Text Games: an Imperian God's Tale VI

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Many of you have asked in the comments to run through what a typical day as a God is like. Although I have to admit that I do not have a typical day, I do have several things that I tend to run through at least once a day.

To start off, I attempt to log in at least once a day to check on things. This gets more difficult when life gets chaotic, but even just a quick peek in to see what is going on tends to be something I do when I wake up, or shortly before I go to bed. Once I have checked in, I run through the following list of tasks.



I have to see who is online. First I check to see which of my Order members are around, then to see if there are any Congregants, and finally to see who is online in the entire text game. Why? If I am looking for a specific person, I usually mark or ally them so their name pops out. I also might see someone that my text game Order has been working to recruit, or a new Congregant to check in on.


Check News

Although text game news is sometimes slow going in Imperian, I always check to see what news there is. Even if it is not directly related to my role, I still look to see what is going on. I tend to read through all posts because being detached from the text game as Divine sometimes are, short of spying on players to figure out what is going on in the text game world, I have to rely on the news to which I have access.


Check Logs

After I have seen who is around, I go through and check the logs of all the orgs I am involved in, starting with my own of course. I look for dropped shrines (and try to figure out where they were), new members to the Congregation, and anyone who left so I can sick Order members on them to find out why. This has helped me to find out when there have been people in my Order being abusive or neglectful towards Congregants or other Order members, so it is important that I keep an eye out for people leaving suddenly and without explanation.

After I check on my order, I go through and check the logs of my organizations. Like news, this allows me to bridge some of the detachment that comes from being a text game God. I can see pieces of how the organization is interacting with itself, as well as how it is interacting with the outside world. After I am finished checking in on the world, I look at the things I have been working on.


Check to see where I left off on projects

Projects keep us busy and give us something to do. We do not have to take on projects once we get our God-roles, we can choose to focus on our Orders and organizations. However, sometimes that can be slow going, so we will take on building or role play projects to fill in some of the blank spots. So, if I have been working on any projects, role play or anything else, I review what I did the day or days before so that it stays fresh in my memory and I don't put off finishing it for too long, in theory.


Look to see where people are

After I have caught up and refreshed my memory, I start looking around for where people are. I look for people that are known to interact when role play is presented to them, and I look for new players because they are interesting to see how they react to role play. After I have looked around, I go to populated areas and chill out all hidden to see if the opportunity presents itself to jump into the action.

Populated text game areas are great places to go and see if there is a city guard, or pet, or other type of mobile to take over. If it is not a generic mobile like a guard, I look through the history of other people interacting with the mobile to see what has been previously done with that specific NPC. For instance, if it is a named NPC, I look to see how they speak, if anyone gave it an accent, etc. I try to simulate that as much as possible to keep the mobile's behavior consistent. If it is a generic text game mobile like a guard, or a pet, I might briefly check to see if anyone has interacted specifically with that mobile, but I have more freedom over deciding what they are capable of doing in most cases.


Go back to my little Godroom and do other forms of work

After I have finished causing chaos by making text game pets fight with each other, or having city guards heckle members of the general public, I go back to my own little spot of God heaven and work on other things, my need for amusement satiated for a time. While there I can work on building projects, planning out role play events, or harassing my Order members.

There are other things that I see to as a God in the text based game Imperian, but these are the ones that I find myself repeating most often. Lather, rinse and repeat as necessary, and that would be a "typical" day for me.


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I win. Good article, seems like a divines daily life isn't much more exciting than a players.

Log in

Read messages

If I logged on between 7am - 10am: stand around for a few minutes before making my way to the city entrance, where there will always, absolutely and without failure be the same group of 3-4 people running headfirst into guards and giving us free xp

If I logged on after 10am: stand around for a few minutes, start a conversation on an OOC clan, AFK on my ship while I play some shooter game in full-screen while alt-tabbing back and forth to write messages


hah, yeah, been a few times I've just done nothing but look around waiting for stuff to happen and reading webcomics


Good times

It's the only IRE game I've not yet played...

