Text Games: Those Crazy Signs of Addiction

reno 911 boots of escaping
by Natalie Womble

Addictions can come in various forms for really anything in this world; some are more serious than the others. Text games have the ability to provide the player with an enriched role playing game environment. The environment allows the text game player to escape from the physical world performing actions that are reached beyond the heavens. They could be a fearsome warrior that strikes down all that stands in their way, a dedicated scholar with a silver tongue that can sway the most stubborn opinions, or a dedicated and enriched politician with fantastic leadership capabilities. 

The following are interesting and amusing signs of addiction to one or more online role playing games. 


Text Dreams

I do recall when I had just started playing text games, someone stated over a clan that they had a vivid text game dream. I will admit I laughed and thought, “That will never happen to me.” A few days later I was eating my own words. I ended up having a text game dream that was over a spar, if I remember correctly. I have had quite a few text game dreams even since then, some of which are just purely bizarre. So the question is, have you? 



Miming your character’s attacks

There is more than likely someone out there whom irritates you, or even whenever a situation irritates you. How far has it gone? Have you mimed a random attack of your text game characters subconsciously? I know I definitely have! While one of my text game characters was a member of the Occultist class in Achaea, I was talking to a text game friend. My friend was irritating me and I never noticed myself clutching my fist and twisting it in front of them, until after she looked at me with concern and said that I had lost my mind.  Once I realized what I’d done, I kind of stopped and started to laugh, I couldn’t help it, the situation was so random and ridiculous. 

There are two others that I have mimicked in similar situations. These were both during the various times that I had a text game character as a monk. Well, to turn a long story to a short one, I caught myself miming the skills of kai choke and mind radiance. Amused, yes? I know I certainly was.


Finding game references within unrelated means

Have you ever read a book and came across a name that looked familiar and your immediate thought is, “Oh! They’re from Achaea!” Perhaps it was a situation that reminded you of one or more of the text games. There have been several fiction and fantasy books that I have read and ended up finding some type of text game relevance whether it’s a name, skill, city, or situation. Funnily enough each time this occurred I wasn’t even trying or thinking about text games. 


Slips of the Tongue

It many sound crazy, but I have heard of and have had this happen to me, to end up slipping up and saying things that are related to the Iron Realms games around those that do not play the text game. For example, by saying something like “Oh my Gods,”  for either an amusing or unbelievable situation. 


Habitual emoting on messengers

There may come a time whenever you decide to allow for other text game adventurers to contact you by an out of character means, such as instant messenging. There could also be a time whenever you throw in a random emotion such as doing something like “*hug*” on the messaging window. How do you know when it’s a step further? It’s very simple, when you start doing similar actions to your non-text-gaming friends.


Attempting to perform game commands elsewhere

Have you ever talked to one of your gaming friends and you end up sending the message that has something like “Cwho” or something related in it? I know I definitely have. This one night in particular, I was very exhausted and ended up sending the message “qq” to one of my friends before I signed out of AIM and MSN. Needless to say they laughed themselves silly at it, and the worst part… I wasn’t even playing the text game when the situation occurred! 


So, has any of this ever occurred to you? If it has, you just may be addicted, my friend. Worry not, I’m highly certain you are not alone. 


Natalie Womble is a text game addict who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms!



I can so relate to some of these.

I've been guilty of them all...

Oh good, it's not just me. I've definitely had all of them before. I even remember the day when I saw my password was walking around as someone's character.  That was odd.



Game commands and any interacting ones are my crime. Talking to people on any sort of chat becomes horrid.

I agree. I always get asked "what's 'qw' or 'gw'" whenever I slip up. And I end up typing out my emotes rather than using emoticons like "eyeshift" or "mutter (discontentedly)"


I've done everything except miming my character's attacks.  But of course, Faustine's non-violent, so...

I have to set up aliases in each IRE game to fix my habits from other IRE games. What's great is that it's not the same habits on each game. I do Imp commands on Achaea and Achaea commands on Aetolia, etc. I especially like the echoes I've set up to remind myself how much of an idiot I'm being when I do it.


I think the biggest thing that happened to me was the things I would say in character to people, like "sadface" etc, I actually started saying out loud in coversations with people. I'm just glad half the folks I know play, so they didn't give me too terribly weird of looks.

I tend to keep using the same alias names for relatively similar actions across different MUDs. Helps me not having to learn a whole new set, where possible.

