Top MUDs: What's your weapon of choice?

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 Weapons are prolific in the top MUDs whether they are used for hunting, for combat, or for roleplay use in the case of the ritual knife or dagger. They add flavour and choice to our text lives and strategy to our combat. Some are heavy and slow, dealing limb crushing hits with every swing. Others are small and fast, occasionally able to be thrown and capable of delivering debilitating afflictions to our foes.


The choice of weapon you get is very much dependent upon the class you choose, although there are some professions that can get by without needing a weapon at all!


Speed knights with frighteningly fast rapiers in each hand will attempt to overwhelm you with the double slash, afflicting so fast that you eventually cannot move or cure (or at least so they hope) before they step in for the kill. On the other hand, a monk might seek to add an envenomed handaxe to their already formidable biological arsenal.


Perhaps you have ideas for shaping the weaponry-heavy combat environment. Would you like to play a Runewarden who can bring a stunning or 'bashing' option in with a large shield alongside a sword or battleaxe instead of the standard double slash? Maybe you want to end the existence of that pain in the behind, dirk-wielding Occultist? Or perhaps the idea of a Blademaster drawing and sheathing his sword twenty times a minute makes you laugh? Are you a forestal who thinks that bonding with the animals should be all the power you need? Or do you just really hate that gosh darned bard?


Many of us have ideas and want to see our personal classes 'buffed' making us forces to be reckoned with, top dogs of the rankings and feared champions or assassins. But, in the end, our games must bear some semblance of balance. If we strengthen one aspect and adopt the 'win at all costs' attitude, the best MUDs fast become one player games as we drain the enjoyment for others, pushing them away.


Conflict drives our text games, much of it combat-centric, and weaponry is used by most, if not all combatants. So, what are your thoughts?


Author: Lianca of Achaea

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whip, nothing more fun than choking people to death


I have my fists and feet for that, but soon as I can will learn to use axes. Can't wait that day

For me, I like glaives and...quarter staves.

I wish every weapon in Achaea had it's perks and losses, rather than rapiers having no real loss :-/

gauntlets! roar!

Being a Druid, I don't need a weapon per se. I just use whatever morph I'm in. A custom quarterstaff might be nice, eventually.

do druids use the quarterstaff to actualy do damage?


spatula, platter and duel-wielding kabobs!


my teeth

And Claws!


not much choice as a nihilist - symbol or nothing

true but, each symbol is different.  different look, powers and defense.

headslam kills are the best

My pet alligator. 

monk weapons plus kick.

I wish monks had cool weapons in Achaea, but there seems to be an aversion to the notion.

bear fight!

Monk fists in bear stance? That works.

Went with serpent for a reason, ha. Whip and dirk seemed too interesting a combo to pass up, even if the former is rarely used against other adventurers.

I agree!

Yeah, but you agree for different reasons Alyssea.  Don't lie!

I honestly don't have a favorite weapon for muds since they don't seem balanced enough for me to really try them all. =\

The mauling hands of FURY! They never miss, unless you're very, very dodgy.

bear claws!

magic never misses but, aren't rapiers faster with less damage?  which is better?

from what I understand there is no point in using anything other the dual rapiers in Achaea if you can.  Most classes that can see to do this.

telepathic dubstep

If only.

Credit comment.


Drumline bards! Sick of all these harps, violins, violas etc. I want a bard that sits there and goes crazy on drums to kill you. 

Cudgels ftw!

I would so rock a cudgel.


The influencing system does sound kind of cool.  Would certainly change the atmosphere of a game if the only real way to level up wasn't killing everything.

I am using a katana for now which I am debating about having customized.  However, I am hoping for some kind of change in the future which will make it easier and less costly for folks to change their weapon specializations in Lusternia.

Knucles are nice.

Especially when spiked.

I kinda agree, though I personally am not sure how to feel about this particular subject, heh.

...Spears were super :D

I wish there were bastard swords in Midkemia! I'd much prefer one of those to two-hander. It could be the same thing only with a different suffix - I wouldn't mind!

Considering rapiers

Everyone picks rapiers.  Be original!

my blade, Sacred Suns~

My druid quarterstaff.

Usually guns in games that allow them, but katana-like weapons are my favorite.

Yeah guns really don't fit the theme.

credits are my fave weapons

boot to the head

The monk way!

Tarot cards

Staff to the face

you don't have to forge them, just a quick quest to recieve one!

Doppie )

I'm thinking to start using a hand weapon too. Probably handaxes.

bm swords aquired via quest!

I love my thorns









My favorite weapon is sleeping. Sometimes I'll just go to sleep and when I wake, enemies all gone!


Soulpiercer. X2



I like cheesecake

so much easier than swords



Swirling crystals about my head.


credit comment

credit comment

credit comment

Aww. My sitara decayed :(



I love the idea behind sitara's, sadly though predators are still so so for pvp right now.



I wish sword and shield was a viable option.

Sword and board isn't really a viable option in Achaea either.  Kind of sad really, because that's so stereotypically warriorish that it'd be awesome to see.

Batting my eyelashes. I've even wounded gods with them.

