Antrax of Imperian

Information about Antrax from Imperian

Name: Antrax
Full name: Lord Antrax Vian'Cirith
City: Stavenn
Guild: Diavlous
Towne: Blackthorne
Level: 114
Bashing level: 119
Questing level: 95
Achievement points: 594
Pk level: 86
Xp rank: 35
Description: He is an elderly dexterous arel. He stands roughly 5'6 feet tall. Silver-white hair runs down aside his head ending up resting on his shoulders, as his small ears pierce their way through it. His face looks friendly and calm as you examine it carefully and his body looks fit as a result from years of hunting and combat.
Profession: Diabolist
Player kills: 177
Deaths: 49
Arena rank: 88
Pvp rank: 30