Top MUDs: What's your weapon of choice?

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 Weapons are prolific in the top MUDs whether they are used for hunting, for combat, or for roleplay use in the case of the ritual knife or dagger. They add flavour and choice to our text lives and strategy to our combat. Some are heavy and slow, dealing limb crushing hits with every swing. Others are small and fast, occasionally able to be thrown and capable of delivering debilitating afflictions to our foes.


The choice of weapon you get is very much dependent upon the class you choose, although there are some professions that can get by without needing a weapon at all!


Speed knights with frighteningly fast rapiers in each hand will attempt to overwhelm you with the double slash, afflicting so fast that you eventually cannot move or cure (or at least so they hope) before they step in for the kill. On the other hand, a monk might seek to add an envenomed handaxe to their already formidable biological arsenal.


Perhaps you have ideas for shaping the weaponry-heavy combat environment. Would you like to play a Runewarden who can bring a stunning or 'bashing' option in with a large shield alongside a sword or battleaxe instead of the standard double slash? Maybe you want to end the existence of that pain in the behind, dirk-wielding Occultist? Or perhaps the idea of a Blademaster drawing and sheathing his sword twenty times a minute makes you laugh? Are you a forestal who thinks that bonding with the animals should be all the power you need? Or do you just really hate that gosh darned bard?


Many of us have ideas and want to see our personal classes 'buffed' making us forces to be reckoned with, top dogs of the rankings and feared champions or assassins. But, in the end, our games must bear some semblance of balance. If we strengthen one aspect and adopt the 'win at all costs' attitude, the best MUDs fast become one player games as we drain the enjoyment for others, pushing them away.


Conflict drives our text games, much of it combat-centric, and weaponry is used by most, if not all combatants. So, what are your thoughts?


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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Customized weapons are awesome!

As a forestal, I have only ever relied on my quarterstaff. Maybe i'll learn a proficiency in another weapon in the future.

a nekotai claws would be it for me

Well befitting a runewarden I wield a pair of runeblade battleaxes, might not have the speed of a rapier but boy can it dish out damage.

i've had lousy luck with axes... what're the stats on yours?

I use a violin. I had trouble deciding between that and a viola.

I suppose choosing between alto and trebble clef could be a very difficult decision

I usually just use the best weapon in the game.


Pyro staff. Good stuff.

Claws and teeth! Well, fire breath is nice too. And a big Yggdrassian splinter for extra lightning!


That's a weapon?

Words can hurt. :C

I'd much rather have words flung at me than something sharp.

You don't mean that, do you?

on how cutting the words are, really

A sword, duh.


I've always had a preference for magic/body attacks that will always hit mobs when bashing.

Warp, hit. Smite, miss. Hmm...

Same.  Always been a fan of magic, typically play mage types, but for some reason monk combat here in Achaea drew me in instead.

Same! I am typically drawn to caster-type classes as well, so I guess my weapon of choice would be whatever they use. I tend to prefer the look of swords though!

Still figuring things out, using a katana now in Lusternia. Don't really understand combat yet. For one thing, though, the idea of dual-wielding rapiers is just weird to me, and for another, the more times I have to attack, the more chances the complicated combat has to overwhelm me. Also, I like the idea of decapitating my opponents and amputating their limbs. Fun stuff. And katanas are just awesome, even if they can't cut through tanks. :P

I never did like the fact that weapons miss but other attacks though.


`I totally agree that seems a little weird. If you can always land a claw or punch on someone, why couldn't you also stab with a knife? I guess something like a flail or throwing axe might require proficiency to use accurately, but I feel that missing significantly more with a sword or dagger seems unrealistic.

You're all gonna die with the sound of muuusic.

Songs: they should have nerfed last thousand yeaars.

Your rage fills my heart with the sound of music

My heart wants to sing, every time you screaaaam.


Yeah, as if. Bards are to weak. lsdfkjaslkfja

*rolls eyes* Bards are fine, dude. even if I hate them conceptually.

conceptually, still better than jester with their blackjack.


I like jesters - I think the whole blackjack thing is cool. The music as a weapon thing has never been my cup of tea, though.