I want a handaxe artie and returning obv:(

My bad music makes your ears bleed, makes you dizzy, makes you blackout and die.





People still use them?

it rules.


i like customized weapons, beats the mmo clone feeling

a variety, weapon switching is cool

I prefer using two battle-axes, but rapiers are so much faster and you can deal out devastation so much easier with them

My wits.

not a typo

Monk in bear stance, close enough!

I'd like to use more of weaponry, but that skill needs more abilities to fill it up.. It has too little useful things as of now.

bows are also very fun to use, but extremly costful for any class that doesnt have archery in Achaea...

Hrrm. I want to put honey on an arrow and shot my hive at people.

attack of the bees?




Works fine for me.

Wish blunt weapons were more viable. Morning star, anyone?

I like my thorns... viridian is awesome.

my fangs.


Favorite weapon, overclocked processor!

a waht?


Rapiers are hands down the best weapon in Achaea.


Imperian Predator Sitaras for style, though!

No weapon, just magic POWA

I enjoy either my character being the weapon (i.e. punching/kicking/using spells) or having them create their own weapon (BM blade/Elemental staff).


I would incredibly love a 2H class. 

Spears! It'd be fascinating to see a class in Achaea like the Spear Lann in VIndictus. Though, I guess that might be too much like the duality in Knights.


whip and dirk!



I set whole cities on fire!

wyvern claws, nowadays.

Nvm, banded Blademaster blade now takes first place. Kill all, end

Knight weapons are cool.

whatever does the job


PS: buy a lv 3 band

Credit comment.


My weapon of choice...demigod parents.

free credit

I like the idea of some kind o' a flail and a shield.

Cause shapes is dangerous.


Credit comment.

My freaking waterbending pimp chalice.

Sounds crazy.

customised it have you lorina? :)

Potential replacement for Jesters? Blackjacks were always so boring.

no idea. I don't even remember what guild this alt is in.

Void blaster from the Institute!

Preferably a mandolin, but a violin will suffice.

Credit comment.


Lovin' archery as a Serpent, would be fun to run along the rooftops shooting people but instead, I just run out of trees.

Magi staff now.

free credit

Still looking


Just give me a walking stick (staff) and I'm happy...

Scythe, if possible!

Credit comment.

Left and Right hands and whichever foot I wanna kick with.

i like daggers. I wish they werecuseful for more than venom delivery

My fists!

holocaust globe

Because in truth, if you're going to fight such an epic monster; what sense is there in not getting close with a hammer or some form of spear like weapon and just giving him hell; besides what enemy doesn't love having their skull caved in with the metal of a tower shield.


Not just a ranged pvp weapon.


My vodun puppets... *sighs contently*

What weapon I use is less important to me than where it came from.  After all, Iron Realms games aren't about efficiency or winning, they're about enjoying the story you craft with other people.  How effective I am in combat comes second to my weapons having their own legacy.

A mace of course

Perhaps introduce a chance to stun when using hammers, chance to knock back / prone when using two handed weapons or polearms, etc.

I am the master of RAGE QUIT. Actually I laugh when people threaten to kill me. Really? is that the best you can do. I die, I get back up.

I haven't really tried anything else but this seems to get the job done.

There is more to being a weapon than simply being metal. For instance, as a Pyromancer, I use frikken flames. Really fun to just let blast a fireball and not worry about whether my "weapon" connects. Other than flame, my weapon of choice is a basalt staff. Still not metallic. But extremely fun.

That picture is wicked.

but for now I'll use good rapiers.

I'm really enjoyed the Cavaliers' use of polearms, its something different and getting both Knight damage types for bashing is great.

I like my Jester in Achaea but wish he had a cooler weapon that a blackjack.... I'd rather use daggers or something that at least sounds deadly

I have proficiency for Shortswords and Longwords... I hate how slow and weak are shortswords.... but I also hate how much I miss with longswords, maybe I should learn Rapiers but not enough lessons to learn them and not enough money to get a good set... I'm in a bad situation heh

Archery still fun.

But otherwise...magic or something flashy.

I want a bow >_>

free credit

i'd like to see each class in achaea have more choice on the weapons they can use






Pretty cool!

its free and better than the forged kind.

because, yeah.

free credit

whips are a girls best friend

whip for bashing, but then I am confused.. Dirk, dagger, bow, whip or all..?


Depending on the situation.



I'd like to see a wider variety of jester weapons




I've always liked quarterstaves though. As for Kii...It's been suggested she get a cookie weapon. i.e. a cookie sword

I personally prefer the Blademaster blade. If you want to take combat seriously as a class such as a Knight type, you come to realize that you're eventually going to have to drop some serious investment to get some serious swords. When I was last Runewarden, I dropped 170 credits on an excellent pair of rapiers because of their speed stat, which allows for heavy and consistent affliction application. With a Blademaster's sword, all blade stats are the same, and only the name and description is different between the lot of them. Additionally, these swords can be made non-decay and resetting by purchasing an artefact band to to attach to them, which also increases the speed and damage in three levels: 5%, 10%, 15%.