Sadey of Imperian

Information about Sadey from Imperian

Name: Sadey
Full name: Sadey Murne
City: Celidon
Guild: Vindicators
Towne: (none)
Level: 106
Bashing level: 106
Questing level: 100
Achievement points: 489
Pk level: 82
Xp rank: 92
Description: She is an athletic scorched. She is a bit short standing at only five feet tall and looks normal, aside from the flames engulfing her entire body. Red and blue flames cover her legs and torso, shifting to green hues along her upper chest and arms, finally turning white near the top of her head. On the rare occasion where her face is visible it looks surprisingly human in shape, silver hair reflecting the light of the flame and grey eyes occasionally flashing red in color as she peers about the room.
Profession: Druid
Player kills: 159
Deaths: 390
Arena rank: 286
Pvp rank: 71