Theophilus of Imperian

Information about Theophilus from Imperian

Name: Theophilus
Full name: Lord Theophilus Aracelia
City: (none)
Guild: (none)
Towne: (none)
Level: 110
Bashing level: 102
Questing level: 105
Achievement points: 577
Pk level: 84
Xp rank: 48
Description: He is an intelligent fallen. This fallen son hovers slightly off of the ground, a dark, malignant energy radiating from him. Not much can be seen of his facial expression as the energy that emanates from him conceals his true form. He moves with an innate litheness, while in rest the fallen arel levitates with an impeccable posture. From time to time, tendrils of shadow emit from his form and the dark mass of energy that has coelesced around him swirls violently. His stare holds bright red pupils that are fully dilated, his irises a mere ring of crimson around them, their hue reminiscent of blood and flame. The bone which comprises his shoulders are broad, and sharp spikes jut forth on either side of his head. His most impressive feature is his bone wings which span six feet each across his back. Midnight-black feathers still adorn most of the wings and they scatter behind him as he moves, leaving a slight trail. The wings are usually folded behind him, but occassionally the click of bones can be can be heard as he expands them to full length at signs of threat. Every now and then, a maggot or a roach makes its way from behind his ribs in search of a scarce piece of flesh which to eat. As he notices your appraisal, he snatches a bug found crawling up his femur and eats it with obvious gusto before grinning mischeviously.
Profession: Summoner
Player kills: 408
Deaths: 491
Arena rank: 97
Pvp rank: 58