Hawk, I totally relate to your "sadface" which I have said to numerous people. Additionally, I think I have done at least five of these six. The most imbarrrasing has to be texting in the wrong window some Acheaen command. To the person who does not play Achaea. That is always hard to come back from. Numerous times I have had dreams of something in realms, even nightmares!!! 

I do know, that sometimes I act out the commands, emotions and the like to my laptop while doing them in realms. Worst of all, I have done it infront of other people, and appear like an idiot to those that do not know the greatness of text-based Muds (sepcifically IRE). As for finding refrences, I have not only spoken about something (that I learned about in realms) like I am an expert on it, when I really have no real life experiance in such. I admit I am more than odd.

I've done all of those, and more. Sometimes, I catch myself. Other times, I don't. For instance, on many occasions, I've had my friends stare and laugh at me for emoting to my computer, and others they've told me I'm way to addicted to the games when I send commands over texts. Worst of all, I've actually said 'say' at the beginning of sentences while SPEAKING them aloud in conversations with no relation to games, or even computers! That last one always leaves me feeling embarassed and wholly addicted and geeky.

Edit - Hope my pointing that out helped. ^^

I had a dream that I got to choose a free ability for my mage and so I chose Rift.


I find myself doing ' all the time in other windows.

I used to play Aetolia a few years ago and chatted on MSN at the same time. I would reguarly start my messages with '. Luckily, it's subtle enough that it never bothered anyone.

According to this, despite spending almost literally half my time playing text games, losing sleep over them, and having it affect my work, I'm not an addict!

When chatting on facebook or msn I almost always start with say or sct. Its hard to explain with no rl friends who play text games.

Yeah, I've pulled that a lot, starting every line on IM with SAY or " or something of the like. I also sprinkle in emote commands, which I did anyway, but since I throw in Lusternia emotes and syntax it actually does bother my friends.


What worries me is when I do an emote on IM and actually expect the emote reaction to display in the log. wierds me out sometimes.

This is a great reason to use ' instead of say, much less obvious when you accidentally drop it into a conversation.  Although it normally only happens while I'm playing personally.

Yeah I think when you start having text based dreams, (which I have had quite a few now) you may be abit on the addicted side.

Dreams are weird sometimes, a often have a great deal to do with whatever happened throughout the day. I'd think you could play maybe an hour or two before bedtime, go to sleep, have a textgame dream, and wake up still not addicted.


Not that'd I'd know. I'm totally an addict, and I have textgame dreams all the time.

Yah I didn't think it was much possible until I started getting really into it, then found myself wanting to do NSTAT on my Facebook, instead of clicking 'most recent'. That's not too bad, is it?


In my early days of Aetolia I still used AIM and yes, I did nstat and cwho, and emoticons. My friends laughed because they knew I played 'that word game online' so had some clue what I was mistakenly doing.


I still have yet to dream in text.:D

yea i had all my friends laugh at me but they will never understand the true game behind the words


I can't tell you how many times I get my non-text-playing friends asking me why I keep putting 's in front of what I say on AIM

Scrolling words.

As a linux user, I constantly find myself using ql to find the contents of a directory, instead of ls.


And it doesn't help that the command to find out who else is on the network actually is: who

I had to add 'alias ql="ls"' in my .zshrc

I also have the "say" problem on IRC (by the way, are there a few chans about the games, especially MKO ?)

I'm definately guilty of doing the same

Is something I often spread among my friends who don't play text games when I start so many lines with 'say'. :(


This was one of the biggest problems I used to have, always starting windows live conversations with 'say.' Most the time though, people would just wonder where it came from and I'd play it off.  Don't really do it much anymore though. And I don't think I've ever had a text dream... 

I'm afraid I'd look pretty odd if I started pointing imperiously at people. It'd be fun for a while, though!


The sad part is that I've absent-mindedly tried to 'tell' somebody something once with my telepathic text-game powers :((

Since I believe it shows the signs of an active imagination if you go as far as visualising it in that manner subconsiously.

If I had a nickel for every time that I QW/CWHO/or GLed on Aim I would be a lot better off than I am now. I also find that I dream about Achaea at totally odd times when I'm not even playing the game, or haven't in months...

I've been playing Achaea now for 8.5 years and I think I was doing all of these within the first year or so. At this point I just explain my oopses to my non-gamer friends so that when I do it next time (cause I know I will!) they aren't clueless. I can deal with the funky looks since I've been a D&D geek since I was 13 and used to take my PHB and character sheets to school with me during classes I didn't bother to pay attention in, heh.