'The killlllllllllllllllllllllls your derive, from the sound of music."

I would have to say my mind as I like to use creative ways for things to die. To quote Joker on Batman the movie.


"I am the worlds, first, and foremost homocidal artist. I create art until someond dies."

Bring it on. I am 'The Art Critic!"

I love my Velocity Bow. Only thing better would be a Lupine. The damage is so beautiful.


I also like those graceful silver daggers from Lothos. I carry one even though I don't use actually use it ever.

a Lupine's :( They're so expensive though...

Depends on the character. There's a certain appeal in smashing someone with a hammer bigger than they are. Thunk.

I liked sitaras in Imperian, for that whole thing of, "What was that whistling?" "Must be the wind." "Oh I guess you're ARG MY EAR IS SEVERED."

Also a fan of magic, whether it's weird, esoteric magic, like that of occultists or Lusternia's Illuminati, or huge fireballs.

One's mind, of course. Otherwise I prefer the longsword, something small to medium size that is. Not awkward to carry about sheathed in social areas, unlike huge axes or claymores. 

Since it's unblockable. :C

My penis





Just why

I think you need a better weapon. Imagine trying to parry. On second thoughts don't imagine...

THink about Shieldstunning with it.


Atleast it wasn't the deadliest weapon.

Magiiiiic :D No need to pay horrendous money for neither armor nor weapon!

You get all the kewl utility and PvPz. :C


War mattock! :)




I believe it goes something like this... educe iron in your face! I love alchemy magic!


I like old fashion sabres

For Luenn, the Shofa (Deerhorn Knives) work the best. But I think all the monk weapons in lusternia are cool.

stuck with it 'cos im a priest, even though im sure ive read in one of the helpfiles that priests can use maces, id rather be using a pair of those

I love Warhammers too, more freedom with designs when making them just for priests also since com composition isn't a factor.

I love dual wielding longswords when I don't actually know how to use them. I am a mage, focusing on magic. I never paid a copper for them or stole them (they were sitting around in the bonfire). I especially like them because one of them we have RPed being cursed (it glows green, declares that it serves Nalar and is overall up to no good).


Overall I like using magic, magical knowledge does not decay.

Can't beat it. Better than any axe.

Is awesome!

I'll keep my vines and a stormhammer instead of using a blade.

never miss, never need forging and can hit 3 targets at once.  Doesn't get any better

I agree!

I like my blademaster blade. I got lucky when it was made. "Soaring Adder"

Doesn't quite make sense, does it?

Kinda does. Picture this, swing back foot. Swing foward foot. Soaring Adder!

Blademaster swords are nice - the fact that each one is unique with its own name makes me want to customise my own weapons.

It's really the only reason I'd look into playing Achaea.

a badass class!

Indeed.  The blademaster requires one weapon and one weapon only.


blademaster swords are awesome, luckily I banded mine, I don't know if I should save up for a level 2 band


As a dwarf I am partial to a nice double headed battleaxe but being so new to Midkemia I don't know yet if they are available.

If that's an available type!

quarterstaff. No choice on that


whip and dirk

Wish there were more functionality for short swords.

Shortswords were a running joke back when every newbie got one.

I remember that, you'd do more damage not using it!

Is to let monks decapitate with no other proficiencies.

barehands work pretty good for being a druid.

Lefty and Righty.

Until I am trans chivalry they are pretty ineffective compared to my withering finger.

Give them the finger!


Love my flails, but I miss my bow and arrows.

Since when?

I was a Serpentlord in Achaea. Subterfuge is an awesome skill.

not as much anymore, i heard.




one thing I like about lusternia's weapons is thre are  several specialisations  though the speed weapons are still prefered over al l else each specialisation has it's own unique type and can be designed special. I remember my days in aetolia all you ever saw people wielding were the generic rapier they had no designing of forged weapons.  this way even if blademasters all wield rapiers they can all look different.

anohter neat thing in lusternia that I've only seen in the aetolia mage guild is that within each guild and skillset there is like 2 different attacks that have 2 different damge types sortof like the mages staff cast has several different damage types in lusternia cantors for example we have an attack that does pure magic damage and another that does half fire and half divinus. It's a really neat notion to weapon types just being one type.  Love it!

