Top MUDs: What's your weapon of choice?

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 Weapons are prolific in the top MUDs whether they are used for hunting, for combat, or for roleplay use in the case of the ritual knife or dagger. They add flavour and choice to our text lives and strategy to our combat. Some are heavy and slow, dealing limb crushing hits with every swing. Others are small and fast, occasionally able to be thrown and capable of delivering debilitating afflictions to our foes.


The choice of weapon you get is very much dependent upon the class you choose, although there are some professions that can get by without needing a weapon at all!


Speed knights with frighteningly fast rapiers in each hand will attempt to overwhelm you with the double slash, afflicting so fast that you eventually cannot move or cure (or at least so they hope) before they step in for the kill. On the other hand, a monk might seek to add an envenomed handaxe to their already formidable biological arsenal.


Perhaps you have ideas for shaping the weaponry-heavy combat environment. Would you like to play a Runewarden who can bring a stunning or 'bashing' option in with a large shield alongside a sword or battleaxe instead of the standard double slash? Maybe you want to end the existence of that pain in the behind, dirk-wielding Occultist? Or perhaps the idea of a Blademaster drawing and sheathing his sword twenty times a minute makes you laugh? Are you a forestal who thinks that bonding with the animals should be all the power you need? Or do you just really hate that gosh darned bard?


Many of us have ideas and want to see our personal classes 'buffed' making us forces to be reckoned with, top dogs of the rankings and feared champions or assassins. But, in the end, our games must bear some semblance of balance. If we strengthen one aspect and adopt the 'win at all costs' attitude, the best MUDs fast become one player games as we drain the enjoyment for others, pushing them away.


Conflict drives our text games, much of it combat-centric, and weaponry is used by most, if not all combatants. So, what are your thoughts?


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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or a lyre

or a lyre

Daggers and knives..something concealable and lightweight yet menacing.

i was excited for the new imp knight changes, but so far, it's just claymores for 2-handed weapons.

Sadly my weapon of choice is not one you can have. But it would be a bigass scythe of course!

The lute of destruction.

The duh rive seems cool!

The duh rive seems cool!

Starting to appreciate my new spear.

That way you can never be caught unprepared.

I like magical weapons, dont really care what it is. If it got magic or magic purpose I like it, dont like staves

I'm a soldier, so I have to go with greatsword

Anything good to stabbity-stab!

Crucifying my opponent.



Stats of the weapon are much more important that the look of the weapon

My terrible singing is lethal indeed.

The mighty quicksilver fishingpole.

Nom nom nom

No more credits for us spongers?

Broadsword for use of my sword-specific chivalry and weaponry skills is a must. And then the dwarven battle axe to finish out the mega whammy. Slow and steady and with the force of a speeding train, that's my way of doing things!

If only that sort of thing was really viable in Achaean combat.  We can wish, though.




Glaives are totally sweet! :D

2h weapons are fine. I use a op artifact scythe and it causes me no issues.

...that sounds pretty badass.  Wish Achaea had that kind of thing.

Seriously, the notion of a dude in full plate dual wielding rapiers has always struck me as just so bizzare. Don't like it. Give me longswords, or scimitars, or broadswords - basically any of the less optimal choices - any day, over rapiers.

Note that I still think that the rapier is a badass weapon. It's just silly in this context. 

Knights in IRE games seem very odd if you hold them up against real world examples (or even typical fantasy examples).

Magic, or bare handed.

The dealiest of them all: bear hands.

I like magic more than maley it's surer if slower.  meley wepaons sometimes miss even at trans skill.

tried magic. Maybe I should. I just like melee too much. Heh.

I'd say 90% of all characters I've had have been classes that didn't use weapons and I kind of like it that way, less to maintain and keep up with

I definitely prefer low maintenance, only... swords. :P

I'm the same way really, it just always seems more interesting to be self-reliant and self-powered.

Noose ganking ftw

my sitara just decayed. a 200+ speed, non-artie sitara.

An arrow to the knee


The only real weapon.

