Khizan of Imperian

Information about Khizan from Imperian

Name: Khizan
Full name: Khizan Vladin, Kaark'Goron Apprentice
City: Antioch
Guild: Crusaders
Towne: El'jazira
Level: 104
Bashing level: 115
Questing level: 102
Achievement points: 786
Pk level: 102
Xp rank: 128
Description: He is an athletic fallen. He stands at a few inches above six feet in height, with a slender build. He carries himself easily, moving with the loose and relaxed grace that comes from years of training with the sword. His shoulder-length hair is a bright gold in color and tied back behind his head in a loose tail. His skin is smooth, unmarked, and extremely pale, bordering on translucent, and it glows faintly with a cold light. His eyes are a pale gray in color, and they blaze with light against the dim luminescence of his face. Skeletal wings sprout from his back, their bleached bones thick with engraved runes and seemingly held together with nothing more than the hazy light that surrounds him.
Profession: Templar
Player kills: 2004
Deaths: 1045
Arena rank: 83
Pvp rank: 7