Text Games: Maximize Your Credit Report

text games earn credits

by Tony Celentano

Iron Realms recently stepped into the text game App arena, brandishing their powerful Android client. While initial kinks are being hammered out, the client is already receiving high-star user reviews. Features include a text game map window, trigger and alias support, and more features are being added over the upcoming weeks. It's only a matter of time before we see a full scale combat system for your favourite text game.

Though some may argue that text game combat is impossible, logging on inebriated has been a favourite past-time for many text game enthusiasts. Whipping out your phone at the bar and trying to drunkenly complete an assassination contract isn't exactly an unrealistic scenario. If you'd like to see the app in action, Vathael of Lusternia provided us with some screenshots.

With Iron Realms text games becoming multi-platform, now is a better time than ever to invite your friends and earn credits! Iron Realms runs many promotions that can earn you credits for inviting folks to try text games, and I'm going to show you how to maximize your credit income. Inviting Facebook friends to play Iron Realms can earn you up to 10 credits per day.

What if you don't have that many friends, or don't want a ton of strangers on your personal Facebook?

One method involves creating a Facebook account for your text game character. Once you have your text game alter-ego's Facebook set up, make your profile picture something Farmville related. What this does is tell people who play Farmville (the most popular Facebook game) that you will accept their friend requests. You can then turn around and invite them to play Iron Realms text games for 1 credit per person you invite! Every morning I wake up with anywhere from 7 - 15 brand new friend requests who I invite to play text games!

Another seemingly forgotten promotion is the reflink. If you type 'REFLINK' in-game, you'll be given your own unique link that you can send to friends. If they follow this link and play any Iron Realms game for 5 hours or more, you gain up to 10 credits per week! You also get 10% of any credit purchases they make, forever! If you frequent forum boards, consider using your reflink as a signature. Make business cards and staple them to bulletin boards! Whatever you do, just don't graffitti the freeway. Take a pic of the most creative places you leave your reflink, and I'll make a Top 5 article.

If you have a knack for writing and are passionate about text games, consider becoming an article contributor! You can earn credits for your articles that go live. If you can write conversational, interesting pieces, send a sample article here. Articles should be conversational, interesting and relevant to our favourite text games, of course!

The Digg promotion is ending soon, but that doesn't mean text game articles are done! Reddit could be the next target as Iron Realms becomes closer to being the #1 resource for everything text game related, so get a Reddit account ready and keep commenting!  You expressed desire for more producer interviews, who should be next? Leave a question for your favourite producer in the comments, and I'll see if I can badger them till they agree!

In the meantime, keep playing the awesome text games offered by IronRealms.com!


I've been taking advantage of the 10 credits per day for inviting friends, and I was pleased to notice we can now invite up to 40 friends at a time instead of 3 like it was last week.  Sure made it handy to go through my friends list and stock up on over 500 credits to distribute to my characters!


I didn't even know the ref link existed, but I'll surely be taking advantage of it in the near future.  

Woot 288 more facebook credits stocked up. So glad they changed that, the 3 per limit was so annoying. :)

I've been doing 3 out of  habit.

I so wish I had taken proper advantage of this thing

There was this thing?!

Seems like a bit of to much too much for me.  I don't know how my facebook friends would accept Achaea or Iron Realms.  Just a thought though.

and you can only send them the invite once. If they have no intrest the worst they can do is block the IRE app, you still get your free credit for trying.

I made over 500 facebook credit, now I need more friends

still feels eghy, being one of those people that sends out massive invites for games.


I. Miss. This.


I totally forgot about the reflink.

Any time I hear good ways to make free credits, it's music. 


Don't forget a credit for a comment all ! ;)

That's why I'm here.

Can't knock a free credit.

Sure can't.

nope no way no how


so so so true

This is bad form.

You're bad form. Credits are good

Credits? I LOVE credits! :D

Or can you?

huh...I didn't know about many of these things. Awesome...I should get more people to play, seems easy enough :D. Thanks for all the tips!

can't wait to fix my android so i can try it.

Wonder if the Android app is useable on the Kindle Fire.  Not all Android apps are, even though it's an Android device.


Thats cool, I might try creating a facebook just for my character. I'm a private person >_>

Me too!

Why is it that people seem to need to tell the world whenever they are doing anything? I'm not an insanely private person... but i don't feel the need to tell the world that I'm about to go cook dinner, or that my kid just lost a tooth or something :P

I don't understand the need to tell everyone everything either.  Funnily enough I don't feel the need to tell people what games I'm playing either, I suppose I should just follow the advice given here and exploit, err help, some anonymous farmville addicts.

uh huh.

