Theophilus of Imperian

Information about Theophilus from Imperian

Name: Theophilus
Full name: Paragon Theophilus Aracelia, the Ultraviolent
City: Antioch
Guild: Wardens
Towne: (none)
Level: 113
Bashing level: 108
Questing level: 106
Achievement points: 786
Pk level: 83
Xp rank: 32
Description: He is a vain powerful sidhe. Although he is hovering slightly, this Arel carries himself with the impeccable posture of one familiar with military training. Slightly squinted eyes reveal irises of a brilliant cerulean hue as they dart vigilantly about his surroundings. The tips of his ears are slanted, reminiscent of one with elvish blood, and his healthy skin has been tanned to a radiant, golden hue by the seven suns. His hair has been simply styled to crest atop his head and he sports a well-trimmed beard of the same earthen tinctures. His most impressive feature is his slightly expanded wings, adorned with feathers of brilliant white and gold which occasionally scatter upon the ground beneath him. Theophilus smiles mischeviously upon your appraisal, revealing very straight and white teeth.
Profession: Ranger
Player kills: 593
Deaths: 769
Arena rank: 84
Pvp rank: 66