House-specific attacks would be a cool addition to Achaea.

A sword has a strong emotional value, and I wield one out of principle more than usefulness.


I would use 2 daggers for stabby-slashy ninja skills, but theres nothing like that in Achaea (except Serp which isn't at all the same)


ooh I'd like that as well

"Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can't savor all the... little emotions. In... you see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were cowards"

Pure, focused rage is my weapon of choice.

I parry your rage with my sarcasm.

I need to get an artie bow sometime, so I have something to do during LoS.

Someone tell me what these Achaean bows do? D:

They shoot arrows. If you're lucky, they even hit the person you shoot at.

If you're REALLY lucky, they won't even be shielded! it really that hard to guess what a bow does? Have you not heard of archery irl?

magic weapons

Whip n dirk

the question seems a little silly, really, with nearly no classes having anything in the way of choice

I quite like my symbol.

which is?

Religous Symbol, something in Lusternia. Think of using a cross to call down holyfire. Except there's many different symbols each with a slightly different added bonus on top of their generic skills.

One thing I've always hated about using weapons is the fact that they decay and have to be replaced, unless they're artied. Yay instrumentbond!

34%! Another week and it'll be bonded and non-decayinig.


Bonded a couple hours ago. My attacks are a whole .16 seconds faster...


This sounds like an interesting skill.

when Aetolia removed art weapons I stared to feel ur pain

The wide variety that everyone has to a degree is smething that I enjoy. The teriary and secondary skills tend to offer support with your primary anyhow! (In Lusternia, at least)

Forged weapons got more valuable, now that theft is much more difficult in Achaea. And they were already worth a fair amount, hundreds of credits sometimes.

Wow, that's crazy.  though I recal good stats on a weapon in aetolia being expensive too.  thank god in lusternia we have tempering now so they only have to be forged once and then altered to fit eachstat requirement.

Will a change make a big difference?

Warhammers in MKO were cool - just wish we could have done more with them while I was still playing.

my mind is the best weapon ;)



Ah, i mentioned quarterstaff before but after reading some comments I recalled that my main weapon are actually my vines.

Occasionally I'll use my fists, because that's what a man does.

Can you even do decent damage with those? In MKO a black rat will walk away before you can punch it to death.

Because in Achaea and Lusternia, I'm pretty sure a Monk can show a rat what's up with his fists pretty easily.

Only rogues, priests, mages and soldiers.

I enjoy a blademaster sword for decapitating and beheading, it's just tasty. As a rule though, big ol' dragonclaws or incantation do the trick!

Staves :D

Scimitar raper combo anyone

Bow and arrow

Nothing like a good cold arrow in the back.

My jakari. It is sweeeeet.



I second, Rapier of Words is my weapon of choice.

Quarterstaves are the best, though echoing above, jakari are awesome.

Even though I don't plan on getting into combat, I plan I'm runing my jakari just so I won't have to deal with it decaying.

The best weapon in the game, its a secret. But I use it.m

I wouldn't mind getting a scythe or a whip... 

I vote Gaudimonks get whips while Hallimonks get Scythes.

A katana like weapon would be awesome. Something Ninja-ish

I changed my mind. I'd like a zerg for my weapon of choice.

I would like a whip... Or a spatula, so I can whip or spank my enemies..

A lock with a bandana through it. 

A few years ago a friend of mine got jumped by a group of eight or ten people. Three of them were carrying smileys. I saw him after he got out of the hospital, it was horrible.

I wish Achaea had better thrown weapons

Squeeky mallet!

If only i had choice


The problem, at least in Achaea, is that weapons that aren't used by your class are completely useless. There's also a very steep price for learning to use a weapon that isn't. It's why you'll see knights using ONLY longswords/broadswords and rapiers. Personally, I'd favour a bastard sword and a shield/wielding it with two hands. But, that's a bit impossible with the way it's currently set up.

combine different classes and skills would be amazingly cool, but obviously not going to be implemented anytime soon.

Agreed about the not going to be implemented part.

At 100 lessons learning new proficiencies seems quite cheap. If you are including transing weaponry i agree it is expensive but...

