Dular of Imperian

Information about Dular from Imperian

Name: Dular
Full name: Dreamer Dular Sa'Gael
City: Antioch
Guild: Wardancers
Towne: (none)
Level: 100
Bashing level: 100
Questing level: 82
Achievement points: 280
Pk level: 75
Xp rank: 165
Description: He is a fast lamira. He stands five feet and nine inches tall. His scales are azure in the center, fading out to ivory at their tips. The color of his scales changes to red and purple with either exertion or embarrassment. His full black hair is cut short, reaching to halfway between his head and the base of his neck. His expressive eyes are a deep violet color. His eyebrows are rather bushy, the same deep black of his hair. His neck is thick and sturdy. He has a larger than average build that isn't quite stout, a layer of insulating fat over him, making him look soft upon first glance. He has flexible deep purple fins that run from the insides of his wrists up to his inner elbow, and a fin that leads from the base of his neck down to his tailbone. He has gills that run from the sides of his neck up to his ears. His movements exhibit a gracefulness that waste no excess energy, even when he is moving lazily. He is wearing a Truesilver Ring, an icewyrm-themed vialbelt of golden leather, a lion-emblazoned arm band, a chartreuse armband, an icewyrm-themed vialbelt of indigo leather, a steelweave surcoat, a white and gold pack, evening-hued armour of supple leather, a leather helm, a pair of leather vambraces, a pair of leather greaves, navy blue trousers, and a handsome emerald shirt.
Profession: Monk
Player kills: 33
Deaths: 97
Arena rank: 776
Pvp rank: 177