I used to take my character sheets with me to school as well. And when I DMed for our group I'd often work on notes for the adventure when I bored out of my skull in class.


As far as being addicted, my big guilt is using emote commands in IM.  Usually its obvious ones, but I did get a "huh" once for using *shinkick*.

guilty on all accounts



I've actually found that after playing text games, that I dream of other media in text. Like I'll start dreaming of a Law & Order episode, except in MUD format, all the dialogue being says, "yadda yadda", the locations all descriptions. Police cars as MUD objects. Stuff like that.

I'm pretty sure I've done all of these at one point or another. :/

these symptoms

It's weird when your boss at work and house leader act the same. Now THAT was creepy.

Or when you wish somone who gets on your last nerve would just get shrubbed in real life.

oh Gods, or when you want to be able to GROVE GATE your friend from across the country or world.

Many of my "kids" in game have received "care packages" from me in real life.
They get homemade cookies and other things, as many already know. (shame)

My husbands' head spins when I start talking about needing to preserve and pull, track and iso.

Thankfully the only one I've ever done is say 'sigh' instead of sighing. I still get mocked for that.

I did that before I ever saw a MUD and I still do that.

When these things happen, time to take a step back. xD

I type 'say' when chatting on chatrooms. Hehe.

In-game politics has made me more shrewd and critical of my country's political atmosphere and how I can relate them to different cities in Achaea.

everything, just everything. heh.

I've been totally guilty of the msn or yim chats putting "say" before I speak. Some of my non-gamer friends understand and ignore it. But when I start doing "facepalm" they start to laugh at me. I also do the qq or ql while talking to people on those messagers.. Or if I am sailing it is worse they get all my sailing alias.


It took me about two years before I dreamed about Achaea. But I had been in realms for over 16 hours a day trying to win a great hunt and get to dragon the last push... During one of my rest periods I dreamed that someone had come to my island and was trying to kill me to get the hunting spot for themselves. Instead I killed them twice. And the name I remember isn't even a character in realms.

I do start putting "say" and "qq" all the time, not to mention all the other emotes, and many people laugh the hell out of them. When somebody really annoyed me I tried to THORNREND in a chatroom, and well... lucky that nobody noticed where it was from.

Sounds like addiction to me!



I can relate to one or two of those "signs of addiction", especially the text dreams.


I do sometimes find myself dreaming about a MUD without it being necessarily in text. My mind just paints the image of how I view the MUD I play.

guilty of some of those

I dream in texts and then they become real dreams.

Heh, better than when you do enough first person shooters.  That really makes for twitchy dreams.

Text dreaming, for the win!

Since when I do 'blahblah to talk IG, the first letter is automatically changed into uppercase, I find myself ending up with the first letter lowercased when I don't manually go back and correct myself while using anything that doesn't auto do it for me. Every subsequent sentence is fine - it's just the first. IRE habits cling to me!

I still mimick the Occultist warp in real life, all the time.  It's much less ridiculous than imitating mauling someone.

I've caught myself mimicing Staffcasts before. Thankfully no-one noticed. I've wished for a silence vibration on more than one occation,too.

While this article was funny, I don't think most of those are signs of addiction, just stuff done out of habit after a while of playing (which you eventually grow out of, or only very occasionally do).

Unless you have consistent text dreams and you wake up and immediately -need- to log on, I don't think that's a sign of addiction. When we vigourously use something we usually have dreams about it; it's normal. To me, it's not a sign or symptom of addiction. Your brain organises your thoughts when you are sleeping (that is the purpose of REM), and if you've been doing a lot of time staring at a text game some of that will leak in there. Most humans don't even remember a fairly huge portion of their dreams. Some people don't even dream in colour. You could be having many text game dreams and never know it.

A lot of people do random emotes in IMs and things. I would say it's going too far if someone is constantly going, "emote hugs you." to someone who doesn't play the game, but other than that, it's a form of expression over the Internet! And I'm sure all of us have gotten into such a habit as to QQ when we leave Lusternia that it sometimes bleeds into IMs, just out of habit, not out of addiction.

I think the addiction to the game goes far more into the emotions of a person and how the game makes them feel (or rather how they allow the game to make them feel). It's okay to feel angry or sad or happy when things happen in-game but when it gets to a point where you lose sleep or you overglorify your character's achievements in your real life, that's when you start to develop the real problem. That's not to say it's always a problem, but the person feeling that way should be cautious about what comes in the future and take steps to avoid an addiction.

