Selah of Imperian

Information about Selah from Imperian

Name: Selah
Full name: Henkiystava, Selah Shinpachi, Veri Susi
City: Antioch
Guild: Wardancers
Towne: Tylaran
Level: 92
Bashing level: 98
Questing level: 82
Achievement points: 252
Pk level: 58
Xp rank: 0
Description: She is an athletic sylayan. Her hair seems drained of any true color, call it a dead blonde if you will, as it is not quite white. The length is left long and to her waist in a more traditional Elvish style. There is a slight tinge of tan to her skin, hinting at a mixed heritage. She stands only at 4'10'' but makes up for lack of height with the attitude in her stance and expression. Eyes the color violet seem tinged with a thin covering of red from time to time, giving them a fuschia like coloring. The right left side of her face is covered in a horrendous clawing like scar, though only visible if turned towards you. Her right arm has a long dagger scar from elbow to wrist, from the thickness of how it healed, it was deep. Her right ear holds gold piercing's attached to chains of the same precious metal.
Profession: Outrider
Player kills: 8
Deaths: 33
Arena rank: 458
Pvp rank: 0