Top 5 Console Gamers' Excuses for Not Trying Sandbox MMOs

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Every now and then, I wish I knew more people in real life who played the same fantasy MMORPG games I do, so I could sit and have a drink with them while I play. Not that gaming alone keeps me from drinking, but that's not the point! So, every now and then I try to get some people to play sandbox MMOs. However, when I try this, most of the responses are; 


Reading Isn't Fun

Seriously, this should be the biggest excuse to play text adventure games, because then you can say, "No, I'm not playing video games, I'm reading!". I've found that playing text games has exponentially improved my spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Why don't people want to read for their fun? I call it laziness! Get your eyes off those darned fancy graphics, and start playing some text games! They're good for you and well worth the effort of reading.  


You Mean Those Forum Games?

In forum role playing games, you write up a self description,  and interact with other players via forum posts. Normally, here is where you get hackneyed plots, the all too perfect, beautiful characters, and the convoluted bloodlines that result in a character having every power imaginable, and being immortal. Yes, this is a breeding ground for Mary Sues. Enough said here, I think. People mistakenly associate them with MUDs, as they're both text based.  


How Can You PvP?

Maybe I just really hate forum games, but I'm going to blame them for this. In a forum text game, combat boils down to "Lol, I kill you with my sword!", "Nu, you can't! I can't be damaged by normal weapons!" Ok, maybe it's not the fault of the forums games alone, but in short, people think text based roleplaying game means that the characters emote all the attacks. Apparently, it's hard to imagine a text game with pre-set attacks for different classes, and damage done based on stats towards a numeric total health. Such a thing must require  at least 8-bit graphics to function, right?! 


The Text Scrolls Too Fast!

I'll give a little merit to this excuse. For most, the text is what threw you off when you played your very first MUD. Honestly, it is a lot to take in all at once, especially if you believe you have to read everything. You quickly lose conversations, and your first view of combat makes your eyes bleed. However, after playing for a short time, you quickly learn what you actually need to read, and that most of that is color coded, for your convenience and sanity! So, my advice to my friends about this issue it really just to give the text game some time, and the text won't be bad at all. It'll still make your eyes bleed, just not for long, and it's well worth the pain in the end.  


Where's the Graphics?

When I show a friend a text-based MMORPG, they take one look at the text, and ask, "where are the pictures?"; when I explain that there are none, they shake their head, back away and say, "oh, no thanks, I like to see my character." For them I have only one response… "Where's your imagination?! didn't you ever read a book as a kid?" I mean, seriously. What happened when we were all kids, and we were encouraged to imagine things? Read something, close your eyes and visualize it? I mean, sure, you actually have to use that thinking muscle in your skull called a brain but I assure you, a forest will be much cooler in your mind, then it will be in a game where the "forest" is the same tree in 200 different nearby spots.  


So yeah, it's hard to convert people to the text based side of the gaming world. If games were food, text-based MMORPGs are like sushi. They're really really great, but the idea of what it actually is is scary and strange to people who don't' want to harden up and try it out. And if they're too chicken, or too lazy to give MUDS a chance, well, at least I have my online friends ( They're people too!)


M.K. Barry is a text-based MMORPG enthusiast who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms!


I've seen many folks just shake their heads not understanding the the lull of a MUD. Even I myself was more into the graphical type for awhile yet now that I'm hooked on MUDs, I can't imagine going back to the 'light' side.

I like them both, but I also like games where deep pockets can make you top-tier.


One thing I like about Midkemia is that it doesn't seem like this is so much required.

I've tried to show people the game, but they don't understand you don't need to read every single word, only the important parts.. woe to he who reads every rooms description as they travel.

People...actually do that...? Wow, definitely not going to have fun playing, or ever excel in..anything.. with that method.

I have always wanted to take the time to read every room description in random places, like highways. Probably wouldn't do it more than once or twice though, and still haven't gotten around to doing it.

I love to read the descriptions too and even use the things I see and pull them into my RP often. 

That's pretty awesome! I always appreciate reading the full descs - it builds immersion - but it also gets tiresome if you do it all the time. Eh. :/

You're an Achaean, go honours/ask around about Asara. I am sure you will find that she has excelled in many things. ;)

The biggest issue is the initial skepticism at playing a text game. I have tried to have a friend play, and despite being someone who enjoys reading/fantasy/roleplay just as much as I do, he refused to touch a MUD.

