Text Games: Five Iron Realms Tools Worth Discovering!

text game tears of polaris muds

By Ben Gorlick & Christina Roper

Christina and I recently discovered that Iron Realms has built incredible new tools to make text gaming easy, for the avid role-playing gamer like myself, to tap into no matter where you are. I discovered the first new tool while attending a local Miss America based beauty pageant with Christina who is a former contestant herself. It all started when my eyes started to blur over during a not-so-exciting dance routine; the idea popped into my head to try to sneak into Achaea from my cell phone. I was delightfully surprised to find that Iron Realms had built an Android application for connecting to the Iron Realms text games that was easy to access. I was downloaded and logged into Achaea before the performance was over. While a contestant was attempting to impress me by doing some Irish dance heel jump kick, I knew in Achaea that a Monk could do better than that! I had escaped the joys of reality and was in text-game bliss!

Of the many tools that I’ve found post-pageant, these five stand out amongst the pack:

As many of you have already surmised by my introduction, Iron Realms Entertainment has been working diligently to make their online text games more accessible on the go. The Android application is exactly that, allowing users, like yourself, to access your favorite role playing game from your cell phone. I’ve even heard very credible rumors that an iPhone app is in the works too!

Image: https://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/com.ironrealms.ireclient/ss-480-0-7

The Firefox & Chrome Extension Toolbars are especially cool, adding a new toolbar to the top of the Firefox browser just below where you type in your weblink. From there you can see your characters credentials, the updated news board content, updated events that are happening in real time, online players, and links to the flash and nexus clients providing easy instant access to the text games.

Image: http://www.ironrealms.com/images/chrome/chrome-overview.png

Image2: http://www.ironrealms.com/images/firefox/news.jpg

The Iron Realms facebook app is great for those who sit around on facebook all day, like us, and want to explore their character and the online role playing game directly from their browser inside the comforts of their cozy facebook account. Here you get a sweet snapshot of all the latest news, what is happening live, rankings, achievements and more. This is in the early stages but it has great potential and is a fun way to share Iron Realms Games with your friends!

Lastly, GMCP which deserves an entire blog post in itself is a protocol that adds a layer of accessible information to your mud client experience. If you have a client such as Mudlet, that supports GMCP protocol, you can instantly access all kinds of neat information about your character without the need of grabbing that information via triggers and such.  At this time, the majority of what GMCP can be used for in IRE games is capturing your characters skills, items, communication channels, room information, rift information, and a few other neat features. A lot can be said on this topic and I am still learning my share, so if this is over your head, it is still largely over mine as well, but I’m sure we can all agree that something useful, neat and cool exists and that warrants us learning more about it!

On the horizon of Iron Realms gaming, I have some insider information that a couple tools are in the works. Amongst those as I mentioned earlier are an iPhone app, an iPad app or at the very least a simplified tutorial on the main site for getting online using an iPad, continued support and increased functionality for the Java & Nexus clients and further development for the Facebook app.

Ben Gorlick & Christina Roper are text game enthusiasts who play the best role playing games at Iron Realms!


The firefox bar lets me know what happens while I am not logged in (though it is rare that I am looking at my computer while not logged in), but I'd like to be able to check what happens in MKO and Imperian without having to open two browsers.


Concerning GMCP, it would be great that Char.Vitals gives information about balance and equilibrium. (My triggers in tintin++ do not always work when there are lots of output)


I don't use facebook, nor chrome or android (and I probably won't ever use them), so I can't say about the three other tools :) , but the two first are really good !

You don't need to login for Impy at all. Just go for MKO. :P :P :P

Support your local IRE!!





Or better still, Lusternia.

Lusternia is so last week!  MKO all the way!

Imperian, fo'!





I miss when facebook had the app invites. I made sooooooo many credits.

That was the best. Sad to see the credit incentives go. Was good while it lasted.

I blame the assholes who abused it




sadly few people ruined it.. before I even had a chance to try it ONCE! :/

You lose.

