Zerin of Imperian

Information about Zerin from Imperian

Name: Zerin
Full name: Zerin Arkadis, the Inferno
City: Antioch
Guild: Crusaders
Towne: Arkaskarr
Level: 112
Bashing level: 112
Questing level: 86
Achievement points: 691
Pk level: 74
Xp rank: 0
Description: She is an athletic akrabi. Her carapace is constantly shifting between various shades of blue and green as she moves, and it shimmers at the slightest hint of light. Her face is remarkably similar to that of a human, although with some fairly notable differences. Her eyes are somewhat rounder and are entirely black, with only a barely visible iris of a shade lighter. Her face is angular, and boasts a small nose and firm, almost non-existent lips. She is entirely without hair, and instead possesses a hood of sorts, formed of chitin and giving her a distinctly alien appearance. Long and well-muscled limbs give her a graceful air and she holds herself in a seemingly relaxed manner, though beneath her armoured exterior, she is poised. As though to remind you of just how dangerous she can be, her segmented tail curves up behind her in a graceful arc, powerful muscles holding it effortlessly in place. Its tip hovers menacingly over her shoulders, the stinger glistening with the liquid venom it contains. She is wearing 27 pocketbelts, a lucky clover, 23 pocketbelts, a diamond ring, a Diadem of the Quickening, a small bouquet of twilight blue roses, a yeti fur parka, a bronze armband of The Six Suns, a set of diamond bracelets, a desert defender's armband, a silver gypsy boot anklet, a tiny paw-print badge, a black Taekyon belt, a simple ring of silver, a glowing fire-opal girdle, a chartreuse armband, a silver choker set with black onyx, Gloves of Harvesting, a red-hued sandstone pendant, a scarlet sunflower with a black center, a crude ruby amulet, a turquoise and amber beaded necklace, goggles of whitesight, and an ancient mithril surcoat. She is holding a dazzling sunstone shield in her right hand.
Profession: Priest
Player kills: 55
Deaths: 126
Arena rank: 485
Pvp rank: 0