Well monks prefer their hands and feet. I prefer the tip of my finger apparently..... It is sad thought that there are not more options for Knights. They should be able to Doublecrush with flails. No venoms but much faster limb breaks.

I'd be interested to see the bow become a more in-depth weapon in Achaea. I'm thinking even a how class of it's own (archer, ranger, I don't know). It'd be difficult as hell...but in most games in general, I always end up wielding a bow and arrow.


And I always thought having a body made of vines was a cool weapon.

Well, sentinel with a lupines for reflexed shooting is kind of amazing, so there's at least some possibility of amazing bow usage.  Still, not much is really centered around them.

I like to call mine a "Wonderous magical Staff"!!, but I really use a stick too I guess.

Is THAT what they call it?

for hunting it's my katana, for pk it's my greatsword, and for giggles my head. yay for headslam

Yeah two weapons are the better way but a two handed weapon is something different to be honest, i dont think Achaea is played the way it was meant to be played, I think scripting got out of hand, to the point where you're not even playing, you're watching a program do all the work



Two one handed weapons for sure just for the crit rate. But I'm more of a mage man now.



but they are horrible in achaea :( 

please review them! specially blunt mitigation

Maces are kind of awesome in Achaea actually. :/

noose is amazing, shame the damage is tankable.

I like flowers over weapons.

Hey, they work for Carmain!

That you can blast people with, I wish I made a magi.

Favorite weapon, besides my magi's staff obviously, is my dagger. 237 speed!


a stick? Use a whole tree!

And thus Eleusis' secret strategy was revealed.

Quarterstaff is good but it's the only thing I'm used to using as a shield.


I enjoy my polearms even though they have no use in the game PvE PvP.

Gotta love the iaijutsu-inspired Achaean Blademaster.

Two Arts really is stylish, I have to admit.

I still can't get over the daegger truly amazing aesthetics especially the levitation. Thrusting it about to pierce defenses or bind your foe's shadow was just awesome in combat. Not to mention the death scenes.

I really do think that this thread was a little silly

I hope someday I might have more then just a few options

I'd love to go the sword and board option. For now it is all rapiers.

Use for anything other than ritual beheadings lol

I want lances and such to be viable on horseback.

never seen any jousting done before. How cool is it?

My fangs! haha

With the introduction of customization as a factor in Aetolia, having unique weapons that fit your character is incredibly fun and exciting. I gave up being able to make my own health elixirs and such just so I can focus on forging and creating my own gear. Bastard sword by far is my favorite, the sheer power and dominance of a two handed weapon is just fun. Not to mention I do loads of damage. :)

Starting out, I always used to like swords. Over the years, my tastes have switched and now I'm a bigger fan of bludgeons. In Lusternia, I really enjoyed the BC spec and using hammers, and in Aetolia, I get to play with a flail and crozier. Wee!

I really do need to learn how to incorporate throwing axes and stuff into my fighting though.  Tekura only gets you so far.





Fully Automatic M16 5.56 x 45 mm 30 rounds

So a monk, then?

made my first ever sitara, and ended up with one with 200+ speed!


It's not like using different types of weapons is really encouraged, per say.  I mean your class attacks are the only ones that are really powerful. 

Another of my favorite weapons is my ranger's bow! Really great in all types of combat, I am very very glad Igot it.

warhammers have gotten my fancy, lately...

Swords for life

Blades are fun.

i'm itching to switch over to the Cavalier specialty. But I gotta buy me a cool mount first...

I don't get the point of this article.


A lot of classes don't use weapons at all. Many of the forged weaposn available aren't being used by players. I don't know if they exist just to add an element of roleplay... I think the best roleplay comes from things you can actually utilize in theory and practice. They have added a lot of classes that cannot effectively utilize the General Skill weaponry like Knights can, which I think is a loss, especially for more intelligence based users. I personally love my polearms even though I have the worst strength imaginable with several proficiencies that I cannot incorporate into my character and the environment well without risking my death, despite being proficient in weaponry and the wepaon.

My teeth of course.

