Dular of Imperian

Information about Dular from Imperian

Name: Dular
Full name: Dreamer Dular Sa'Gael
City: Antioch
Guild: Wardancers
Towne: (none)
Level: 100
Bashing level: 100
Questing level: 82
Achievement points: 285
Pk level: 76
Xp rank: 158
Description: He is an athletic arel. He stands five feet and eleven inches tall, his build wiry yet still stout. His body glows softly with the radiance coming from him, and you see two rather large wings sprouting from his back covered in feathers of a light gold. His skin is rather pale, and he has long black hair that goes down to the base of his shoulderblades. His face is oval with a romanesque nose and full lips, and his eyes are a deep violet. His arms and legs are long with average sized hands and feet.
Profession: Monk
Player kills: 33
Deaths: 106
Arena rank: 810
Pvp rank: 95