Isril of Imperian

Information about Isril from Imperian

Name: Isril
Full name: Isril Tethe'alla
City: Antioch
Guild: Wardancers
Towne: El'jazira
Level: 86
Bashing level: 87
Questing level: 61
Achievement points: 151
Pk level: 61
Xp rank: 0
Description: He is an athletic sylayan. He is a lean, vigorous man of towering height. His broad shoulders give way to lean, muscular arms and a slightly barrel-chest. A narrow waist and strong legs make him look like a wanderer who runs through the wilds. His heavily tanned skin is very tattooed, many markings depicting plant life and animals. One marking is of a large tower shield, with a broadsword and glaive crossing in front of it. His rich mocha colored eyes and clean-shaven head and face make him appear quite young. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------.
Profession: Ranger
Player kills: 4
Deaths: 17
Arena rank: 488
Pvp rank: 0