Jazzster of Imperian

Information about Jazzster from Imperian

Name: Jazzster
Full name: Penumbra Jazzster Mjollnir, Eclipsed Soldier
City: Celidon
Guild: Spectres
Towne: Dakker
Level: 101
Bashing level: 104
Questing level: 80
Achievement points: 648
Pk level: 77
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is a strong sidhe. Short for his race, he stands at five feet, ten inches tall. With a small ponytail, his flowing red hair runs down to the middle of his back and moves gently from side to side when walking. Bright and inviting, his hazelcolored eyes are layered with golden colored specks with tiny black pupils surrounded by a blinding white eye. His pointed ears twitch at the smallest inkling of sound and stand straight back rather than rigid and skyward which is custom for his race. His face is stern and young but has a look of struggle and despair as dark brown circles appear under each eye in and a bowl shape. Pale skin, with a hint of color once being present, radiates softly. Slightly visible toned muscles outline his figure in a curved shape which gives way to small muscular arms and legs. A scar runs down his face from the upper right temple to the lower left part of the jaw. He is wearing a tiny paw-print badge, a pocketbelt, and a shimmering suit of full plate armour. He wields a truesilver claymore in his hands. He walks with the favour of Svorai.
Profession: Runeguard
Player kills: 118
Deaths: 180
Arena rank: 125
Pvp rank: 0