Neutral-good isolationist city nestled in the mountains that's mostly just interested in trying to make life good for the people in there while not betraying very strong core values?  Check.

A highly ceremonial military organization that is distinctly tied to the city rather than anything else? Hello, Swiss Guard.


It makes it an interesting stance, and one of the more fascinating ones to pull through.  I play a fairly pacifist character in Cyrene, but I refuse to let her go all the way, because Cyrene's philosophy is that of the sleeping giant.  The values are held at the absolute core of everything that happens, and while yes, there's a whole bevy of citizens that don't really take it seriously and tend to be overaffectionate, the cadre that does is incredible - the Wardens and Mojushai in particular must be noted for how they create strong characters with values running to the very core of their being.

The politics are either your biggest nightmare or best dream.

In the end, Cyrene's a city that will test your limits on self-restriction.  If you want to fluff around and pounce on people all day, sure, you can be a citizen as long as you follow some basic rules (though you'll probably end up without a house quickly enough).

If you want to play someone who is truly devoted to their home above all else, and especially one who goes through a learning process to pick up the values ... that's when you'll start really shining, though, in Cyrene.

... we need to start making cheese?

Can't forget the rum! Also, lovely work Selira and Mioswen! I didn't put the connections together until reading those. As for the article, and I'm not just saying it because it's about my city, I liked it. Not to biased, not too negative. I look forward to reading the posts on the other cities!


nice article.. :)


i love Cyrene, very very much! 

I did try Achaea once...started it, found it confusing, couldn't get help unless my IRL friend was on...I did not start in so called newbie city, probably the reason i quit.  If I was to start Achaea again i would probably try that city instead.

In the meantime, I started a character in Lusternia, had no clue what I was doing and found help rather easily.  Help is plentiful and questions easily accepted.

I have joined one other city in Lusternia, I found they are impossible to ask questions and walk around with their noses in the air as though they are too good at MUDs to help a new player even with small tasks such as, what helps files to look at.  I didnt even get a message from anybody after walking out of the Portal of Fate about what I was supposed to start with...I can imagine a new MUD player starting in a city like that, not a good introduction to MUDs.

This article was nice, if I start playing Achaea I will definately start in Cyrene.  maybe it will keep me hooked for a while.  Thanks!

I've never been a big fan of cyrene.  Haven't really had much interaction with them and they just seem to stay in their corner for the most part.

My first IRE character was a Magi in Cyrene. I always really loved the atmosphere and the people in the city. Too bad the atmosphere of the rest of the game took a turn for the worse.

Cyrene is my favorite city in Achaea. It seems to have more of a close-knit community and more things to bond over than just going raiding or defending raids. Many of it's residents are approachable and conversational, not to mention helpful. I love the theatrical aspect to it and that really shines through in the city. I wish it would allow some of the darker classes like Hashan but I realize it is a neutral-good city and often allied with Shallam.

Are an excellent house to start in. Their Knight-guild rp is pretty good. Not as much as on par with Maldaathi, but it's up there.

I suppose I'd have to avoid Cyrenne like I avoid Elvandar, in that case.

Overly affectionate citizenry...wonderful

I honestly think Achaea has a bad rap only because it's been one of the most populated and developed MUDs for awhile now. I haven't played it, personally, but my fiancee has.


He played in Cyrenne, as a bard. He doesn't want to tell me anything else. So, I won't think bad of Cyrenne until I play. (Not likely to happen, at all.)

I just became a new player of Lusternia and joined Glomdoring...hopefully it's not as peaceful and remote as Cyrene.  I want some action!

My first character ever in a text game was a bard in Cyrene, I have to admit it was actually too much for me at the time, too much affection indeed, yet I think I would love it now, what you sa&y sounds great :)  will have to think about it! :)


Hmm. I guess I'm lucky. I haven't experienced the excessive hugging as of yet.

I find the class is often the hardest desicion, determines much of your gameplay, and city second.