Only problem with the Android app is that it's impossible to type quickly on a phone. I've tried the app, and it's quite good.

here's to hoping for an Iphone app, but then again I run into the same problems that you do. Generally I talk super slower, and I have no combat abilities.  Still good to check in and read messages when I am on travel.

But if you're just logging in to check messages and such, then it shouldn't be a problem.

I've got an HTC Desire-Z which has a pop out keyboard. With a button for first aid and a button for sipping it's possible to do a bit of bashing.

And now Lusternia has stratagems and curing playing on the phone has got even more doable. Great skills.

Nice that would make it handy.

Anyone know if the Android app works on the Kindle Fire?  I've installed some Android apps that didn't work on it.  Usually it was a hardware issue, not an Android issue.

Thanks for the cool tool suggestions.


I'll defintely be trying the firefox add-on. ;)

I like the tools they are awesome

Quite like the firefox toolbar. Especially useful are the login/out events! (when I keep an eye on it, anyway!)

I love the firefox toolbar. It's so much fun seeing on the live feed someone hit aspect and me sending them a tell congratulating them on it. And them freaking out wondering how I knew.

Yeah, I love how covertly awesome it is!

It's also cool you see when someone hits a leadership position in a city.


How many of them are shown?

Yea I've had a good conversation with someone trying to figure out how I know they had achieved something

I like the Chrome extension. Not that I use Chrome that much but still pretty spiffy.

and thought this was going to be about ingame tools. Android is cool, but I've never felt the need to get a cell phone for more than calling people.

Though, speaking of ingame tools--thanks for implementing firstaid in survival! It's wicked.

Yay for feeding the addiction! :D

pew pew!

Now we can be connected 24/7!

Oh yeah we can :D

All that's left is for a device to let us play while we sleep!

I'm sure bio-chips will someday make such a thing possible.

Its the real world I'm not really well connected to.

No idea how to use it. Looks kinda cool, wish I was smartur. I <3 the Chrome extension though, I have a strict policy on not talking to IC people on OOC chat messengers, so it's great when I can send IG messages from my browser

This is worth it all if you ask me

The Mudlet wiki should help you out on that!

GMCP and Mudlet have definitely made my triggers waaaay smarter, and have enabled some things that simply weren't possible before. Well worth taking the time to learn!


So many things that I just would not have gotten working without that combination.

Ooh, this article made me aware of the existence of gmcp, will have to look into it!

GMCP is the shizzy.

I am still very much learning how Mudlet and GMCP works, but damn, it sure is nice from what i can tell so far.  and also <3<3<3<3 chrome toolbar

I use the Android app while I'm at work. I wouldn't use it to go into battle or anything like that, but it is useful to be able to do lessons and chat to those online.

Ever since that other article I've found my android game time has been taken up with rogue :-)



You forgot about the new http://www.ironrealms.com/mud-scripts


A great resource for misc scripts.

This is good too, but a category "other client" should be added.

I only have scripts for Tintin++ and TinyFugue !

I do like the firefox bar but I just cannot stand Chrome as a browser in general

Downloading it now, I'm gonna try it out a little later. Sounds awesome!

Not IRE exclusive, but I downloaded Pocket MUD on my iPod touch to try it out. Far from perfect, and obviously limits a lot of what you can do, but it gets you connected and it's free. It's good when you're looking to kill time or check news or something quickly. It also apparently has trigger capabilities, though I have yet to try those out.

I look forward to the IRE iPhone app.

Still waiting on that Android application to stop being so buggy and let me make triggers.

Which version are you using? We have uploaded several new ones and have not been recieving any error reports.

I just uploaded version 1.5 (although it may take a couple hours for it to show up)

If you are still having problems let us know exactly what is happening, file the crash reports, and/or email us at android@ironrealms.com.

Most of the shopping malls and such don't work in FIrefox where I live, so I am forced to use IE despite its bugginess. Sometimes I really want to try the tools out...

They should have policies set to disable installations of anything, if they're properly configured. It's a public computer...