I chose to be Krokani so I could go Bonecrusher (cause hey, why not). So right now I'm using maces and hammers, with flails being a definite possibility for the future.

When you got vines!

Bludgeons are where it's at.

been thinking of saving up for a bow...

We need nunchucks too.

It would be pretty awesome if they had weapons for monks, and interesting things to do with them.

A magic sickle to the face XD

if you ask me

I love to flail on lifers' b***h a**es

That'll show them b***hes what's up, yo. Flails are serious

hopefully something good will come out of this round of classleads, knights-wise,


Monofilament whip. 'Nuff said.


I really wish there were more hammers...

My favorite finisher is newbie kick. So my boots.

I like decay!

I hate it when my items decay! That's a horrible weapon

I'm really into the idea of switching quickly between bow and dirk, I enjoy it at least given I'm a Serpent. Subterfuge is such an awesome skill.


I'm an Infernal so, well, rapiers duh. Though Rakon will probably show up just to disagree with me :(

gotta love lupine bow.

Bows, can't ever go wrong with bows.

Not much to add to all the comments already made.

I love the Monk class, and hairpin daggers are great once you get into throwing weapons to replace kick balance.. even though axes tend to be a lot more accurate. Have to say, Lusternia has neat variations of this (not entirely 'Monk'), in using weapons like the shofa and tahto staff that would be nice given Monks used to use staffs in the canon. Surprised no Star Trek fanatic claimed a bat'leth. Star Wars is far better anyway and light sabers are out of the question. IRL, foil and épée were my choice.

I agree with this, it'd be nice to see some traditional monk-like weapons.

they really needa new article

Rapiers is the choice, Fast and lethal

I've always enjoyed the idea of Tarot cards being used offensively.  

I also love fisticuffs.

bow, by far

well, im a shaman, and a low level/might one at, no weapons for me!

Fists and feet. And the Backbreaker throw.

My mind is my greatest weapon, the more I hone my intelligence the more powerfull my spells are. The downside to this for me is that unlike the soldiers or rogues I can not switch out weapons for speed, damage or accuracy at will.

magic always hits weapons sometimes miss even though faster.

At Trancendant you will never miss whether no matter the class

bleh, intelligence


Embrace the intelligence of INT and you will crit like WOAH!! Sneaky Pela

My mind.

I like to kill things with my hands.

Shapes are my weapons of choice.

Arty flalis are terrible :(

I don't use one.

Two Longswords or a Sword and Board is my fav. Boring I know.

My beautiful music!

My cleavage



(just kidding, I wanted a free credit)


Mages dont need no stinking weapons


i think my bardiche has decayed...

I agree.

While I enjoy playing my druid, I do wish that they had more options as far as weapons and armor go. I've always loved playing a ranged archer character, and it saddens me that I don't really have the choice to use a bow, though druids do get to use slings if they take the Runes skillset. It's also kind of sad that all we really get for armour is greatrobes. I'd also like more layering options for the robes. I can't wear my robes over say... a shirt or tunic or blouse or pants. It would be nice if I could do that, rather than having to switch between my robes and other clothing options.

I'd really like to use scimitars, however, they aren't very efficient compared to rapiers.


And dual-wielding rapiers is just ridiculous

I just like magic. Making things explode with magic is da best.

SIX lessons richer :D. On a more serious note, I'd like to see 2 handed weapons become viable. Maybe aome way to Dual wield big beastly normally 2 handers for knight? Since they would be slower and thus afflict less from venoms...let them break limbs much much faster? My 2 cents. :) Also, feel free to PM me In game for any reason. :) I love making new friends and meeting new people.

I've just always loved the idea two handed blade or hammer. Heavy, powerful swings from an imposing, armoured giant. I wish I didn't feel gimped for using one.


claws & teeth

I'm wondering if all religions could have their own weapon to add variety.


I'd be interested in seeing benefits to certain weapons based on your city, or maybe special emotes based on heritage?