MUDs will always be a niche market, which is a pity because as most of us can attest to the fact that theyy really are quite amazing.

I think muds are definetlye a niche market.  When I show them to my friends and they play them most of them like them.  These are also the friends who play DnD, Palladium RPG's, and Magic the Gathering with me.  Most others regard it as taboo.

Good points (although I don't know if telling people their eyes will bleed is the best way to encourage new players, hehe). I've never really played graphics RPGs, for a couple of reasons. 1- they usually cost money, which I don't have 2- I'd get bored because, at least from what I hear, they're pretty much just combat and unoriginal quests; they're so LIMITED.

I like the creativity in text MUDs. For example, I'm not limited to the options the game gives me for appearance, I can write my own. She could look like anything I want her to! Even pets and equipment can be customized to look however you want them to. You can design your own clothes and jewelry and furniture, not to mention the limitless possibilities of manses.

And there's (ideally anyway) more freedom in how you spend your time - there's combat and questing of course (though the quests at least have a storyline behind them), but there's also influencing, debating, aetherhunting, aetherflares, keeping a shop, designing, roleplaying, playing games-within-the-game such as Bombard! or Fate, religious orders, and on and on... Sure it takes time and patience to adjust, but I think it's well worth it.

This is really spot on...

Text has much much more flexibility over graphics. So long as user-created content fits the flavour of the world, it's a huge plus.


This fellah hear knows what the deal is!

Spot on! The nice thing about text games is that stuff can change at a moments notice. One of my friends dislikes text games and is into games like WoW. Recently they were talking about the expansions that have been remaking all the old areas through cataclysmic events, to which I replied,"That has happened three times in the last 2 months in Achaea...". The look on his face was priceless.

Totes agree, but I can also understand why a lotta people prefer them graphical games!

Somedays you just need pretty.  Especially when fishing.


When you become one with the mud, the code scrolling is as natural as watching a movie


Once you drink in the madness, all else will fade


It's like watching the code in the Matrix. You can only pick up little bits here and there, but it's enough of the picture to paint the portrait.

I end up coloring things by importance, so as they spin by I can just pick out the color and go. It does get nausiating at times.

My friends still wonder how the hell I can tell what is going on.

Sometimes even I wonder what is going on :o

And sometimes, I don't care!

Yeah, i just color code things, enemy, me. 

Yay for highlighting! I went crazy like a child with a new pair of crayons with I discovered highlighting ^_^

One of us! One of us!

A MUD is a game genre just like any other, and there are a lot of people who simply don't get certain genres - MMOs, RPGs, strategy, sports, etc.

I guess so. But at the same time, you'd think that because of all the things MUDs can do, more people would like them?

I haven't tried getting any friends into it except one, and he plays, but for completely different reasons than why I play. To refer back to another article, he's completely an explorer type player, so I never get to see him unless I'm protecting him from aggro in a hostile area. :(  (Or if he's asking me where locations of secret/off limit (i.e. by guild etc.) places are.)

Good point...I never understood those "dancing" games where people evidently score points by jumping around and looking stupid.

Playing warcraft at the same time, if I happen to mention that I play a mud. I'm asked one of two things:

1. What is a mud?

2. Those still exist?


1. A text based role-playing game that makes warcraft look role-playing impaired. (Which it honestly usually is)

2. Yes, there are many text games still around. Most of which have been going for over 10 years strong.


They continue to exist for a reason. Some of us are just hardcore RPers. Whenever I get bored of warcrafts 'lol I killed you, you're just not l33t enough.' Or 'we should go and raid dungeons for 10 hours because I don't know how to tank but I really need that piece of gear' I come back to text games,...which thank god don't have major raids....

Lets face it, WoW will NEVER have RP like MUDs do. Seriously.


Couldn't have said it better.

WoW is pretty much my bane, and I laugh hard at the people who try to claim it's an RPG.

"For it to be a Role Playing Game, wouldn't there have to be real Role Playing?"

Ha, I still remember trying to explain Aethercrafting to my friends for the first time. They thought I was super crazy talking about gnomes in the aethers, a place like space, where you go between little bubble worlds, and kill the monsters and pick up the dust to trade to the gnomes on the ships. It sounds really crazy, but totally makes some sort of sense.


