Text Games: 10 Tips to an Awesome Gaming Experience - Part Two

6. Craft a Fun Character Background

If you go the roleplaying route (which is very recommended), make sure you come up with a good story for how and why your character acts the way he does. Maybe being an orphan drove him to live on the streets until finding the church of The Holy One, where he eventually became a paladin or priest. Maybe growing up the son of a soldier taught your character that might can, and often does, make right. Perhaps the city herbalist taught you a few tricks of the trade, only to find that you have a real natural talent for healing the sick with magic or the powers of your mind.

Take a few moments and decide what makes your character the special person that he is.

7. Explore the world around you

Got some free time? Tired bashing down monsters for experience and gold? Maybe you should just take to whatever path you can find and wander. You never know: Maybe you'll discover a lake that no one else has been to, and within the waters is an ancient sunken temple to a forgotten god of mercy. Perhaps you could just simply gather some supplies and move to the next town, starting a new business, or maybe just trade what you have and bring back new supplies to your starting city. Don't spend all your time just killing things, go out and see the world. You might discover something new.

8. Learn the story for the world in which you play

If you're playing in a semi-commercial MMORPG, the developers have most likely spent a good deal of time coming up with some sort of story as to why the world is the way it is. How the races came into being, or perhaps how the cities began. Maybe there is a part of the world history you can use for some of the above ideas. Perhaps if its a world of good versus evil, maybe you can be a crusader for good, gathering allies to trudge through the wastes against an evil lord or to remove some divine power from it's lofty perch. Sometimes just reading the story alone, or listening to it, can be entertaining.

Someone worked hard for your entertainment. Don't let it go to waste. Enjoy what's there, and maybe even submit some of your own (writing fan fiction can be fun and a good way to spend some time).

9. Try new things as they emerge within the game

There is about to be a huge release in your game. Maybe they are setting up a new class for people to test, or a new area to explore. When these become available, give it all a try. It could be that breath of fresh air that some players need once in a while to keep interest in their favorite games. If that new area isn't within your level range (maybe it's too high a level for you to travel safely), see if there are higher level party members that would be willing to let you travel with them so you can see what these new areas have to offer. It might even inspire to you gain more experience and levels so you can safely travel through these areas.

Just remember, if you can't try it immediately, try it when you can. New content can seem overwhelming, but most of the time, it only helps make the game a more entertaining, interesting place to spend your time.

10. Remember: It's only a game

Try to remember that with every death, every lost loot, every failed crafting attempt, and every fatal glitch that locks up your computer that it's only a game. Sure, it may frustrate you when your goals are put behind because of a death to a train (many mobs running through the zone killing anything and everything), or perharps another player decides to grief you again and again because he hates your name. It's only a game, all it costs you is a little bit of time. You'll be back to your full strength again before you know it, ready to take on the world again.

With all of these tips put to good use, your gaming experiences maybe just that much more interesting, inspiring, or entertaining than they were before. And remember: these are only tips. You can feel free to discard everything written here. Just remember: enjoy what you can and try to have fun. Don't do things that you feel are a waste of time. Do what you enjoy and forget the rest. Sure, try new things now and again, but do whats entertaining.


Tell yourself "it's only a game" ten time slowly and let the rage pass. 

While agreeing whole heartedly that it is just a game and therefore... incredibly inconsequential in terms of anything meaningful in regards to real life... When the author says that it is only time that is lost... The only conclusion I can draw is that the author greatly undervalues time.  This is strange... as time is actually one of the only ways games impact real life.  If I am playing a game... there is something else I could be doing and am not. 

It's easier to do that after you've been playing a while I feel.

Balance IC and RL is extremely important. However, I do not think Achaea is "just" a game. It is something more, it has a little bit of magic in it. The real must is not to freak on it.

and awesome

Watch out for that cave-fisher train. It's an express.

Another awesome addition.

If I met some of these people IRL I'd find it hard not to yell CAST HEARTSEED at them.

Of course it's important to remember that Achaea is a game, but doing so does take some of the magic out of it.

exploring is very fruitful in MkO.

Great tips, especially about it's just a GAME

yay, finally, a new article.

Very nice guide! 

Number 6 seems to imply roleplaying is optional. This could send out a wrong message. Being in character -is- roleplaying, even if you're not doing anything special.

Always enjoyable to explore the new areas and take in the backstory that ties it into the world.  Gotta love the builders who spend so much time writing these areas!

I actually do my best to forget that it is just a game while I am playing. I let myself become immersed in the well crafted world.

Those are some good tips

i wonder where's part 1?