Rogues in MKO don't have many options. The dagger-types make for enjoyable PvP/RP, though. I do like my fast saber, laced with poison.

I like my jakari. Nekai just make me think of Wolverine/Vega.


So fun.

Aetolia's new forging system actually gives players a ton of variety these days in weapon choices. It's really nice in that aspect.

Anything that lets me use shatter!

mmm yes shatter, behead. I also like a fast throwing axe for venom delivery, take that aura of weapons rebounding!

With a choice between using nekai or just punching, it's nekai. Mainly because it looks cool in my head even though I can't one-shot a deer.

Only 20ish credits away from transcending Ninjakari. Hopefully I can keep thinking of slightly-relevant comments for the next three weeks.

Or not. Trans already.

Working on psymet now. Running out of things to say.




I wish Lusternia would release polearms though. I'd switch in a heartbeat.


Now we do!

Trident-wielding sea paladin, yay!

hah headslam is fun, so is xorani fire breath!

Trans Ninjakari and I still miss.


Classless headslam

Yummy lickedy yum yum

This is not a comment for credits, it is to tell you that I don't use weapons.


Because i can.

I use a virtual one.  The cleanup is easier.

I just want to note that Aetolian forging is SO SO sweet.


I don't use weapons! :p


Curse you. :D


Cause it's punny.



Scimitars, because rapiers are for ladies and bards.

I wish it would also work!


But people seem to use even less non-rapiers than before the statpack/race change. Sad, really.




At least make an attempt to seem like you're actually responding to the article out of interest.


As for the article: My character uses a warhammer, although I admit the sight of an elderly Tsurani hefting about a giant floral warhammer is a bit bizarre. It fits in with the established lore of priests using warhammers, however, so no complaints.

There's lore behind why the priests use warhammers? I'm curious.

Closely followed by icebreath.

I prefer my staff and spells


I really love the Iaido-style attacks of Achaean Blademasters - really cool stuff!

I might have to learn some new weapons to be my favorite. So may cool choices

Partly for the element of surprise, as the skills related to it are for shedding your own blood, rather than the opponent's.

I've long wanted a class that specializes in throwing daggers, but I know that's never going to happen.

Throwing knives would be awesome! Take note, IRE.

Seconded. Or one throwing axes, or whatever.

Simple and elegant.

Just to see if a 2h weapon is sort of semi viable for bashing or something.

throwing axes :)


The forums have gotten rather quiet now

No weapons for me, I would like to get some though

It is my very favourite whip. I like to call it Verra.

You named your whip? Wow.

I'll give you a hint, the character who says the line I was referencing is named Jayne.

this is a great avenue for better roleplay!

I like most forms of magic simply because I don't have to go on a hunt to find the perfect weapon, I already have it!

I am excited about the bonus damage from staff.'s whatever my best metamorphosis ability is? Eheh?


And fingers, to point at.

After what I payed for my jakari, I am now determined to neglect further learning until I can get at least one rune on it.


After I this, I begin saving for runes.

I have a wooden lute. Very boring.


My words. Because I suck at hunting, but OMFG shadowcaster influencing is sweet.



...bombs can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they are still only semi-useful.

Loving using a two handed hammer as a throwing weapon

My trusty bow. Hope I can raise the funds for an arte bow at some point. For bashing, it's the whip and my venoms. Too bad xoran firebreath doesn't really deal much damage.

I should get a bow...

Dragonblast. For whatever reason, it's always satisfying.


I've always avoided classes that require forged goods for some innate reason. I'm not really a fan of competing for fantastic stats or being constantly on the lookout to better my weapons, which happened to work out well playing a forestal.

I like my staff.

Most powerful weapon there is...

My fingers are among my most powerful weapons. Point, and be cursed! That, and I guess my hands for drawing runes and making dolls of you.

But so is shield and sabre!

Whips. They may not do the best damage ever but god is it fun to garrote.

Prone garrote!

Are terrible.




Coming from a PnP background of RP, they're just so goddamn fun to swing around.

Pray tell.

I can't wait to trans chivalry, then we talking effective weapons baby


A stick.

Swords. Dsl ftw.