Even those of us outside Lusternia don't get that...-_-'


What don't you tell them about planar travel instead? You can tell them they get to enter the Matrix!XD

I have actually heard all of these excuses at least once when trying to get one of my friends to play. I've even had a few to ask me where the graphics are even after stating that the game (In this case Achaea) looked cool from the description...funny thing is, the same person used to use the role-playing forums...I swear I will never understand some people.

Regardless, fantastic article!

4) I can't keep up with the text!

I've seen this excuse before...and I'm horrible at reading all the text..even the important stuff. I'm just extremely lazy honestly.

So, for me and others like me, remember to remind them of their other options. Color coding, as mentioned, but also sound! If they TOUCH SHIELD you can play a sound effect to the tune of "Shields up!" from StarTrek or Starcraft or any manner of sci-fi things. (For those hard core programmers, you can look into making some TTS stuff as well. I do that for TELLS and it works like a champ)

Agreed. Careful use of highlighting and sounds can keep the text spam under control.


I'm first starting now to use sounds in mine, does wonders for concentration when you're just drifting off and then something happens I've made a speech thing for and wham awake again

Heh, yeah, thats the top excuse I've heard.


I usually answer : no graphics means that I can play on every computer (don't need a powerful one to display text), and I can use SSH to play on my remote computer from anywhere

yea, having the option to play on a ten year old laptop is nice

I am too embarrassed to admit that I play any sort of video/computer game at my age, period.


Computer vision syndrom ( is getting to me. I'm sitting in front of a computer for hours reading the text on the screen and soon everything is blurry. I don't know for how much longer I can play these games...

I've never heard any of these, but I don't broadcast the fact that I play any games, let alone role playing games. Only my wife knows, and we don't talk about games.


I've been playing text-based games for 15 years and have never known anyone in real life that plays them.



Cmon, everyone knows IRE players are basement dwellers without friends.



These games are indeed fun! If you NEED pictures to know what's going on, you should've stayed in school abit longer

Not reading fast enough, and not typing fast enough. Speed is important to play these games, but playing these games can improve both your reading and typing speed.

i have tried to get people into games, some of them say they like it to help there typing but others are like this is tooooo much i want images

I disagree with the forum games breeding far more mary-sues than text games. I'd say both breed about the same. At least from what I've seen. Anyway, all the excuses are spot on.


I still can't understand how people find reading boring...

Yeah, I've seen these excuses. I wouldn't mind if they gave it a SEROIUS go and didn't want to play anymore, but most just blow it off because of the lack of graphics. It amazes me sometimes. My group of nerd friends all tried it, but they weren't into it. Something about "I'd rather troll 4chan, because trolling in Achaea gets me turned into a Maggot". Ah well.


Way to break em.


Anyways, I know how you feel man.

I've never seen more references to 4chan than on the forums of IRE games ...

(even on IRC)

I like the text mud cause I cut my teeth on Adventure back in the day. TXT games rule!

Many of my friends and my parents never understand why I am playing a game with no graphics. I tell them, let's not be superficial

games are fun m'kay?

Since I was introduced to via telnet 3000. ^_^ 2003. Wow.

Where are the pictures?

kudo's to you. It is an aquired taste. One which sadly I see falling away in a generation or two. I think alot of us are left overs from table top paper & pencil games. The atractiveness from old dice games is what atracted me to MUDS.

Not understanding that under the text, there's a fully-functional game code that determines actions and outcomes is the biggest hurdle I run into. I, too, don't understand why a text game is so difficult to wrap one's head around, as opposed to a graphical game. Under the hood, it's the same 1's and 0's.

it's a lack of being able to see it, and imagine. It's easier to loose oneself in pictures and graphics for its already there. I mean why bother think, and imagine if you can see whats already there at the time, its pratically being spoon fed instead of actually trying to do it.

Graphics are the only real limitation, seeing is sometimes believing.

Perception is everything.  If someone who can't perceive the world to be non-linear tries this game without the graphics, they will not appreciate it to the extent that we can.  It's as simple as that.

About the popular kids.  Everyone likes the popular kids.


Oh god do I agree with this! Thankfully I know enough D&D players that I can just say the dice roll is done for you, and they give it a shot, heheh

It's quite hard to demonstrate to my friends why I enjoy Lusty so much, because usually when they see me playing I'm just doing repetitive hunting or influencing. The fun combat and RP part is left out at first.