Back in a time long ago, I liked the classes more than the way they are these days. What turned me away from the game was the attitude towards stealing other people's belongings, "Its your fault, rather than the thief's". Its possible that has changed, and I have not stepped food in those lands in a long time, but I didn't appreciate it, and I lost interest.

After not having played Achaea for years, I decided to come back and make a new little character to try it out. Decided to play Cyrene, since it was one of the two cities in Achaea I really knew little about. Made a Runewarden, joined the house that came from their old guild, did the novice requirements, and then was told I needed to wait for something damn near the time it takes to auto-advance in the class before I could be moved up. I asked why, they said they weren't sure about me or some crud like that. After asking around, found it that they were concerned that I wasn't a true noob, and had a good concept of how stuff worked and there was concern that I was some infiltrating alt. (Hello, I played the game years ago and have played Aetolia in the intervening years... just because I know how to cure myself decently doesn't mean I'm a Mhaldorian trying to break in and steal all your secrets.)


After that, I rerolled a Mhaldorian and actually had an enjoyable experience, sans pk.

Point being, this article really seems skewed to me. Cyrene can be fun, I think, but that isn't anywhere near what you can always expect from it.

I will preface by saying I have never played in Cyrene as a starting cicty but I would have to guess one of the 'bigger' cities with more people available would be more friendly and able to assist a newbie.

There's plenty of conflict in the politics and drama, but I'm sure other comments have covered it well.

Nevertheless, a nice place to start off for sure. I remember starting in Hashan first, and that actually led to my leaving the game (game mechanics, running into mudsex trauma also contributed greatly). Starting out in Cyrene on my next character was a totally different experience. Much more help from older players, more city events, etc.

My humble MUD beginnings started in Cyrene... that being said, I had alot of ambition and Cyrene did seem to stifle that, no matter how hard I tried, no one even cared to try to even listen to what I had to say... Thus why I now play Lusternia

Cyrene is a great place. My alt started there. Lots of good RPing, deep culture, etc. Yes, it can get very political, but it never gets boring. The whole idea/history of the city is cool too. Would definitely recommend for noobs.


"Another annoyance in Cyrene can be the overly affectionate nature of some of the citizenry – it’s not something that the entire citizenry engages in, but if your character doesn’t have thick skin or high tolerance for hugs, it can become troublesome fairly quickly."

Cyrene doesn't disallow affection - so it is around..but most the people who get hugged and tackled now adays, are the ones who encourage it.  A bit of growling and frowning goes a long way to scaring those sort of people off.

The isolationist atmosphere can be a challenge - particularly for established characters that want to go out and make their name in the world..but there are always ways of getting your name out there - I just think most people don't put any effort into it.

Please don't hug me.  I find that Cyrene has excessive snuggling, hugging, and such.  However, I am committed to defend the City, and so I defend the freedom to do all of those things as well. 


Cyrene is not pacifistic.  Just ask those who have had their head piked at the entrance to our tunnel.  In my experience there, we don't seek war and conflict, but when it is brought to our doorstep, we "defend our porch" with a vengeance.

As I replied to Jhaeli:

"Pacifism doesn't mean the
complete rejection of violence, but merely the opposition to
/violence. Cyrene, by its nature, is pacifistic in the fact that they
traditionally prefer to avoid war
. I did not, however, mean to
insinuate that Cyrene were cowards, etc, and I apologize if that is the
message that came across."

Italicized were the points I was trying to get across.

I can not agree more

Cyrene was my first city to play in Achaea, so I'll always have a soft spot for it. 

I've never really liked Cyrene It always has a lot of drama around it, but good write up


Reminds me a lot of Khandava in Imperian... Drama, stagnancy and newbie-friendly.


how much of this is good information? from a cyrenese perspective

I will agree about the role-playing bit. It's been one of the reasons Cyrene is worth the sometimes boring quality it has. And the shops aren't bad but I want to know what's up with Ashtan's shops? They're terrible!

