Ixielle of Imperian

Information about Ixielle from Imperian

Name: Ixielle
Full name: Sorceress Ixielle Sol'Anlumaire
City: Khandava
Guild: Tzolkin
Towne: Kaln
Level: 109
Bashing level: 102
Questing level: 105
Achievement points: 453
Pk level: 69
Xp rank: 49
Description: She is an athletic selkie. Of refined, august bearing, this willowy selkie woman is lithe and slight of silhouette as the Khandavan fae are wont to exist; her expression is utterly benign, indicative of naught deeper than the emotions that ebb and flow across her youthful features with the transience of waves breaking upon the ocean shore. Her movements are imbued with a languourous grace of form and rhythm, every gesture beguilingly slow and trailed by an ephemeral scent, redolent of the young, efflorescing plum in the midst of spring. Framed by long, tumbling waves of midnight-azure hair, her countenance is beset with two large, guileless eyes of lapis lazuli, their upward tilted curve limned with boreal silver; as twin pools of deep, pellucid blue, her irises are flecked with incandescent motes of wine-orchid and mauve-grey, evocative of the sea at the turn of eventide. Beneath the gentle slope of her nose, the soft curves of her plum-stained lips are vivid as a jewel against the delicate rainwater-blue of her lustrous complexion. Shining with the smooth opalescence of silk, her mane cascades to a length that nigh grazes the small of her slender back, the locks threaded through with dainty, glistening clusters of baroque black pearls, their nacreous veneers touched with nuances of sea-blue, deep viridian, and dusky violet. Glinting against the lambent darkness of her hair, translucent gems of amber have been tethered through as well, the faint, silvery figures of fireflies imprisoned within their gentle blue depths.
Profession: Defiler
Player kills: 5
Deaths: 5
Arena rank: 4756
Pvp rank: 134