Co-incidentally, the first time I played Lusternia I didn't know it was entirely text-based. (I went like "where are the pictures?") But I'd just spend too much time reading the history to back out then. Now, I'm glad I didn't immediately shy out from all the intimidating text.

I've shown like more than a dozen people Achaea, but they just don't seem to like it. Out of them all, only my best friend ever stuck around. Even then, he quit eventually (attributing that slightly to work/burnout).

My hubby tried to start a character on Achaea so he could play with me and quit after less than an hour because it was too much reading (he was reading every word -- out loud and in an obnoxious voice) and also I think he could care less about RP and just likes killing things.

hah, love your comment of his loud and in an obnoxious voice! I can so imagine that

I like playing the role playing games

I know people that are intimidated to try because of dyslexia, so #4 isn't always a no-merit instance.

This was pretty witty and definately entertaining. Great job.

I agree with most of the points.. I constantly tell people that text games are like a good book, but you can choose your own middle and ends!

I agree Ruth

I've never found that the book analogy works for some reason.

It is really hard to get someone into a text based game.



However, I succeeded once to get someone, when I began playing MKO, then I stopped playing, because I preferred another MUD, he got me back later ! But now, he doesn't play anymore :/

The only person I succeeded with was my brother, a long time ago. He joined to make a nuisance of himself but liked the game and played it for years, more than I did.

I showed the game to a friend and he just said it looked too much like a dos box.

hahaa - the same here

This article is awesome.  It has beena while since I have read an article I can actually relate with and almost completely agree with.

When I first started MUDs I was very overwhelmed with the text, I was never a super fast reader and I actually tried to read everything.  Needless to say, I would miss most everything in the process.

I have been playing for a little over a year and even combat, to me, is simple to read.  Only initially do you need to try so hard, once you get the swing of things, identify verbage and word patterns, you start to understand whats going on without actually reading.

As for no pictures?  I see my characters everytime I log on, I have a mental description of everybody I interact with.  Even my weapons and the beasts I slay have a mental description.

To be honest, anybody who tries MUDs and says they don't like them, thats fine.  The ones who are not even willing to try?  They can burn in the void!

There are way to many methods to clean up text and make it easier to understand...ex(Trigger Highlights, Gagging and in Lusternia, the skill Obliviousness).  If these arent enough, then I doff my hat and you may go, hehe

As I understand it, every MUD player is the deep, thoughtful and imaginative person in their group of everything they say is discounted as "Smart People Talk".


I wish this were true, but based on the people in the game it seems to attract a lot of the anti-social kids that want to be an internet bully because they get bullied in real life.

These and other excuses are often repeated to me whenever I discuss MUDs and other text-based games. Some people just can't, or won't, embrace the medium, regardless of the substance. I quite enjoy reminding them of their own lack of sense of adventure when they chastise me for not accompanying them on their latest silly activity in the 'real' world.

I've gotten a few friends to start playing and they all quit because of the rigid house progression tasks and the essay writing.. Which I can partly agree with.

Some houses go a little overboard with the essay thing :/

That's one advantage of Midkemia, since we're new, and we have a pre-established lore, there isn't nearly as much 'reading-up' on things. Of course, it's slowly getting worse.


No pictures? Nothing can substitute for the richness of one's own imagination, and has anyone seen the stupidly designed characters they use in console games these days?

Not using your imagination is the easy way out. Why read something and form a mental image when somebody can do it for us?

yea, they need to be entertained visually instead of mentally!


Nice article, unfortunately all of the real life friends I got to try the game, gave up quite quickly.

Yep, this games got a bad enough learning curse as it as to then place a bunch of extra house stuff on them at the same time.


Yeah usually happens that way.

I don't even feel like i'm reading the game anymore.

I don't try to recruit friends anymore. None can wrap their minds around a game with no graphics. Most just say oh my god its theirs no pictures its just words.

I don't try to recruit friends anymore. None can wrap their minds around a game with no graphics. Most just say oh my god its theirs no pictures its just words.

friends have tried it, but like others said, they have to see things than read them

There are forum games? I can honestly say I've never heard of these. Sounds like this may be a good thing.

I love the sushi analogy and I completely agree (though, I personally am not a fan of sushi :P)

I definitely see and hear where's the pictures the most.


I see what I write. I see what I read. What else do you need?

I initially despised the idea of text games because I don't read for pleasure. I start MUDs almost out of desparation.

