Song of Imperian

Information about Song from Imperian

Name: Song
Full name: Song Anar
City: Antioch
Guild: Sentinels
Towne: Anhir
Level: 106
Bashing level: 105
Questing level: 79
Achievement points: 713
Pk level: 76
Xp rank: 0
Description: She is an athletic akrabi. She is a petite woman with an air of sophistication and refinement. Time has crept into her appearance with a prominent silver vein of hair that flanks the fullness of golden strands. Time has etched itself into the depth of her almond-shaped eyes that are alert with an emerald green hue. High cheekbones, full lips and a delicate nose, her features have matured, but her allure and magnetism remain intact. There is a scar etched into her right cheek with a symbol of the Legion of the Sands of Antioch. Her skin is dusted with a fine chitin coating that defines her as an Akrabi. Her long tail is oftentimes undulating behind her in a calm, complacent manner, until she is threatened then her tail becomes an extended weapon of defense. ***********************************************************************. She is wearing 5 pocketbelts, a glittering earring, a set of diamond bracelets, luminous white wings with gold trim, a dark tribal vialbelt, a silver vial belt of frost behemoth fur, the Periapt of the Vitani, a silver keyring, an earring of Gazali, a beaded leather tunic, Gloves of Harvesting, a Diadem of the Quickening, a lion-emblazoned arm band, a crown of flowers, a chartreuse armband, a shifting anklet of ice, a shimmering halo, a blood pendant, a suit of gleaming scalemail, an iridescent white rose, a shimmering gold and white rose bouquet, a sun-embroidered yellow arm band, beaded knee-high black fur boots, a steelweave surcoat, a money pouch, an antioch signet armband, an Illuminas ring, a mask of lifevision, a Girdle of the Titans, a black and gold rabbit fur vest, low-slung black leather trousers, a Quicksilver Amulet, an Intellect Crown, a pocketbelt, a Truesilver Ring, a Collar of Pyralis, and a Scholar's Sash. She wields a gold and silver broadsword in her left hand and a gold shield trimmed with silver in her right.
Profession: Wardancer
Player kills: 119
Deaths: 147
Arena rank: 169
Pvp rank: 0