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Top MUDs: What's your weapon of choice?

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Text Games: The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs Applied to IRE

steve jobs 10 commandments

This article explores how Iron Realms compares to the creative process behind the genius of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Text Games: Dealing With Virtual Bullies

rpg game griefer

Ever been the victim of virtual bullying, or know someone who has? Penelope Swain offers some helpful ways to deal with griefers.

Text Games: an Imperian God's Tale VI

rpg game goddess

The sixth and final installment in the God's Tale series, Megan Elizabeth walks us through the daily activities of a text game Divine.

Text Games: An Imperian God's Tale V

rpg game Goddess

Iron Realms role playing games feature fun, interactive events that players participate in to shape the storyline of the universe. See how the staff brainstorms and pulls off these epic events in this article!

Why Social Games Are Missing Out on the Dual Currency Subscription

virtual money

 Beth E. brings us a fantastic article on virtual currency models, referencing many sources along the way, including an incredible guest post by Matt Mihaly.

RPG Games: Why Do You Like Text Games?

rpg game diabolist

What seperates text gamers from graphical gamers? Read on and share your opinion in the comments!

Text Games: Those Crazy Signs of Addiction

reno 911 boots of escaping

This humorous article puts a fresh spin on all those little quirks we have when it comes to our text game addictions!<--break->

Text Games: A Spotlight on Midkemia Online

Midkemia Online rooftop fight

If you've ever been curious about the unique features Midkemia Online has to offer text gamers, this article highlights how it differs from other IRE games.

Text Games: The Quest for Dragon

text game achaea dragon

The multiplayer text game Achaea allows players to transform into a mighty dragon upon reaching the 99th level - this article explores ways players can stay on track during the long and difficult journey.

Text Games: an Interview with Justin Walsh (Tecton)

iron realms text games

This episode of Ben's "Producer Hangout" features a 3 part interview with Justin Walsh, aka Tecton of Achaea!

RPG Games: Do Personality Types Affect Role Play?

text games roleplayer

This article explores real life personality types and raises questions on whether some personality types exceed more than others.

Text Games: an Interview with Robb French (Estarra)

text games roleplaying

This new episode of Ben Gorlick’s “Producer Hangout” is a four part interview with Robb French known to Lusternians as Estarra and to Achaeans as Eris, the Goddess of Chaos.

Text Games: Five Iron Realms Tools Worth Discovering!

text game tears of polaris muds

This article highlights some of the useful Iron Realms applets and extensions that let you stay connected with your character!

Text Games: The Squared Circle - RPGs versus Pro Wrestling

text games pro wrestler

A humorous article that compares one of America's favourite roleplay pasttimes to the features found in online text games.

Text Games: How do Gods and Mortals Co-Exist?

text game god universe

An excellent read that raises questions regarding mortal / divine interaction in text games, and draws parallels to real life religions.

Text Games: How My Career Gave Me Character

text game corporate ladder

This inspiring and helpful article gives some advice on how to get the job done, by applying real life success strategies to text games.

Top 10 Finishers to Smackdown Your Opponent

karate kid

A fond look at the most excruciating ways to finish off your opponent in the best text games available today.

Text Games: Maximize Your Credit Report

text games earn credits

With the release of the IRE Android app, now is a better time than ever to invite your friends and earn credits. This article gives tips on how to take advantage of the various promotions

Online MUDs: An Interview with Matt Mihaly, CEO of Iron Realms

text game Sarapis

Matt Mihaly (aka Sarapis the Logos), gives us a no-holds-barred interview that touches on the creation of Achaea, crazy banned players, his favourite events and more!

Text Games: Providing Sanctuary to the Far-East

text games mmo internet cafe

From the first Korean text game to the harsh treatment of Chinese gold farmers, this article touches on topics important to the Asian gaming community and text gamers.

Text Games: Pacifism in a PvP World

pacifism magic

Combat not your thing? Thankfully, there are countless other ways to have fun in online text adventure games!

RPG Text Games - 5 Warning Signs That You Are Addicted

MUD Game Addict

Let us know what the biggest signs of addiction to MUDs are for you.

Text Adventure Games - What is a MUD?

Text Adventure Game Vampire

Here is another great, player contributed article by RA Pickett describing a bit more about what a MUD is.

Text Games - Why Play a Textual RPG Game?

addicting games pvp

Our second player written article about text games and why you should be playing them comes from RA Pickett.

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