Argentum of Imperian

Information about Argentum from Imperian

Name: Argentum
Full name: Sage Argentum Silversnow, The Masked Nightingale
City: Celidon
Guild: Silvari
Towne: Trabine
Level: 112
Bashing level: 90
Questing level: 113
Achievement points: 490
Pk level: 60
Xp rank: 42
Description: He is an athletic arel. He is seemingly quiet and reserved and wears an unapproachable expression with hardened crystalline violet eyes, reflecting a mysterious depth. He has slightly tan skin and a detached demeanor, but occasionally, his hard eyes glow soft with empathy and mischief. His visible long silver hair is tied up into a ponytail and his Arel heritage gives him an air of wisdom and stature that is nearly angellic. Lean and slightly petite, he gives no threatening vibe, though his eyes seem to pierce thoughts. His movements, subtle and never excessive, seem to be a discipline learned from his travels outside his home. Two silver wings lay upon his back pointing diagonally upwards, and two slightly smaller, but longer white wings point diagonally downwards on either side. Their sleek forms usually folded discreetly, the wings spread in the four diagonal directions when outstretched, giving the illusion that the Arel is larger than he is. A simple, artistic tattoo decorates his wrist with the words 'The heart that has accepted everything' . He is wearing a crude ruby amulet, 2 leather hip holsters, a black sigil pouch, a pair of pants with purple stripes, a charm bracelet, a small black backpack, a head-encasing black Silversnow mask, a small book bag, a scrolling silver and amethyst pendant, a black scale quiver, a pair of Renascent Armguards, a lucky clover, a tiny paw-print badge, a silver gypsy boot anklet, a pocketbelt, an elegant black rose, a suit of blackened scalemail, a hooded dark leather helm, dark leather vambraces, dark leather greaves, a wrist sheath with a nightingale insignia, a fluctuating crown encased in ice, a deceptive cloak of ice, a pulsating choker of ice, a shifting anklet of ice, a ring of darkened amethyst, a silver and obsidian armband, a diadem of amethyst and obsidian, a black leather vialbelt, a thin whip with studded amethyst, a silver scabbard with carved snowflakes, a pair of spiked black combat gloves, a small charm of a purple cat, an amethyst dust covered surcoat, an amethyst bow of shadow, a pair of black combat boots, and a tight black tunic. He is holding a nightingale amethyst shield in his right hand.
Profession: Renegade
Player kills: 7
Deaths: 16
Arena rank: 790
Pvp rank: 285