Vivianne of Imperian

Information about Vivianne from Imperian

Name: Vivianne
Full name: Sanguinarius Vivianne Bialystone, Papae Umbra
City: Stavenn
Guild: Saboteurs
Towne: Cetara
Level: 94
Bashing level: 95
Questing level: 56
Achievement points: 238
Pk level: 83
Xp rank: 388
Description: She is a clever sidhe. Vivianne stands about average height for her race. Her posture is of the elegance you see among her kind, moving around with such ease, yet such fluidity as that of a calming rain shower. A pair of small leafy-green eyes are speckled with crimson and they look around observing with emptiness and lack of conscience. Her long wavy, mahogany hair mixed with streaks of crimson and black cascade all around her shrouding her face along with small pointy ears that help keep her hair parted. Her face is soft, but yet she seems to have trouble showing much emotion. When she does decide to smile however, her rosebud lips house a pair of sharp looking fangs for her canines, part of the gift of necromancy. Her skin is of a light pale hue, that of ivory porcelain. She is wearing a set of silver bracelets, a deceptive cloak of the moons, a pocketbelt, a shifting anklet of ghosts, a fluctuating crown of the moons, sleek crimson leather pants, a provocative black silk corset, a satchel of fine ebony silk, a suit of ring mail, elegant black satin slippers, a black velvet choker, and a vialbelt of dark leather and black platinum. She is holding a truesilver shield in her right hand.
Profession: Diabolist
Player kills: 98
Deaths: 145
Arena rank: 542
Pvp rank: 66