Not sure how anyone can play a MUD on a cell phone.

Yeah... I just don't see it happening really. Maybe for reading news or something?

Whilst on public transport or waiting for your kids to come out of school. Just need a few simple alias's is all. Also for catching up on the news, messages or a little order/guild banter. I just tend to not leave the city if I'm on my cell.

interesting thoughts that one!

Damn those Android screenshots look good.

Free credits are the BEST KIND!

I had never heard about REFLINK before.  Thats cool.  Also, the facebook part is awesome.  Im creating a facebook as I speak!


Great Article, I like Credits and it might be a great way to expand player base in lusternia...maybe one day we can overthrow Aardwolf for top spot!

Definitely going to download the android app and try it out. If for nothing else, I can do my lessons while I'm sitting around in the break room at lunch time.

Please don't end the Digg promotion! D:


Please don't end it, credits are what I need!

I can spam facebook contacts on an account I don't do anything with to get free credits? Count me in.

Now everyone will know about this :P

so it's not a secret any more

Thanks for the heads up! Had no idea about REFLINK, might use that at some point. Free credits is always good.

And I'm looking forward to the Android App being further developed. I can't play too much with it, but it's nice to be able to log in almost anywhere just to chat and such.

I LOVE the app on Facebook. Due to
my mother playing Farmville with a few thousand people, I have her invite all her friends and toss me the credits. ;)

Yes, I love them too <3

Cool. I bothered some of my FB contacts with invitations (I hope they don't get mad at me). I'll try the reflink, although I don't think I can get people play 5 hours (I don't think I can get people play 5 minutes)

The reflink was news to me. It's nice having these promo's running for credits!


Always good to know ways to earn credits and make IRE grow. Thank you!

See, now the reflink is something I wish I'd known about in the past... I'd have been dragging a lot more people in if I knew that one. Great article.

Whoah, why didn't I know about the reflink? :p

Sure gonna use it in the future! sounds damn nice

should be able to reinvite people in fb.

How does the new android client compare with Blowtorch?

It's not too bad. The autologin is very convenient, and it seems to perform faster. It has a nice scrollback too. It doesn't have the option to press the up arrow to repeat previous commands though, which I found frustrating, and it's crashed a couple of times for me.


I think if the person creates a character from the referral link you send, you should get another bonus (like 1cr), and a bigger bonus if that person buys credits.

can't wait to get an android phone.

I should get more facebook friends. I already got well over 500 credits awhile back and haven't touched it since.

I had no clue I could get 10 credits a day doing this...that's amazing!

Plenty of things in here I didn't know about, like the Reflink. I've been doing the Digg promotion, which has been nice!

I rather like the digg articles for credits more than spamming facebook friends, but I hope to see good things come of the reddit mentioned, perhaps that will do nicely as well.

Never saw this coming. Interesting idea and I think I may need to start throwing out some invites for my pals in Uni.

Wow, I didn't know about this. Not sure facebook will get anyone to play, though.

Honestly, buddy, I could kiss you. That tip is -pure- genius.  I'm gonna name my first child after you.

i've been doing that Farmville trick for some time. Each day I log in my credit stock skyrockets 8)

Hopefully the Android clients works alright. Like that you can get credits for free by helping out the game.

I am really loving blowtorch for a phone client, but looking forward to the IRE one as well!


It would be awesome!

I'm actually glad IRE is marketing its games the way it is; the publicity is helping to ensure their longevity, which is something we all want. That said, I didn't know about REFLINK before this article. People should be made more aware of it!

I didn't know about the reflink at all. Was that posted anywhere before? I'm hoping to try out that Facebook application in the future but I would prefer using the reflink to be honest. Will android apps work on the iPhone?

Pocket mud is a nifty little free app. Its not feature heavy but with a few alias's set up you can do the basics. There are a few apps which cost between 0.99c and 2.99 but I haven't tried them

And FB sucks beyond madness.

This is great!! I didn't know there were so many ways to make free credits! Great article, thanks for the info.

Not sure I'd ever use this. I like Aetolia, but it seems a rather telemarketery way to get new people.

Wow, free credits! I doubt I can convince anyone though.

I'm so glad they cam eup with this! I've having a lot of fun trying to maximize the number of credits I can have. Thanks FarmVille hahaha.

don't really wanna spam friends though

surely they won't mind one single invite. It's not as spammy as most apps

Your idea for creating a facebook account for your character and using a farmville picture... Brilliant. Credit espionage.