I'll be trying out the facebook app after reading this!

sadly FB sucks :/

Now it seems were almost always connected to achaea. Yay for making it easier to do!

iphone app will make it all worth while

I love the toolbar!  When it first came out I was replying to messages from my browser, and I kept getting people asking where I was off-plane.  They were confused when I said I wasn't.

For the android app it is only good for very very simplified stuff such as talking or learning lessons or reading news.  Nothing more.

Adroid app is fun, but hard to play from

I always love new toys!


I believe it could work, IF it's good enough.


Used the android app to sign in, spin wheel on vacation. :)

This inspired me to get antitheft and rewearing done using GMCP. A little tricky and overly-involved just for some fancy rewear, but cool to use none-the-less! :)

An android app for the go when I get in the realms! :)

better late then never no?

oh nice! love this

The firefox toolbar is pretty fantastic for checking into the game without having to log in and deal with people sucking you into other stuff.

Granted I probably wouldn't touch the other things.

I like how he slipped in that little detail about his gf being a former pageant contestant.

-thumbs up- oh yeah lol


Still how can you go wqrong with these apps they are amazing and so are the games

I'm using the toolbar now, it's great!

lub it

Love the Chrome browser extension, though sometimes it's a bit buggy. :/

I knew about the iPhone client coming because they've been mentioning it on twitter, however I did not know about the firefox tool bar for the news posts, that's awesome!!

Awesome toolbar

I honestly, only use facebook. Don't have an andriod phone. Plus, I can easily use this site to send messages and check the news! So it works for me :) Good article though.

The Firefox and Chrome toolbars have been the best 'tools' from Iron Realms recently. I'd like to see some other similar stuff released in the near future.

I love playing the Andriod app when I'm stranded at something boring or on break at work. Granted I don't play hardcore, but its nice to be able to check up on things from anywhere.

I love the android app sometimes I am not able to get on when I would like and then when I get to work and it is slow I can sneak on and see whats going on....keep moving forward IRE we love you!

I think I would like the android app better if it was in a monospace font. But otherwise, it's pretty useful if you're stuck at a mechanic's shop with nothing much to do! I'm just afraid to be online using it for too terribly long. An app that would let me read news, or help files, without logging in would be fancy, too. I could use it as a reference to the side without filling up my screen with help files.

Thanks for pointing out other useful things!

The android app allows my IC fiance to spend time with me, WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT?!!  Mooooore of me! 


I like the additions that IRE is making, they obviously see the _value_ in making their moneymaker more accessible to those that are addicted to it! Harharhar. 


Anyways! I just got the Chrome thingy, it'll make it impossible for me to stay away! 

I'm guilty of using the Android app.

I'm enjoying the Android app, just dislike the fact it hides the command line after you enter in something.

In here, firefox toolbar is cool.

and handy!

Meh, nothing for Opera...

Never seen these options before. Interesting. Now I better end this comment before the a Shin Thunderstorm wrecks my Internet.


I like the Android app, though I kinda feel it could be a bit easier to use.

It would be nice if the text size was a bit larger on the android app. Andromud doesn't have that problem.

Oh, so that's what GMCP is. How do I use it in Mushclient? I'll have to figure that one out. Thanks for an informational article!


I am in love with the google chrome toolbar. it is my lifesavor when I don't feel like entering the game to respond to a quck message. 

I still prefer traditional playing


I don't! :P

GMCP is awesome!

They provide great avenues to access their games, I'll definitely give them that. I used to play on my blackberry with a telnet client well before the Android one was developed. You can't do anything too extensive but it works fine for messaging and even ratting or wandering around.

Does anyone knowif Mush supports GMCP?

As far as I know. But you should use Mudlet imo.

each time I hate this awful blackberry a bit more, seriously

The chrome extension has been invaluable, has let me keep up with the happenings when I have not had the time needed to log in and actually enjoy the realms.

the android app is great for checking things like the credit market and if friends are around, but I find it too difficult to get around and actually do anything. I still prefer to check my messages and logs and such from the website. It would be nice to have a mobile version on the site. Also, the facebook app was neat, until for some reason it stopped working. I haven't been able to use the app at all since the credits for invites thing was discontinued.