It continues on into real life; you stick around in-game and pass up real life opportunities to hang out with friends and family or do other activities. That's definitely a classic sign, thinking that the game is an obligation and not something you can just 'put down' and walk away from.

One thing I learned is that IRE isn't just a game, it's a huge emotional investment. It's very different from WoW because with WoW you can roll multiple characters and even change your name, race, and faction, and no one can be the wiser to your antics; it's very easy to start fresh. Whereas with IRE it's mostly just one character you spend all this time, MONEY, and emotional coin on. Characters can ruin it for other characters and starting over is by no means easy at all for your average player.

The important thing to realise with addiction is that, if you can't simply log out and walk away without feeling guilty for doing so, you're on the fast track to addiction. If you find you're spending 12+ hours a day logged in for no particular reason (not because of any event, just simply to be logged in), that's also a warning sign. Putting off things to play the game is when it's no longer a sign, you're addicted. All these things can interrupt your real life, and really, no one should give up their real life for a text one.

I agree with you Aison. Which we know doesn't always happen. But the original article is cute all the same.

I agree, this was a very poorly done article.

Im guilty of all of these, except for trying to act out my characters attacks. Which is good since i play a monk and a serpent, and it would be bad if i started kicking and punching someone, or pretending to garrote them with a whip or shank them with a dirk lol. As for the others, though, done them all many times. Particularly guilty of putting "say" at the start of messages on IM. My friends used to give me seriously weird looks for that.

The only thing of all those I've certainly done is using 'say' in messengers.

I might have dreamed in text, but that will have been a rare time.

Great article :)


I've had text dreams, and when I brought this up on an OOC channel folks didn't believe me!!  Also, I've lost count of the number of times I've started an MSN post with SCT (that's the MKO command to speak on society channels;  think CLT)...


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dysse, and I'm a MUDoholic.

It's a bit sad, but I recognize some of those traits in myself. Still, don't consider myself quite an addict yet. /denial?

I don't know if that is a sign of addiction or simply a mistake from multi-tasking. Often, if I'm doing 2 or 3 things at once it is very easy for me to make a mistake since I'm thinking faster than what I'm typing.

How about thinking of what you're planning to do in-game during your free time? - IS this a sign of addiction?

Oh, I am planning what to do in-game while walking to work ...

I don't think it's an addiction, though. The bad sign would be to be planning things IC while not in free time (at work, during lunch ...)

I find myself prefixing clt or say in front of Skype messages... That's when I put the zMud down and go outside. 

For awhile I kept thinking the commands of actions I was doing in real life. Also have had problems sitting at open terminals and trying 'look' and 'ih' instead of dir.

Ugh I already know I'm far too addicted without any of these symptoms, not good! :P

I'm 5 for 6 on those... Which probably, isn't any good at all. :(

However, at least I can still claim that I HAVEN'T tried using any of my chars' attacks on somebody, IRL. :D

I deny all of this. Especially the part about trying to send people tells in real life. That definitely never happened. Nuh uh.

When it starts getting quiet in IRC, I have to stop myself from typing ql;sc;nstat

While I very much enjoyed this article.  It is very similar to one we had posted sometime back.

I would agree with some of the points though.  I often find myself typing "reply" when talking on my work communicator.  I now have my boss doing it.

I'm so bad on skype with entering game commands. I keep on accidentally doing qwho every five minutes.

I have a vivid imagination and sometimes I have hazy graphical dreams of the text games I play.. they can get quite scary!

Hmmm guess I'm adiccted since i've done all of those at one time or another.

After I played Achaea for two weeks, I started to dream about an ASCII world(like in roguelikes) where I played a city defender as a little @ and fought with other @ against the raiding forces.

Sometimes, I use ql or nstat in my console windows and wonder why I get no response :)

Very good stuff

Guilty of majority of the list :( Hnng



I definitely dream in text!

Some but not all

I usually pass off the ql in chat windows with a miss >_>


On a similar note to the article, my parents can't win a game of Taboo with my boyfriend and I, because of all the Achaea references.  Something like: "I use this to perform ressurections" where the word is: Grove. We beat them like, 74 to 45 or something last time. They say it's not fair that we're so good at being a team, since we're clearly addicted to Achaea, hehe.

I have done a majority of the quirks mentioned in the article. Just yesterday I was getting frustrated and exasperated with some things in rl - and I had to resist the urge of running around "FLAPping" my arms, like the achaea emote. I also remember dreaming a combat spar one time, and damn was I good!

