Wynnd of Imperian

Information about Wynnd from Imperian

Name: Wynnd
Full name: Wynnd Dawnsong-Arivan, Emerald Gatekeeper
City: Celidon
Guild: Hunters
Towne: Sintcega
Level: 84
Bashing level: 87
Questing level: 66
Achievement points: 241
Pk level: 60
Xp rank: 325
Description: She is a strong lycaean. Silky white fur coats her entire slender form, sporting the curves of a mature woman. She stands around 6 feet tall from the tips of her pointed ears to the tips of her toes. Her bushy tail dips low and brushes the ground as she strides. Crystal blue eyes peer out from her beautiful lycaean face with a short snout and cold black nose. She is wearing a tiny glittering star, a silver and ruby rose tongue ring, ruby bleeding heart earrings, an elegant black rose, 6 pocketbelts, a silver leather vialbelt, a yeti fur parka, a pleated tartan short skirt, a black spidersilk bodice, and a camouflage pack. She wields a curved sabre in her left hand.
Profession: Runeguard
Player kills: 4
Deaths: 32
Arena rank: 523
Pvp rank: 310