I'd love to see a mobile version of the website.

In GMCP we trust.

Now imperian just need to update theirs and add things like herbbalance/salve/tree/focus/purge and whatnot.


I do so love GMCP. And the toolbar - win.




That sounds like a cool way to connect. I would have never thought to try that on my phone.

Had no idea the toolbars existed.

GMCP is da bomb.

one of the best things that came for ages.

GMCP <3 <3 <3

Now please...heh heh

Then.. and then.. and then..

Firefox Toolbar = Win.

It's easy to check the news, my messages, logs, who is online, start up the flash client, and I can switch between games without leaving one game if I'm playing more than one IRE game. And I like that I don't even have to be logged into the game to do it, so I can take breaks and then check things before I log back in.

GMCP is great!


I'll need to check out the android app and toolbars, they look great

I miss the facebook app



I need to get the toolbar



credit post



Life would be easier if they would just install mudlet at work

Less productive perhaps, but it would be fun at lunchtime.

loving the firefox toolbar!

For real.

I need an app for my nook is what I need

Haven't been able to use these apps so far but hope to in the future, they sound great!

i like having that level of disconnection.  When you are gaming, you are gaming.  When you aren't, you aren't.  Feel like having a toolbar on my browser all the time would be too much distraction.

Me too - I am sufficiently old that I get up from my PC to go and watch TV rather than watching it on my PC - afterall thats why I bought a comfy couch and big TV

Love love love!

The firefox toolbar. It saves me quite a bit of time.

I didn't know know of this! D:

I love the firefox toolbar.  An iphone app that did the same would be too awesome.

Definitely like the toolbar

I use them all the time, both Firefox and Chrome. Yay watching two+ games at once.

I've heard a lot of good things about the tool bars even if I don't personally use them.

Would prefer one that is just a lite version, to mimic the browser plugins instead of logging yuo into the game fully. Other than that, I -adore- my browser plugins because they're a great way to keep in touch when I cannot focus on being "in" the game.

I dislike the chrome bar since you can't see if something new has been added to the logs like you can easily see in the firefox tool.

Had to be a real quality game while watching Miss America pageant.  Way to play!

Anyone else have issues getting the FB app to work?

the gmcp doc is very useful.

I have to admit though, I thought the things in the room would also be sent by gmcp... 


I'm not that addicted to Achaea yet, but pretty close. One day I'll check them out, at least I like the idea of them.

Thanks for the interesting read.


Without a smart phone, and usually using Opera, the only one of these I use is GMCP. D:

the chrome one is interesting. Would be nice to have something similar for IE

will the facebook app ever be fixed?

I approve of the firefox toolbar. 


What I do not approve of is the fact that my iPhone still is without Achaea.

Chrome tool bar. I has it. Had Firefox but Firefox refused to continue functioning so I went over to the other side!



another one!

Hrm, GMCP looks very interesting.

I found out this is all pretty old stuff. Too bad. Oh well, at least I get the credit for posting.

But I DO know that it makes a bunch of cool stuff work, so yay!


is a good thing. Now I can play all the time!!

Well that's rather useful, I didn't realize there was an Android app.

oh dangerous. Spending too much time in game as-is.


toolbar/chrome extension!

I totally agree. It's pretty cool.


it is

I totally agree. It's pretty cool.

all are good

The Android app looks awesome, would love one for iOS!


All very useful.

Love the firefox toolbar, it's pretty neat and handy.

GMCP doc is my best friend

too bad I don't like chrome

I missed out :/


I'll check these out!

Android app looks great!

Can now log on via Ipad from the website...yay!

..I do like tools. :D





I use the android app to check in when work is getting really slow.

The Andriod app is really nice for being able to pop in and see if I have any messages or letters on the go :)

technology and not enough game. just find a computer somewhere , sit down , and play. I would hate to get into an intense combat situation and be trying see, type, think, when all i had was a phone to interact with.