Always nice to learn of new ways to earn credits

Awesome! Love free credits!

Facebook spam accounts are allowed? I'm not sure if I should be happy or cry...

All of the friends you invite through the farmville friends finder want the extra neighbours for there farm. They are getting a free neighbour, which boosts there favourate game and you get a free credit which boosts you. Everyones a winner.

Do both!

I never knew about the reflink either! I can't wait to do that from now on as well.

Not sure so I'd be down with making a spam Facebook account for a few credits every day.


But I'll give it a try, why not!

I'd completely forgotten about the reflink, those never really work for me.

Good to know-- learning is so much faster when you get 60 free lessons a day.

I, too, was unaware of the REFLINK, so thanks for bringing it up.  I hope some of these promotions actually bring in a larger playerbase for IRE games, as I'd love to see the Lusternia community grow a bit.



Oh, wow. Cool.

Honestly, I think it's a great idea to get the players active in recruiting new players. Iron Realms doesn't have to pay for the advertising. But what I think players should really be motivated by more players in the world. More players means more troops to command, more credits for your house / city, and just a more vibrant atmosphere in your game.

Very excellent marketing ploy that won't cost IRE a thing and helps retain players by rewarding them.  The REFLINK was interesting to learn of too.  I suppose it's time to get some small revenge on all those FB'ers who post their game stuff to me.

You guys are not allowed to end the Digg promotion!!! and i can't believe i've been on here a few years and not known about the other promotions :(

These tactics seem rather shady. I suspect that if IRE's evangelical customer base was larger, we'd start seeing bans from social media sites thanks to these types of promotions. Wasn't there a fuss with TMS about giving in-game bonuses? Admittedly, that's explicitly competing with other MUDs for visibility, but the principle seems the same.

The incentive thing with TMS was a fuss for in-game bonuses due to the fact you are essentially paying for votes to become the "Top game" that is why it isnt allowed.  


There is nothing stating you cant give incentive to share your enthusiasm and bring in new customers.  That would mean every "Refer-a-Friend" program that pretty much every company has participated in at one time or another has never been effective.


Think of those late night infomercials, are you telling me I shouldnt get a second slap chop if I promise to tell a friend.  What about my travel size Sham-Wow!


I see nothing wrong with this.


Promoting the game is an excellent idea. All corporations that become something promote their businesses. It is the way of the world. "Word of mouth" is still by far the best way to promote and in my opinion, promotions like this, are the "word of mouth" of the virtual world.


I'd completely forgotten about some of these, thank you!


Pish, i had no idea of this reflink creation! I am going to boost my credit score for the better in the near and distant future!!!

I had forgotten that REFLINK existed, and I'm a virtually new player. I learned early that it existed, but never used it... Maybe I'll rethink this.

I definitely didn't know about some of these credit strategies.

I wonder if they will do this for the Iphone

I'd say that there are other things to focus on first, but it will most likely come eventually.

Quit publishing my sekretz. :(

Ooo, more players is always good.

Thanks for the tips, this is going to help me earn my level 3 Hippie pokers, or rapiers if you will. Cheer!

Nice article.


some interesting methods on here.  I'll have to try this.

The Android app is absolutely beautiful! The text looks lovely on my Desire and it's great for playing when out and about. :)

lol @ Farmville pic.

I had no idea I could get credits that way through Facebook!!

credits! credits everywhere!

Good idea on the facebook.

Though credits are always nice to receive, I detest facebook invite spam - so am not going to inflict it on others!

And I will love it.

I actually just recalled the facebook app and wondered if it did anything good. Just figured this out, and will be continuing to use it no doubt!

^ This. I had some left on there when it sucked. Now I'm using it all the time. XD


Free Credit!

me too thanks Iron Realms

there's a ref link???????????????????

i use the facebook thing every day! I love it so much. 

I use the facebook application quite often... It's an easy way to get some free creddies. Really enjoying it.

Yikes.. Not sure if the farmville works but I'll try

Please let Digg run concurrently

Huh, I didn't know about this, might have to try this if/when the facebook invite app goes back up.

I guess I need to read the articles more often.

+1 to playing while drinking, but at a bar???

I didn't know this stuff. I normally like to keep my progress "in-game", but I don't have the patience required for that on an IRE game! I did before, and it was just too much time taken for too little reward really. It is just a game.


I may consider doing some of these!

Imperian is pretty much my secret shame, which I will never tell anyone about, ever.


No more fb!

What do you mean by that? I still got a comment credit.