Interesting read about Cyrene, didn't know it had changed so much.

Is a chatroom.

I tiied different cities and like Mhaldor most

It's true that for newcomers Cyrene is a 'safe haven' away from conflict but sometimes conflict is part of the game

it all sounds so wonderful :) 


I love the clothing and blanket selection in Cyrene, I go there to shop

Cyrene rocks! Great city.

I think it was well written. Can't wait to see others.

But then I hear that the Houses are specialized now, so... /wrist.

I want to visit the city. Every city is helpful with newbies. For those who are against this article...regain balance, please. It is not as bad. Thake things lightly, it is better. 

No place like home

I fell for Ashtan personally, i loved the theme for a very long time.  It has ups and downs but its based on being diverse. 

Cyrene has been and always will be home, I love the city, it offers great support, solid RP, and makes it easy to dive with both feet in!

But I do spend a lot of time there. I like the atmosphere


I do agree it's a good city for novicehood. I left Ashtan for Cyrene because it just felt like a better environment to grow in. I have an alt that has been Mhaldorian and Ashtani, and I don't think Cyrene is any better as far as role play goes than the other cities, it's just differrent.

Cyrene was one of my favourite cities, and it's where Ilena started. I'd honestly probably still be there if my entire familty hadn't been Hashani, though I was craving a change and Hashan provided it.

Perhaps this was a more newbie friendly join this city advertisement...granted it can be easier to develope in Cyrene.  But there are a lot of things unsaid that would eventually turn this article into a baised statement.(just my thoughts)  But...really the only city I have found the hardest to start out in is Mhaldor, the rest of the cities arn't too horrible to "grow" in either.

Cyrene is my home. While I've only ever played Achaea, I have had dozens of alts throughout the near decade that I have been a player of Achaea. I have tried and tried, but I always find myself gravitating back to Cyrene, no matter what city I go to.


As for the Article itself, I have to agree that Cyrene is perhaps the best city in Achaea for newbies. Afterall, there are some people in Achaea who are, or in Daryn's case were, devoted solely to helping newbies. Daryn still is willing to go out of his way to help, but lately he's been taking things more seriously.

I think this kind of organization is the perfect one to start in. Those that stress too much of the war or blind devotion can be difficult to get very acquainted with without a strong personality or concept in mind. This seems like a good place to nurture the character first, or at least get a feel for the world without having to side too strongly with one view or another.

Good article.

Heh I visited Cyrene once back when I played a jester in Achaea. I snapped as a joke during a gathering of bards and got enemied to the city because it made all their triggers go nuts. :P

Bwhaha, nice one.

I have to try that someday.


in Cyrene. Lasted a few days, then I never logged onto it again. I've played a Mhaldorian for RL years, and it was just too much culture shock.

I seem to always end up in the dark / combat oriented orgs and groups in games, MUDs are no exception. If I ever pick up another IRE game, like maybe Achaea, I might try a neutral or light / pacifist org.

Neutral is hard to play...

It requires some extra work but it can be fun.


a haven for those wanting to escape combat it is not. People attack us all the time, and most every Cyrenian wants blood when that happens.

Still a difference between defending, and being a city that actively goes after all others all the time, imo.

I do!

Cyrene, like many others, was my MUD newbie city. It didn't last long because I go confused easily with how the whole MUD system worked. After a few RL years I came back to try again and found the fun that could be had here. Cyrene is a good newbie friendly place to get your feet wet.

Mm cookie

Loved cyrene when I was there



huh, when I tried Achaea, I was in Shallam. (should have read this article first - too bad they are not easily searchable)  Anyway, I just remember the nearly daily raids on the city.  Died to a lot of meteor arrows.

Hmm, interesting.

I liked this article, articles need not be objective.



Cyrene is awful. Ashtan is were the real learning is at!


If the learning you're looking for is combat based.  If you're not into combat, don't even think about making an Ashtani character.