I mostly play Achaea but when I checked out Imperian it was very easy to get into. When I checked out Lusty I felt like I was brand new to MUDs again with all the stuff that's different from Achaea, but Imp felt very simple to pick up and play. Also I like how Imperian makes you buy armour in seperate parts like boots, greaves, helm, whereas in Achaea you just buy a 'suit of ringmail'.

Imperian is great! Especially redos of common systems across all the IRE games.

For sure, thats one thing I miss from Imp since moving over to Aetolia.  I also don't really like how Aetolia has pre-restore.  I think giving limbs an armour boost is a bit better than pre-restore, at least from a novice scripters point of view.

That's, in and of itself, a big risk to take really. You can pre-restore in Imperian as well, but if it goes through before the break happens your just out the apply balance.

Honestly I think Imperian is tied with Aetolia for the best IRE game.  But Tears of Polaris is gonna be the #$%( when it comes out!

You would seriously put imperian/aetolia as #1 ire's, with achaea and lusternia following in second and third?



Yeah, I'd agree with Mot here...Achaea trumps all other IRE games and still remains the flagship of IRE.  Polaris sounds cool and all...I'll give it a whirl, but nothing will ever take over Achaea imo.

Ooo looking forward to a new game.

Make that Lusternia and Achaea at #1 and everybody else can take the rest of the spots :p

Have you ever tried MKO? I find the lack of herbs/vials/etc refreshing, and there's much less of the entrenched bureaucracy too.


Tears of Polaris does look promising, but it will suffer from the same problems as MKO: lack of content, constant rebalancing and general lack of polish.

Good article


I concur.

It is nice to see that even the Gods find humor in those little things. It would become way too boring if you couldn't control something and cause a little confusion or havoc with the players.

I think you have to, else you risk driving players away.


Good read

I agree

As it's the first mud i've ever played and I enjoy it. 


normally once i log in i instently make sure that my Char. is alright before checking messages and seeing who's online. Then i check the news and read the logs before sending out any needed messages. 


I've thought a lot about looking at other games, but haven't had the chance to really yet..though this one I have been considering. 

Good read

and it's good to hear the Gods here are going to be active and generally looking to get involved with the players, now I'm excited all over again.

Aye, tis good to know they are trying to help keep watch on those active and being involved, they see all!

Played some bit of Achaea (the world is so biiig!), took a quick look at Lusternia a few months back, but...the lack of the need for herbs in Midkemia makes me very happy.

The daily routine pleases me, though I don't have many things to do with messages.

I think the most fun part would be making pets fight each other.

I like when gods go out of their realm to "fight" with you :)

I experienced this once, it was really funny !

An interesting read.

Basically my same routine, minus the god stuff...

Yeah, I agree.

Great read.

Agreed, I've enjoyed this series.


Poor gods, all that work and you still can't play your old character. :(


Sounds like fun!

Do the gods have their own logs too?







Heh, interesting perspective.

Not much different from player leaders in-game. Sad thing to have to sort of cut communication with the friends you made while you were a player though.

I thought it was interesting how isolated it sounds, like you're more cut off from what's going on in-game. That's not something I've heard before.

I wish Lusternian gods made pets fight with one another. Then they'd be good for something.

Some pets actually see quite a bit of use. Milla, Euterpe, Yaz, and any "beast" pet come to mind.

The few Gods I've interacted with in Imperian have been great, and it's good to know that there are some out there that enjoy interacting with the general populcace and look for things to do with their Order, or others.

I've noticed with every God I've talked to in Imperian have been great, especially as a city leader. They get back to me quickly and are very helpful. They make this game great, and I love them all!

I though possessing mobs was something that gods did just for fun or when they were bored. I never thought it would be an established part of routine

It's always really neat from a player perspective when it happens.



Peeks behind the GM screen are always interesting.

I agree! I found the - hiding in a populated area, completely hidden but watching - part, really cool. :P There could always be someone else there, watching!

Kind of creepy!

Agreed, somewhat creepy.  I presume most people who end up becoming Divine have a decent sense of when to leave though.

This has been very insightful, thank you.

This is largely the exact same process I go through.  Messages, news, who's online, project updates, work, socializing.


Only thing is, my work involves less scripting and creation of events, and instead is paperwork or fishing.