Number three still applies. I can't fight in a game this like - I suck at text combat.

to not be able to keep up with the text, and even though I am a very slow reader, the more I play the faster I've been able to read. I don't read everything any more the way that I used to, but I still miss things sometimes. I guess my biggest problem with with MUD was the fact that I'm not a very talkative person most of the time, and because there is alot of talking involved most of the time, it intimidated me. Heheh I still don't talk much, but I've found a way to get away with it.

I don't want my friends to know I'm a nerd D:

I'm not a nerd !

*looks at his screens* well, maybe I am

(btw, if someone has something (a client / script) to play efficiently with two screens, I am interested !)

I don't know, seeing things does help. I have plenty of imagination, but seeing things that I can't imagine is always fun.

To introduce them to a game like Achaea, and rp with them. It would just feel awkward hehe, not sure why.

Text games rock and we all know it

Text games rock and we all know it

His responses in the past were, typically, some variant of "That's stupid." or "How could that possibly be fun? It's just a bunch of text." ... and his reaction since he's started, "I figured out why you love this so much... these people are hillarious!"


The same as I've always said... no matter what it is that brings people to a MUD, it's the players that lead them to stay (or, if they do manage an escape, make them regret it)... get others interested, I brought in a room map of the main continent . They were like "ummm, what's that"

I'm a lifer for IRE and I -still- can't keep up with the text


Tried talking someone into playing today. The response:

"With all the drama going on in my life right now, do you really think I need to add Dungeons and Dragons to the mix?"



"Yes. Yes you do."

I play both... video games usually require less work(excluding MMOs), but burn out faster. MUDs might not burn out as fast, but require hours of work to get anywhere

People just don't want to try different things.

to be fair, it can be had to get into some of these games. PvP is complex and requires either alot of money or scripting knowedge (or both), the established people and rp can make it appar as if the game is kind of a clique at first. Console games sometimes suffer these issues, but geneally are easier to get the hang of

to be fair, it can be had to get into some of these games. PvP is complex and requires either alot of money or scripting knowedge (or both), the established people and rp can make it appar as if the game is kind of a clique at first. Console games sometimes suffer these issues, but generally are easier to get the hang of

You know what, Its not for everyone

is the biggest thing to get over.




Computer vision syndrom ( is getting to me. I'm sitting in front of a computer for hours reading the text on the screen and soon everything is blurry. I don't know for how much longer I can play these games...

As much as I love my IRE text game, there are times when I need a break. So I prefer to head to my PS2 and sit down to put in a few hours in a RPG. Or, read a good book and have that story lead me somewhere. Graphical games do have their usage.



Haha, I have no excuse. I'm addicted.

Very interesting read

just not enough imagination


I see text-games as a kind of interactive, never-ending book. And I like books.

mmmm overgeneralization, no?

Let your imagination run wild!

Do any of the nay sayers read books?


yeah, this is the best alternative to reading a book!

makes fun of me for playing text based games :(

It's so hard to actually get people to even give it a try, which is depressing, especially when you KNOW they'd enjoy it.  I figure, I'll try any game up through the "newbie zone," or early tutorial to really decide if I like it.  I wish more people had that kind of attitude.

I like it when people use these excuses not to play, because they're rarely the kind of people that are fun to play MUDs with. They ought to stick to Barrens.

For the koolaid! No drinking the koolaid....what a bunch of whiners I tell ya! Ok ok so sometimes I jump up and down screaming at the tv while playing the graphic video games but I mean really, excuses on NOT playing text games? Even the forum games, which are picked on in this particular article, can be fun...yes, there are a lot of stereotypical characters and yes, you can get those "god-mods" on forum rpgs (those annoying little bugs who think their character cannot possibly be scratched let alone squished by another character) ...but that can be just as fun as MUDs and graphics if you get the right kind of group going.

my wife calls it my "nerd game"... she just doesn't get it!

I have some IRL friends who I tried to get to play..but just didn't get it. Their loss! :O

That my imagination has better pictures than can be in graphic games. Same goes for books made into movies.....

I can kinda see where they are all coming from, it took me forever to try a text game. It was my drive to find a roleplaying game that kept me at it. I think the real problem is that some people who would really enjoy this type of play end up trying bad MUDs first and get turned off by them. That is what happened to me anyway before I found IRE.


lol so true

I personally always loved reading as a kid. This is just a more interesting version. It's like a choose your own adventure book taken to the next level.

