Text Games: 5 Tips to an Awesome Gaming Experience - Part One

text game tips

1. Play an Online Text Game That Appeals to Your Overall Sense of Fun

There are many options out there for text games. Those of the MMORPG variety are the focus here. And, even with that statement, there are MANY different types of roleplaying text games out there. Some are masterpieces that mostly focus on a tactical situation, while others might be a hardcore roleplaying environment in which everyone has an in-depth character story and goals. The trick is to pick on that will really be the most fun for you as a player. Don't be afraid to go through a lot of online text game trials before finding that game which really tickles your fancy.

2. Pick a Class/Race That Will Work With Your Overall Play Style

As with many of the MMORPGs text games out there today, there are many choices when it comes to races and classes. Find one of the combinations that makes you want to work with your character. Maybe an elven warrior fighting on the front lines against enemies is what works. Perhaps the dwarf cleric, healing party members and fighting undead might be a better pick. That halfling thief might interest you, sneaking from shadow to shadow, stealing from enemies, and maybe other players, for fun and excitement.
The options are limitless. Find what works best for you and it'll enrich your experiences with the online text game.

3. Make Friends and Socialize. Playing Alone Isn't Fun

Everyone who plays any MMO understands one thing that always drives people wild. Groups. It is the same story in text based games. Sometimes, it's difficult to find a party of people to tackle the larger dungeons. Start by just talking to anyone you run into in the common areas. Maybe in the market place you might meet someone in the same situation; close to giving up and quitting because it's so hard to find anyone to group with. The two of you might find another player, slowly creating a larger group that might get together regularly, maybe even forming a guild or house.
Be social. It'll make it more fun.

4. Become Involved in All Aspects of the Game

Killing things and making money aren't the only aspects to most text games out there. In a lot of text games, players can get involved in the politics of the world. One can become a guild leader, or gain positions of power within their given cities. Explore your options when it comes to these. You might find more to do than you ever expected.
Consider becoming a craftsman or trader within the online text game. Sure, there's money to be made here, but there is also the simple satisfaction that comes with making something another person will want to buy. It could lead to exploration of the world to find materials you can gather yourself in order to create what you need.
Lastly, just consider becoming a giant socialite within the text game. You can make some great connections and become friends with people from all over and be dragged into some crazy adventures.

5. Roleplay, Roleplay, Roleplay

Indulge. Delve deeply into the online text game world and character you play. Don't be afraid to use an accent and act just like a person in that virtual online text game world would. If you're a righteous paladin, act like one. Claim that the 'Light will smite Evil' and that you will 'bring justice to the unjust.' If your mage specializes in attack magic, roleplay him as a berserk psycho , charging into the battle with the warriors, armed only with magic. Don't worry about what people might think of you. If it's fun for you, then it's a good idea to do in text games.
Add personality, other people, and your imagination. Mix. Serve immediately.

Keep your eyes open for part two of this article!

Try out these tips and find what works for you in some epic text games


Killing everyone you meet always worked for me.

The last part can't be stressed enough

definitely makes things more fun!

definitely makes things more fun!

definitely makes things more fun!

I've posted up a storm. How did that happen?

is hard


mhm it is very hard sometimes

I also have no real background for my character as of now. I bet that would help.

My recent class change has really fit my RP way better. If you think a certain class would suit you I strongly encourage you to switch. RP is a major aspect of my gameplay and it made things so much better.

I plan on multiclassing my Spellweaver mage in MKO and not quite sure how to RP the change yet. Would like to go rogue or priest.

Honestly I think you should play the game in a way that is good for you anyways. If you want to play a game just to have fun, do it. If you want to be all serious, angry at the world, whatever. As long as it is how you enjoy playing, I think that will make a difference as well. Because then you enjoy the orgs that you pick, you enjoy the people that you surround yourself with and the roleplay. 

Achaea is a black hole. It will suck you in, and never let you go...

I was much better when my character was young. When I cam back from a very long 'nap', no one i knew was around anymore. now I'm a hermit.

That's right




but that doesn't take anything away from the first four points, either.  Personally, I cannot imagine playing ONLY to roleplay and not be involved in other gaming aspects.


There is so much to do that if you were simply here for the roleplay you would miss out on so much more.

the picture is so far off leftfield from the article, haha!



Free credits ARE conducive to a better gaming experience.




oooh a book for starting in text games! wish they had these lovely tips when I started in Achaea so long ago :D


So....when's part two come out?

Never. You ask that like we get new articles.

Sage advice