Theophilus of Imperian

Information about Theophilus from Imperian

Name: Theophilus
Full name: Lord Theophilus Aracelia, Imperator of Stavenn
City: Stavenn
Guild: Noctusari
Towne: Cetara
Level: 109
Bashing level: 101
Questing level: 105
Achievement points: 549
Pk level: 83
Xp rank: 66
Description: He is an athletic sidhe. This favoured son of the Imperium stands tall at an even six feet in height, the firm-boned contours of his frame held with an amalgam of pride and militaristic poise to lend an illusion that he is a touch taller than true measure would prove. He moves with an innate litheness, the cold grace of elvish blood composing the motions of his form, while in rest the elf stands with the impeccable posture of one familiar with military service. Compelled of a toned musculature, his complexion is pallid in its execution, bone-white hide beneath which only subtle hints of blue evidence he yet holds breath and life. His mien bears the hallmarks of aristocracy, as if to hearken to an ancient nobility - a countenance comparable only to those depicted within the hallowed halls of the Iron Cathedral. Neatly kept, his hair boasts dark and earthen tinctures--it is simply styled, kept short and brushed toward the centre to crest atop his skull. Whilst the weight is heavy, he does not seem burdened by the circlet of crimson stehl that crowns his head. The keen line of his slanted ears remains prominent, a constant reminder of his elven lineage. His stare holds pupils that are fully dilated, his irises a mere ring of iron around them, their hue as the tempestuous reaches of a storm-ridden sky. He smiles from time to time, revealing very straight but sharp, white teeth. He is wearing a crimson and gray camouflage pack, a sleek black leather belt sheath, the crown of the Imperator, a charm bracelet, the robes of the Imperator, a dark gold and black Stavennite vialbelt, a pocketbelt, a pocketwatch of the stars, a spiralling oaken quiver, a shimmering suit of full plate armour, a blood-stained pouch, a simple ring of silver, the ring of the Imperator, gold-buckled black leather boots, a pair of plate greaves, a pair of plated vambraces, and a plate helm. He wields a nightmare themed broadsword in his left hand and a banded shield of necromantic bone in his right.
Profession: Deathknight
Player kills: 341
Deaths: 416
Arena rank: 99
Pvp rank: 69