I remember when I started I was actually really excited about this idea of a game. I grew up listening to "Chronicles of Narnia" and spending hours allowing my mind to create what C.S. Luis wrote. It's great to be apart of such a fantasy realm.

I am one who plays WoW casually, and I do enjoy the game. But I feel so much more accomplished when I do something in Imperian over WoW. Plus the ability to really create a life, have a house, a store, become a leader. So much better on Imperian than on most graphical games.

As a gamer who regulary plays paper, console and text based rpgs, I can happly say that each forfills its own niche in my mind.

Paper based fills the spending time with friends and having fun.

Console, usually, forfills my need for epic storylines, in fact I have been moved to tears from various cutscenes (for varying emotions, DAMN YOU MGS4 WHEN WILL THIS CUTSCENE END!?).

Finally text based games give my imagination a workout, allowing me to fully emerse myself in a world where what I see, is not nessarily what anyone else does, making it unique, which is a good thing.

Thats what I think at least.

Muds is our own personal fantasy book,where we can try to play a heroe\villian!

I can't play a villain, I would find it so wrong :( - I hate people that do so, but I guess we need them, though

I discovered the MUD world just some months ago. I used to play graphic games on both PCs and consoles. Even if I totally suck at mudding, I find that the text gaming experience is deeper and more intelligent than regular gaming.

More or less it is like comparing fast food to gran cousine. Everybody loves fast food, flashing graphics are indeed appealing, but sometimes you want a good meal, especially if you are an adult.

Finally, on my own personal taste, text is like thought in its purest form. You shape your thoughts as you read or write. Immersing yourself into a full graphical world is just experiencing another's work of art. It is easier and generally less rewarding, at least intellectually speaking.


Use it!

Thanks for writing this article.

It's funny. I first played Achaea when I was 16 (14 years ago, eek) and I can still remember the awe of my first experience on a MUD. My friends and I still talk about it. We tried graphical MMORPGs, even 1st person shooters, but something always brings me back, after all these years. I think that it's the creativity, and I think it IS the reading. I love to read, and combining a game with reading?! It's like an even more awesome version of the choose-your-own-adventure books. (dating myself) But seriously folks, MUDs are still the best hybrid around: complex gameplay, amazing content and environments, indepth role-playing, and a dedicated player and admin base.

I prefer books over films so I can imagine what I read.

When I started, I tried to read every line, even my attacks and denizen attacks. Now I redirect most spam to other windows

When I begun playing IRE games, which were my first text-based game, I actually agreed with the sentiment of the article. Having been playing MUD's for years now, I whole-heartedly can say they are more fulfilling than graphics MMO's and what not.


Excuses....but as anyone who's played MUDs can say...far better than graphic games that cannot be coded to visually DO everything you may want your character to do, while text games can be more easily fluid. Sides....far more fun to be immersed in an interactive story than a preset movie ;)


It's basically trying to find people that played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid.  We're talking 1st or 2nd edition.  There's just not a whole lot of people that really 'get it' when it comes to role playing.

I agree.  People don't have the patience/ability/energy to play text games..

A lot of people think MUDs are chatrooms. Maybe they're right...



To a poaint they are but they are themed and have lots of extra features.


I will agree to that


Cheeseburger please

A text based game isn't for everyone, but that's kind of a good thing. If you play any other free online game it's usually full of derps. On a game like Aetolia the players can spell and aren't spazzoids.

Not that it's any sort of elitism, I play tons of other games. 99% of which aren't text based.

not everyone will enjoy text games. But for those of us that do, great!

"Credits cost how much?"

This one is FREE

I still am trying to hurdle over that one. Well, at least if you want to at least try PvP. I do! But... I just end up lolspamming skills. Must lrn2code

Imagining things is too hard for the 'modern' gamer, I guess... >_>

I've noticed people are becoming used to going into a new game half knowing it already because it essentially uses the same framework. From FPS to fantasy MMO, they all got basic things that if you know them you can easily get into others of the same genre. Well, I've decided to break out of the comfort zone and try many genres and I found it to be very educational. MUDs were one of those, and I now know if I will play another one, I'll have at least an easier time doing so. I'm bit a bit of a knowledge junkie though :D

reading IS fun.

I was skeptical at first but I'm glad I tried MUDs out!

The idea of actual, geniune roleplay is lost to alot of people.

I play and enjoy both, for similar yet different reasons.