Ivellios of Imperian

Information about Ivellios from Imperian

Name: Ivellios
Full name: Litany of Agony, Ivellios Eldris, The Discordant Note
City: Kinsarmar
Guild: Bards
Towne: Velin
Level: 102
Bashing level: 102
Questing level: 80
Achievement points: 589
Pk level: 82
Xp rank: 158
Description: He is an intelligent tanari. He is of medium height and build. He has short, black hair that is usually an uncombed mess on the top of his head. His mouth is frequently turned up in a smile for greeting friends and loved ones. His most unsual facial feature are his eyes which are a blue-green color with a yellow sun like design around his black pupils. His upper body is lean and toned from years of combat and travel. His legs are muscled and strong from constant movement and activity. Ivellios's fingertips are calloused from his instrument playing. He is often found lost in thought, usually thinking up a new poem or other piece of writing. His hands are slightly stained from the many runes he has sketched and the inks involved with it. A single lock of hair has been discoloured due to one too many alchemy experiments gone wrong.
Profession: Mage
Player kills: 421
Deaths: 407
Arena rank: 31
Pvp rank: 81