I love my scimitars in achaea, i get the best of both world between rapier and broadsword, and having some of the best scimitars in the game, i can't complain plus i get to runeblade em, and i switch to rapiers occasionally, But if there were someway to get the skill of being able to dual wield two-handed swords i'd do it, and just imagine the damage!

Although monks have no real need for swords, it may come in handy if you've gotten the Behead skill and have effectively disarmed your opponent but but by they time they're almost dead so may as well just finish em off monk style!


^ Only to show off, I have a scimitar for behead/decap and a bunch of throwing axes. Rather have the hairpin daggers but I need the accuracy. Be nice if scimitars were more widely used. Templars since I think Aladdin when I see Shallam.

my new claws of the predator lvl 2 :)

My words are weapons

Credit comment

My fists.

Need more articles. Seriously.

Weapon runes are unfairly expensive.

After my hunting spree is over I might bother getting into weapons and sheavy combat, perhaps.

fire and more fire

Still do

i wonder how Cardan is going to rework weapons for us knights...

Whips need reworking first. Or garrote. Or they could just add a new bashing skill, that'd be great.

A cool sword :D

We need a new article. So terribly bad.

i just tried a warhammer, having great fun at uit.

I like the achaean magi staff, but my gripe about it is that they decay -WAY- to fast. Two months is really quick and you lose a lot of fist sigils that way if you're not careful

My weapon of choice at the moment involves coating my hands in stone and punching the living daylights out of things, but I'm hoping that will change soon!


I really wish there was a greater variety of weaposn though. Seems such a waste to have all these interesting ones, but nobody using them.

I like damage style weapons, but I just feel like they are outdated in the game.  It seems like speed is the only way to deal with things, as people can always buy stuff to give them more health.  However, they can't buy anything that makes their curing balance any faster.  This is going to be hard to balance, as you don't want to make the damage weaposn too overpowered, but it's just sad how ineffective they can become against higher tier people.

bear claws and teeth!

fists now

Rapier's the only thing I've used, I play a bard.




It would be interesting to see an offensive class with 1H weapon and shield, which is not used only for soaking up damage, or at least one would expect the Knights to have that option. Me, I'm perfectly OK right now with my Katana (Black Wind)... ;)

Not sure what I want to go for when I start Beheading and Decapitating people. Maybe a Scimitar, but for some reason, those broadswords just feel nice to me somehow. Or maybe a battleaxe just because lol

Been a huge fan of blades, generally the lighter, one handed style, especially duel wielding. In pretty much every game I have ever played as a warrior style class, I have chosen to use swords or daggers.

it would be interesting to see some new variations of swords. The current ones in achaea are all well and good but they aren't that exciting. Everyone just goes with rapier for speed, lets get some new swords that people will actually use!

Being a monk, makes me so happy party because I don't have to beg forgers to make something for me, and well at one point have to be worried about it being stolen.

Are my weapon of choice


headslam :D


I've slain many trolls with mine

Head slam

of the Daru my fists


big hammer

my favorite weapon

wyvern claws!

anything that goes pew pew


would be bastard sword.. but they suck so bad  :(

I'd like to use some daggers, but dont have enough lessons to spend on specialization.. need to trans class skills first and it takes quite some time...

Daggers are my thing too.


heh pew pew, I crack myself up






wsc headslam


Would love to see some shield support for Knight classes. Perhaps weapon stats added to towers, allowing them to be used with DSL, or a skill to make them on par.

total humiliation.


There will always be a superior weapon. The amount of balancing it would take to have multiple stat builds/weapon types equally effective for all classes is ridiculous. Sure everything has its pros/cons, but in the end one choice will -always- outweigh the others.

Priests in Midkemia use Warhammers but they do not really effect your attacks, you just need to hold one. It would be cool if they had a weapon for Crusaders that effected the attacking stats.

My Darkhound

That's my weapon


Maces FTW!

It's all fire flinging.

My little dagger for slitting throats, all the way!

gonna get me a polearm soon!

Saber/longsword. Boring boring.