No matter how many times I leave IRE games, I always find my way back. I used to have dreams in text, back when I was playing the games all the time. Now that I'm playing again, we'll see if those start again...

I constantly find myself typing reply before talking back to someone in chat.

Other signs of addiction:

1) You spend your whole day at work browsing through the forums (check!)
2) You spend your breaks talking to other players about things happening in game. (check!)
2) You pretty much spend your whole evening sitting at your computer playing once you get home for work (check!)
3) You spend more time with your in-game family than you do with your RL family (check!)
4) You start to see your in-game friends as more of a friend than your RL friends (getting there...)

Yup! I'm addicted...

...and none of those things have happened to me. Fools!

T.T Until school starts, Iwannabetekal!

I could have sworn we've had this article before. Really recently, too.

The night after I joined Achaea for the first time, I had a dream about it. Except it had graphics.


I tend to fight with my brother a lot, and lately I've found myself fighting more and more like Ahrehn would in Achaea. I even look for my quarterstaff and vials sometimes!

The only dreams I have involving Achaea are nightmares: ones in which I have terrible lag and lose teh precious xp.

' so true

that's so embarassingly funny

Probably the worst and least-realised sign of addiction is:

Getting laid off from your job and not finding anything in two years' time because of..well you hate to admit it, but... But at least you got level 99, right!?

Performing game commands...you know that "look" or "l" is a nice pretty-print command in Ubuntu. I actually kinda like it! Of course, there was another..I think the alias for "say" (a single-quote) which got me into some weird program that I didn't know the exit command for.

Stupid terminal programs... 

Well, for a tip, Ctrl+d is generally an 'end' for most commands on gnu-linux systems (which includes Ubuntu), and failing that, Ctrl+c to kill most anything that doesn't work in.


As for slipping up, I have a bad habit of losing my train of thought easily, and I've trained myself for, in game, doing a quick 'update' to where things stand. a (aliased to score), z (aliased to stat), g (aliased to glance), bw, cwho, nwho, gwho... in quick enough succession that I don't even realize 'a' has returned with "bash: a: command not found"... which is especially frequent with the fact that my client of choice is TinyFugue in a terminal window as it is, not differentiating things much.


.. sort of like LARPing? >_>

hahaha hilarious article, so true though

I know that the cops in my town hate it when I mimic my character's attacks.  When they see me coming, it's like "Oh geez, here comes Runeboy.  He always does this during hailstorms, so we think Hugalaz is "proc-ing"."


There's a few of these I'm guilty of, namely typing in other windows and the occasional text dream, however I've never even considered most of them.

Great article!

I'm guilty of typing say when I'm doing things online.  Very bad habit...

Text dreams, indeed.

You see a pair of shoes and think to yourself "wear shoes" Some people need to get out more. 

I was talking to a friend about this once in Yahoo messenger years ago, and to quote

Friend: say I'd never get that bad




I got a kick out of it.  I've personally also had text dreams.  Those are freaky.  >_>

Almost every night....... *_*


I haven't played these games in quite a long time, but recently got back into them. I wont say that I've had a text dream since then, but in the past I recall having vivid, potent dreams in such. Yet, while my mind displayed the text, it was still creating the characters from the descriptions, basically illustrating what was happening as I dreamt. It's an interesting way to dream, and no less viable than anything else.



Using IRE commands in other chat windows is way embarrassing. I'm guilty of usin ql as I tend to use it a lot while playing achaea.

I end up using the 'say' command all the time in chat windows entirely not related to text based games to friends that think I'm entirely crazy you "say yeah my weekend was great".

My fiance, also a IRE player, thinks its especially funny when i do it to him.

There was this moment when I realized I was totally addicted to Lusternia. I"d just brought fourteen pilgrims to Avechna the Avenger and stood there at the peak of the world and realized I"d never taken a LOOK around. So I did.

And instead of reading the text, which commented on runes and columns and Avechna"s aura, I saw in my mind the world of Lusternia stretched out below me, with rivers and the Inner Sea and New Celest and Magnagora and Gaudiguch and Hallifax (the last two at the time still frozen in time) and Serenwilde and Glomdoring and Newton Caverns and all the mountains and the Skarch Desert and the towns ... to this day I still have a mental image of that view, along with - and this is so creepy - the memory of the sensation of wind in my face and the fresh smell of spring and alpine chill wafting past me on the breeze. And the feeling that it"s cool and frosty at the top of the mountain, and the air is sharp and thin and crisp, and the land I stand upon is holy.

