Oburi of Imperian

Information about Oburi from Imperian

Name: Oburi
Full name: Oburi Covenia
City: Stavenn
Guild: Noctusari
Towne: Annona
Level: 87
Bashing level: 89
Questing level: 81
Achievement points: 460
Pk level: 75
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a strong ssylsin. Once a broken and desecrated from, his entire body has been renewed through divine presence. Scales shined bright, vibrant with in any available light. Sapphire eyes set just right into his face given a knowing yet youthful look. Where once were stains upon his hands, calouses have grown over giving the fact of his past decades spent outdoors working with wildlife. A yellow rose as been branded into his right bicept, a reminder of who reforged his body anew.
Profession: Shaman
Player kills: 278
Deaths: 482
Arena rank: 180
Pvp rank: 0