Theophilus of Imperian

Information about Theophilus from Imperian

Name: Theophilus
Full name: Wraith Theophilus Aevus
City: Stavenn
Guild: Revenants
Towne: Cetara
Level: 98
Bashing level: 97
Questing level: 74
Achievement points: 338
Pk level: 80
Xp rank: 180
Description: He is a fast sidhe. Your eyes are immediately drawn to a shadowy force surrounds his torso, branching out in willowy strands toward his hands and feet. Although his face is dark and thus its features are not easily discernable, the gaze of his red eyes are clearly seen. He smiles suddenly, revealing sharp but straight, white teeth. He moves agilely and gracefully with an upright posture. He is wearing a hornbow, a black leather pack, a charm bracelet, reinforced combat gloves, a vialbelt of dark leather and black platinum, 2 dark gold and black Stavennite vialbelts, a dark military surcoat, a pocketbelt, polished black military boots, a spiralling oaken quiver, a black Revenants uniform tunic, a gold and crimson Stavennite armband, black Revenants uniform trousers, an onyx hued Revenants uniform cloak, a plate helm, a pair of plated vambraces, a pair of plate greaves, a suit of polished field plate armour, and a pocketbelt. He wields a buckler in his left hand and a curved sabre in his right.
Profession: Deathknight
Player kills: 185
Deaths: 202
Arena rank: 109
Pvp rank: 82