Doing different attacks, on different body parts (if you want,) to different effects is way cooler than a simple DSL, personally.

The pointy finger of a shaman.

heavy edged bastard sword was my fave in another game. I stick with raps in Achaea though


The greatest weapon of all

Axes. Axes are metal.

I've just been kicking things. Not skilled enough to use a sitara.

Maybe I am. Not really sure how the newbie attack works.


If I remember correctly, it was found that swiftkicks have a better dps/accuracy than sitara lateral/vertical combos. Kicking things was how stuff got done back in the old days, and it still works today.

The credit is the greatest weapon.

Having invested roughly 40,000 credits into one character, I can safely say that credits are not the biggest factor in combat viability.

But you can't deny that it's ONE BIG factor. Not the biggest, but is pretty big.

something that would make me hit faster, definitely.

I tryed to noose and it was very fun.

Noosing got me number three in combat rankings for about a month a few years back. Very, very fun.

Scimitars are such a cool looking weapon and I think they deserve a bit more play, Everyone seems to use rapiers or halberds, sometimes shortswords and then the class specific weapons in Aetolia...

I wanted to be a tiny bit different I guess...

Cause I'm a vampire.


Aetolian vampires seem cool!

My geomancer's staff, of course. And my wyrm (not technically a weapon, but it gives me an extra blow to my enemies)

What's a wyrm look like? Is it draconian, or serpentine?

Can't decide if I want a halberd or trident more.

Tormented, thornsprouted flail.


BM blades. never missing bashing attacks, infuses, and NAMES.  

I use swords as a Knight but would be open to diversity if it were actually a viable option. I'm kind of jealous I can't wield a levitating demonic daegger to be honest.

wines are the best weapons

As a Midkemian soldier I'd like to dual wield - ideally it'd be two longswords, but in order to be combat viable, I guess I'll wield a sabre as my mainhand!

Using a maul would be sweet. I like heavy bludgeons.

Yay for big weapons that pack a punch.

could be cool if they weren't useless other than newbie weapons

They're very very accurate? I guess they would be almost viable if you could get a pair that would be quick enough, just because they would be more likely to hit trans avoidance people more often?

I'd love the flavor of wielding a longsword in my mainhand and a shortsword in my offhand. Would make sense, realistically. One more reason while weapon stats should be equal! Some may argue it's unrealistic for them to be equal, but I don't believe this to be the case - in real life the differences between weapons don't really add up to precision and speed score differences. :P

a bastard sword weighs like three or four pounds - roughly as much as a katana. Faster for jabbing attacks, too, though the katana would be a faster slasher. And a greatsword would weight like eight. Oh, the misconceptions RPGs breed!

The sharp and pointy kind.

Sadly I think that most people select their favorite weapon for the min-max potential. Thus, the answer might be, "whatever weapon puts me at my peak potential". For me, however, I like weapons that make sense in real life. 

... that damage knights got nerfed. Scimitars and Axes ftw!

What you say alarms me greatly, and I would admire to know if it is true.

Rapiers are so much more fun

hammer time!

Monk is the most fun bashing I've ever had.

haha nice


I wonder what MkO Rangers will have as their weapons. I hope it's bows!

Fangs. Still don't have a dirk.

Or a whip, for that matter.

it were more viable to use longswords, bastard swords, scimitars, and such as a warrior in Lusternia. I use a katana as a Pureblade, now, as its minimum speed score is higher than with the other two-handed swords. Don't think this should be the case. Diversity of weapons adds flavor, immersion, RP character customization. All good stuff.

Yeah, that would be interesting. Nowadays everyone' just SPEED, SPEED, PICK THE ONE WITH SPEED!

This sort of thing makes me sad.

are awesome, but most of the names I've gotten so far have been laughable; at best, they've just been kind of dumb. Something needs to be done about this.


interesting on all the weapons, yes the leafy vines are cool! I have seen those use swords with the venom laced on them, nice affect. but so far I do like using my hands, weaving my damage towards things and others!

thornrend, you mean?


wardancer Woho!

Well, there is something to be said about ranged weapons.




With the release of a new polearm spec in Lusternia, I can't wait to try out bardiches when I can.