Keijima of Imperian

Information about Keijima from Imperian

Name: Keijima
Full name: Ravager Keijima Elith, the Eye of Moradeim
City: Khandava
Guild: (none)
Towne: (none)
Level: 101
Bashing level: 98
Questing level: 72
Achievement points: 409
Pk level: 92
Xp rank: 202
Description: He is a sturdy sylayan. He is tall, even for an elf. His form is thin, always appearing just a bit on the side of malnourished. The skin visible on his body seems tightly wrapped around his bones. Atop his head is a mane of golden hair, kept loose and without cohesion. There is nothing to set his face apart from those of his race, save small, sharp blue eyes. He is completely naked.
Profession: Defiler
Player kills: 613
Deaths: 201
Arena rank: 104
Pvp rank: 27