It"s so weird and it never ever happened to me again, but I carry it with me like a real memory, and sometimes I just dream about that one moment, which is rather unsettling at times, but I couldn"t be happier to have that feeling of truly being there. I can"t tell you how many times I"ve wished I could walk through the lush green of Serenwilde Forest, or see before my own eyes the blackened taint of Magnagora City, or swim with a pony-shaped kelpie within the Inner Sea.

So yes, I am totally addicted, probably delusional, and almost certainly insane - but I love it!

I don"t think I could ever get that feeling in a graphic game, no matter how advanced the images. You read the words, the pixels become figments of your own imagination, and each tiny, extensive detail of each room contributes to your own ability to shape the world around you even as you walk within it. It"s like writing a book, except you"re virtually playing your own main character. I hope text games will never get eclipsed by graphic games!


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There are 168 hours per week ...

Gotta love the scrolling text dreams and say's in messengers. Not that I'd -ever- do that.

I sometimes sit around thinking of these.. "You know you're addicted to text games when..."


These Great Hunts are so addictive. Second day (Aetolia has 72 hour Hunts) and it's 5 am. Time for some sleep.


a text dream, yet, but I have dreamed about being my char. before, in color. It was rather interesting. I beheaded someone that I dislike a lot, and gave it someone. Was very fun and interesting. 


This reminds me of the posts on the achaea forum about, "you know you are addicted to achaea when..."  When I first started playing achaea, which was... jeez almost 10 years ago now, I definitely had some of these issues. I would say the word "say" out loud, and in messengers, would sigh, smile etc out loud. I did have some dreams, they were of me playing achaea... as in seeing myself sit at the computer and play. None of these things really happen to me anymore, unless I am really intense on something in game, and get pulled out by a phone call, message etc. Great article! 

They help to get addicted ...


2530h, 230e, 4208m xbr@ A:50% - FOCUS MIND
You are a bit less addicted.


this is the first mudd i ever played and i love it i would like to thank the iron realms team for doing such a good job

can relate to the text-dreams:p Had one after playing till deep in the night. I've had the same with other games, Tetris is one of those dream-games as well..

I know I am an addict because my friends don't invite me to things because they assume I will be on Aetolia :(

To all of them. My gosh. I need to stop pla... Nah. Let's go play some more haha


To all of them. My gosh. I need to stop pla... Nah. Let's go play some more haha


I always tend to slip a 'say' or a 'mutter' or even a 'say *innocently' when I am on msn. So far I've been lucky to catch myself before having to give explanations, hah


My friends on msn always ask me what is ql. Not to mention weird text dreams

I'm not addicted. Just miss it when I'm gone.

Addiction to the text game? Impossible.

I dreamed about Achaea last night.

im safe..

Typing 'say' in front of IMs...

None of the simptoms...I am still safe, but for whaterver reason it has been since the beginning of the post per credit promotion that I keep posting something each day. I am sure that is not a sign of addiction...

None of the simptoms...I am still safe, but for whaterver reason it has been since the beginning of the post per credit promotion that I keep posting something each day. I am sure that is not a sign of addiction...

Ugh, I was addicted after like a week to MKO> No matter how many times I quit or ragequit I just keep coming back

except for Lusternia. I've been off and on for 6 years, but no matter what, I keep coming back for more.


I think i'm ok for now, no symptoms.


Sometimes I use "Say" by accident on messenger and so on. Heh heh.

I got better.

yeaaaah pretty much. it's nice to put down for a week though :/

Still the question is, why these games are so addictive? I still have no answer. I remember that when I was making the oath to joun my House, I had an adrenaline rush and my hart was pumping crazly. Never had that sensation in years. I play around 5 hours per week, still I love it, I keep reading ingame news, and I feel I am addicted. It is very wierd. It is like a jump into another dimension, who would not want that? Great stuff indeed.

I have had the text based dreams before.

I do all that. another problem I have is, when I first get online, i check news, email, etc. when finished, I sit and stare at the sceen, then into the search box, type "QL" or something silimlar. always ended up facepalming when BING pops up with results for whatever I've typed.

I ment to do t for target and said my target on house channel by doing ht.  they laugh at me all the time and tease

I find that I'm typing clt a lot before I talk, or say blah even, in other games. Oops!

I'm always afraid I'll start saying "Aye" rather than "yes" in real life.