Wish this was still going on

Apprently it was stopped because people were abusing the system.

It was nice while it lasted, it helped me get some needed things.  *cries*  no more

It was amazing while it lasted, though it irritates me to no end that they took away the credits I had stocked up. I get stopping you from making more redits, but taking away the ones you already had is bs.

I agree, I still have 130 left to transfer. Or I did before I removed the app.

I'm a bee!



Wow, because of the free credits some of these comments are getting more and more rediculous everytime I read them. Delicious?


It doesn't take much more brainpower to come up with something to say other than :) or delecious.


 How about -- "Wow I like free credits , I think the farmville, thing is a great idea because they are all trying to get more friends too! You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours!"

Free Creddies are always nice.


Is Reflink still going on? I think that'd be one of the most profitable things to use!

need more ways to get credits

this is by far my favorite way

Wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to get credits by the bucket full that no one else new about? It would be like a fantasy within the fantasy.

within a fantasy, within a dream, within a fantasy.

I think they stopped reflink righ now because people were abusing it and just using it as ways to get their secondaries more credits.

wtb 10creds a day

Does anybody know if the Facebook App still works? It looks like that page is just blank when I try to access it.

This sucks, I want free stuff easily!


The Reflink is new to me. 10 creds a week eh? Sounds nice

What happened to the Facebook thing, that sounded cool.

it was cool, I think too many used it and Facebook did not like the increase of friends everyone was having


It's IRE who pulled it, not Facebook. People go to far greater lengths to gather friends for Farmville and the likes. Also this reflink thing is new to me, dammit.

Pesky kids ruined it for everyone


...it's true :/

Woohoo gonna try this

What I could write about that would be good enough to get me some credits for submitting an article?

Awesome ideas. Thanks!

I forgot about this


May have to try it 

seems REFLINK does still give an actual link, at least.  Misleading title, by the way.  I thought it was about paying back in-game loans on time or something.

I always forget about REFLINK.  Damn.

what's a reflink?

The digg articles are still a great way to get credits over time, plus artisnals and bardics!


Oh dear accounting

Hmm, nice that some of these still work, at least.


does facebook still work? REFLINK is

I wished there were more promotions other than having to do artisianals and what not.

Going to try reflink now!

pity none of this works in Aetolia

The REFLINK was a helpful hint. I didn't realize it existed. It is sad that the Facebook promo was abused, forcing IRE to end it. How about the Digg articles? The link in this article doesn't seem to work.

Agree fully. 

Threads like this one seriously need to be locked or updated to show a bold message at the top showing that links/methods shown in the post are/may no longer exist.

Always find these things too late

Does this still work?

The android client has been out for a while now, but inviting friends for credits has not worked for a LONG time.


Double reply. Yuck.

Why did no one tell me about this before?
I'm not sure how successful I'll be, but it's a cool idea for mudders.

moar spam!

I'm confused on how the inviting people thing works...

good lord, the credits are so tempting but I don't wanna be a spambot

I am going to be the spammiest, spamming spambot ever.


Free credit



Free credit

Does the reflink thing even still work? The one in the article doesn't. D:

I think this is a real old article





The screen shots make it look pretty easy to use but I wonder how combat would work on my little phone.

We get credits to comment?

Please please please, make client for iPAD. 

iPads are evil though

Guess I'm going to have to try some of these ways of getting credits.. Need a few more things to buy!!

Sadly a LOT of the ways listed in here are obsolete and have not been around for some time now.  These posts REALLY need to be locked to stop people bumping them.

How I miss this...

Similar methods are rather lacking these days.


Since people are selling credits in Achaea with crazy prices... perhaps trying to win credits using those ways are the best. Free credits are always nice.

i had no idea this exsisted


There was a screenshot on which a message reported "a new article, see HELP DIGG" - quite helpful, that is.

Though I couldn't really open the Iron Realms Digg page :/

Which sucks.

Do the REFLINKs still work?

Can still pull it up so maybe it does.  Unsure.

Makes me wish I had net access on my phone! Sadly, I'm stuck using computers. :D

My phone is OLD!!! Doesn't even have the ability to have apps... Oh well. It makes calls, and sends/recieves texts, so I guess it works... And besides, if I had Achaea on my phone, I'd never get ANYTHING done. LOL! I'd be playing it while grocery shopping, or babysitting!

While I don't think that playing a MUD on your phone is really feasible, I have never heard of REFLINK. I think I'll have to try that out! Sounds like a great way to support the game and bring in new players to make the game more exciting, all while gaining credits.