I want to use scimitars but they are not that great compared to rapiers :\



Its just easier to find really great rapiers because people value the speed so much and are willing to pay ridiculous amounts for them.

Does my razor sharp wit count?
Ham Ham Ham


 tend to favor the saber or longsword over anyother weapon due to lack of weapons in MKO.  I'd really like to use two battleaxes but none are available for crafting  that are single handed versions.  

Mind-flaying ethereal fingers or giant punching hands!

People are STILL commenting on this thing?




it'd be cool if there was a class that was really heavy on the two-handed weapons. Other than that, though, I'm really happy with my blademaster class. I love that my blade gets a name ^_^ Roaring Redeemer for the win.

Because it's dull. It'll hurt more, you twit.

All weapons should be equal, otherwise it's not fair.  And we also should take turns, to give us time to heal and prepare for the next strike.  Otherwise many have no chance at all.  And is that fair? I wonder how many players we lost because of that fundamental unfairness.

I have no clue

Actually, I rather like my lyre. :D

I want a lyre. Although I imagine Midkemia's are quite different from Achaea's.

elemental staff for the win

would be a Bastard sword.. but they are horribles :(


edit:damn I just realized I alredy said this heh

Really need a new article.

Throwing axe!

As a serpent, the only way to go is a whip for fighting and for loving ;)

Magic. The end.



Cause they're multiuse, if you know what I mean :D

hahaha Nicholo


I like my instrument :D

Every problem looks like a nail.

eagerly awaiting weaponry/chivalry changes in Achaea...

My fangs ;)

saber made out of a fang :)

 wish they would get better conversation

I've always felt it better to use Maul than to have weapons in my hands... just feels better.

though a fishing rod would kick ass

Staffs are so much fun when combines with thorny vines to break limbs.

Staffs are so much fun when combines with thorny vines to break limbs.

nothing more fun than pounding the crap out of something with your fists

Good read

I've always liked to be able to provide my own weapons in games; whether via magic or simply using my fists.


I like the lash for shadoweavers, actually.




Exotic weapons prof FTW


Staff is my favorite

We make our own weapon

of bound credits~


Elementally Infused Blademaster Blade! WIN



Wish I would have been able to get the one with absorption! 

Sword chucks


just give me a wet trout and ill go to town

haha I;d like to see you try with that one!

I'd like to see more variety in weapons, actually. Seems most classes use the same thing in Achaea.


gotta love these really old articles

bad music, really bad music. nothing like my bardic mandolin.

If I went for a weapon class, I'd pick something stealthy. Fortunately that can be a pretty easy route when it comes to stats.

I'm not up for blood, but making someone cry is fun.

I hate having to buy weapons. I like when my character supplies his own methods of attack whether it's through conjuring a weapon or using magic.



Playing cards. Tarot for the win.

i hope Rangers get bows and arrows!

Uh huh.

I use taquitos to hurt people


you would

I'd prefer battleaxes.  But they are too slow for high end combat.

ooh blademasteresses.

Going through a pen is mightier than the sword phase



-1 swords are good!

I know I'm extremely comfortable with Scimitar, since the shift from Broadsword to it feels like I went from hunting in honey, to hunting on crack.




Knights in Achaea are stuck with 1hed weapons so speed rapiers are the ideal weapons used with an exception of a few others depending on stats. I would enjoy seeing the option of being able to use 2hers or a 1h/shield combo.


Sing them away with deathsongs! Away! Away!

artifact weapons are best, but overpriced

I guess it's inevitable that Serpents focus on "Indirect" weaponry; dirks, bows, whips, bites with venom. Maybe I'm just too low of a level right now, but it feels like bows are awkward to use without some Vision shenanigans, and dirks are just sort of "Meh". Which leaves me with biting and whipping my enemies into submission.

..Suddenly, Serpents have become the BDSM Princes of the Achaea world.. ;x

You all have it all wrong. Weapon of choice = laptop.



It would be nice if there was another one or two moves one could do with a quarterstaff and that could be used in combat.

anything big and blunt


I throw Chia Pets

The best blade in all of Sapience!