Can players achieve God status like in Imperian?


I will try

rock. I like this series.


I always wondered what went on behind the scenes. Seems (mostly) like activities that are as normal as the regular character might partake in. Envious on the pet battles, though!

... I have some fond memories of a particular snow leopard wanting to eat an unruly novice (who'd tried, and thankfully failed, to kill a kitten!)... things like that... just make RP life all too amusing.

very intreting

it doesn't even sound all tht much more glorious then even playing the game


Volunteer work never is


Really enjoyed reading this article!

Interesting to see a small piece of what happens!

I'd like to visit your godroom sometimes :o

Who knows what they will do to you in that god room of theirs

are some of the best part of the game


.. interesting to see a God's take on their volunteering work on a game I've yet to experience playing.

Sounds like a good day to me.

I have to say I've enjoyed this series. The Divine seem like one of the more intriguing RP elements of these games, and it's fascinating to see the non RP side of what they do. I only wish there were more of these to come.

i agree, i really enoyed reading these and wish there were more. 

this makes me hungry

Is this specific to Imperian or is this valid for the gods in all IRE games? Are there any differences for gods in the different games?

And here I thought it was all spying on people and laughing at their jokes.

They can't say it, but I'm sure they do !

Great read. I was always curious what was going on behind the scenes.

Good behind the scenes insight..thanks!



Thanks for the article!

What do you do when you happen upon someone doing naughty things?

Sounds like me and Lusternia, haha. I log in in the morning to read logs, news, and messages, and in the evening to actually be active and play.

I do the same usually :(

Me too! :D

This sounds like too much work!




Rethinks applying for next intake, heh

Thanks for writing this article. It was very interesting.

Hmmm..I wonder if it was a God that had taken over one of the guards who then started flirting with me. It was very odd and not something I had experienced before.

I love it when gods inhabit NPCs, it brings a nice depth to the game!

I don't know about in other games, but in Imperian we have player volunteers who fill the role of Docents (similar to guides, etc). They're responsible for performing small-scale RP things, like possessing guards.


Sounds like fun.

I so want to see a pet fight now. Other than that another interesting look at what you do when you play a divine

for all the other IRE games.

Doesn't seem too different than what I do, heh.

Thanks for this view into the life of a god in an IRE game. A lot of this, I didn't know. Great series!

Talking fish ftw.


I'm all for talking fish!

What it was like being a God.

Gods are a lot like Big Brother :P


Interesting insight into godhood. Thanks.



Besides the last part, your routine seems similar to mine!

This is what you do in a day? This is what most of us do every ten minutes.

I always check OWHO as well but there's never anyone in my order :(

<--- guilty of "checking" random who lists. A lot of times I don't even read them.

I do that alot :D

Speaking of that first paragraph there, I RM RN GW CW FW RW QW OW CULTWHO STAT SC everytime I log on o_<

and readlog (blah). Yes!

Wow i'm a loser. I never realized that this was a series until now.. :( sad

Keep it up!


Sounds pretty similar to my day.

Great read :D

Sometimes, I feel like I'm missing out due to my time zone when it comes to Order RP especially now that everything is moving along at a brisk pace. A matter of fact I'm convinced that there really isn't any Divines around in the game during my time.... At the moment, 30 players...

Nice info to know, especially if I ever consider applying to be a God in Achaea some day.

This article is amazing and I love seeing the behind the scenes of the Gods!

Ugh, now I want to go back and try Imperian (again). I've loved being in the Wardens, even if my character keep getting deleted for being inactive for too long. Wish I could stick with it, but there's only so much free time I have.

neat, a lot of stuff I didn't know

I wish all gods were that involved with the roleplay of the game.  RP is a LOT more fun when a god is making NPCs get involved.


I wonder if he's playing a TEXT GAME.

(yay free credit)


He who?

Logs are great for catching up..

thanks for sharing

Niiiice article!

It's nice to see how the game looks like from a Divine's perspective. Makes us appreciate you all, etc.!

but not sure it would be for me! I like my mortal friends too much!


there are more posts from non imperians here )

never realized there was a CONGWHO